Free To Play – Dauntless PS5 Version Now Available on PS Store (Action/Adventure RPG)

1 : Anonymous2021/12/04 14:32 ID: r8quqr
Free To Play - Dauntless PS5 Version Now Available on PS Store (Action/Adventure RPG)
2 : Anonymous2021/12/04 15:42 ID: hn7dj6w

Is there a reason to choose this over monster hunter world, since that one is also free on the ps+?

ID: hn7fgx9

Dauntless has all the depth and complexity of a puddle. You have a choice between the culmination of decades worth of a successful franchise meeting up in the most visually and technically advanced entry in the series adored by the community

Or its free to play knockoff cousin

ID: hn93n2z

Free you say?

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ID: hn7k0ji

If you have a PS5, and have access to the ps+ MHW, then I'd recommend it over Dauntless.

That being said, Dauntless can still be fun. Dauntless is far more of a pick up and play title. MHW is (at least for me) a deep, this is the only game I'm going to be playing for while, and I'm dedicating myself to this, type of game

ID: hn98myh

I can second this. I didn’t stop playing MHW till I got the platinum. Still to this day, my favorite platinum.

ID: hnabdnu

is MHW soloable or do you have to play with people?

ID: hn9crqd

Nothing like a 30 minute fight against a big ass monster to wipe right before you kill him. It’s a sweaty but rewarding game

ID: hn7f00z

Dauntless I feel is more casual and less tedious. But that means less depth. There are no traps, flash bomb and stuff like that. The fights are more fast pace.

Played it before the weapon revamp and it was fun for a while, I personally like monster hunter more.

Reading their subreddit it seems the weapon revamp is hit and miss, for example, it seems they messed up the chain blades rework, and the subreddit is complaining about it atm. Also seems like weapons are taking a lot more effort to “max out” after. Which was a complaint because again, it is supposed to be the more casual of the two, not sure if they fix the maxing out grind yet.

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ID: hn8ax1k

As someone with a strictly casual interest, I found Dauntless much more enjoyable. MH: World felt from the jump like a commitment and grind that I just was not willing to make.

If that’s what you’re looking for, 100% jump in. But if it’s just casual fun and curiosity, go Dauntless.

ID: hn99nf9

Dauntless combat is more action based.

Hunts are also much faster.

Monster hunter you can spend 5 mins looking for the monster 15 minutes killing it then 5+ minutes restocking your gear and shit after the hunt.

Dauntless it's like 5-7 minutes from find hunt to end of hunt.

So dauntless is just overall way faster. It has less depth but if you only have 30 minutes to game for the day it's much better to do 3 or 4 fights in dauntless than maybe 1 fight in monster hunter.

I would still say monster hunter is better but people keep acting like you should do one or the other. I played mhw until I was bored of it then played dauntless until I was bored of it. Don't limit yourself

ID: hndhwzu

Monster Hunter hunts are extremely varied in time. Some hunts take a few minutes, including finding the thing. Some hunts take 40-50 minutes (usually first time taking down elder dragons, or "raid" fights).

ID: hnbi8e2

I wouldn't choose this over but if already played monster Hunter world and you want to try another game in the same genre dauntless is there

ID: hn8blze

They’re not the same type of game if we’re being honest.

It’s like comparing Rainbow Six to Call of Duty. Or Tekken to Super Smash Brothers.

While they share the “fight giant monster to make new gear” one has a much more realistic and time consuming approach to it, the other is an arcady more fast paced style boss rush style of game.

ID: hn7elca

Haven't played MH but Dauntless is a more streamlined experience without the open-world aspect of Monster Hunter.

Until recently, I was a member of the Dauntless subreddit and a lot of people have issues with the current state of the game.

ID: hn7ibtv

No. Dauntless is like the fort nite Chinese knock off version. It's horrible.

I mean if your 13 you might like It specially if any depth stressed you out

ID: hn7jf4v

I hate the mechanics of monster hunter so I'll try it? Maybe that'll be it for you too?

ID: hn90rs4

I'm not that good in MHW or Dark Souls, and this game is way too easy. Some monster attacks won't connect, like the full tip of a monsters tail will phase right though you during a sweep.

