Josef Fares’ It Takes Two hit by Take-Two claim

1 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:15 ID: r7ywpi
Josef Fares' It Takes Two hit by Take-Two claim
2 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:52 ID: hn2euq9

The most ridiculous detail I’ve heard about this, is that they are also suing anyone who uses the letter R as their logo - regardless of what industry they’re in. They’re filing against beauty parlours, tattoo shops, everything.

It genuinely feels like a computer search where you get the randomest shit come up

Edit: link to the US patent office showing all the “allegations” if you