It's a good intro to better games, but if you've already played them then it isn't worth the download at all.

ID: hnbp32o

They're different games of the same style. Monster hunter blows it away but dauntless is it's free knockoff inspired game that grew into something a little different. I've played both, there's room for both mut monster hunter still kicks it's ass

ID: hnc05ue

Main thing this really has for me is crossplay so I can play with my non-PS family, MH does not unfortunately

ID: hndpd30

I had a brief try of it and beat everything it had to offer and I have to say it had very very limited diversity on gear and builds. I came back after mhw and tried the newer stuff but it wasn’t much extra added in all honesty it was variants of existing behemoths and lots of lag it’s a bare bones experience I couldn’t play it long term unlike mh which I currently have over 1000hours in.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/04 16:28 ID: hn7jnlk

Having played, and really liked Monster Hunter World quite a bit, Dauntless is good, but it's like "Fisher Price My First Monster Hunter"

Don't listen to people ripping on it, they likely have never even tried it. It's a really fun, casual version of Monster Hunter. Monsters are easy to find, and plentiful in each area. Where you are "hunting" things in Monster Hunter, you are basically just fighting things in Dauntless.

Give it a shot, for a free game, it's a blast

4 : Anonymous2021/12/05 07:51 ID: hnauph3

Might get trashed for this but I like dauntless. I played it before I tried a monster hunter game and it definitely was fun but the best part is it preps you a bit for monster hunter, which is absolutely not an easy game to just start up if you don’t know about all of the intricacies. Just saying.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/04 14:49 ID: hn76zah

What is this game?

ID: hn77dm0

f2p monster hunter-ish

ID: hn77iyf


ID: hn7k91u

Kinda doody

6 : Anonymous2021/12/04 18:24 ID: hn80nmu

Are we ever getting the new monster hunter on ps5?

ID: hn8upni

No, we'll probably get the next one though.

ID: hn8jsg2


7 : Anonymous2021/12/04 14:43 ID: hn768cq

Dauntless Next Gen PS5 Version Gameplay [Update 1.8.3]

8 : Anonymous2021/12/04 19:33 ID: hn8aqgp


9 : Anonymous2021/12/04 19:40 ID: hn8bocj

The only f2p game I'm playing actively alongside other blockbuster stuff on PS5. I like MHW but with dauntless I can just get into a game solo or with other people and start smacking around.

People who shit on it here are stuck in early game or didnt play it and just go with the narrative of shitting on it because you can't blindly beat every monster without some knowledge and good reflexes.

ID: hn8rf4o

Nah, the game is a gacha grindfest now. The reforge update killed it. Glad you like it, but in my humble opinion it isn't good.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/04 17:24 ID: hn7rq35

…is there a platinum?

ID: hn7tmnt

For PS5 only.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/05 00:08 ID: hn9d4zy

Good choice for PS+ next month!

ID: hnaacuv

? But it's free to play already

ID: hnaqgqz

They’ll never expect it.

ID: hnc2rll

This, the demo for metal Gear solid 5 from like 10 years ago, and uncharted lost legacy again are the ps plus games

12 : Anonymous2021/12/04 16:27 ID: hn7jl64

Every gameplay video I’ve seen the monsters don’t seem to attack or react in any way. They growl and jump-spin to face a different direction. More or less thats it. And once in a blue moon spit a fireball. Pretty bare bones looking

13 : Anonymous2021/12/04 18:21 ID: hn805zm

Is it good ?

ID: hn9we9z

Played it on PC and really enjoyed it, there’s less depth than in MHW but I liked the simpicity of it more. Try it out for a few hours!

14 : Anonymous2021/12/04 22:35 ID: hn90225

Desperately wanted to get into this since I have over 650 hours in monster Hunter world, but I just couldn't do it.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/05 06:48 ID: hnapdir

Does Dauntless still have no platinum?

16 : Anonymous2021/12/05 14:00 ID: hnbnzbh


17 : Anonymous2021/12/05 20:36 ID: hndapkb

I downloaded this for Switch but never tried it, and then deleted it to make space for other games. AMA.


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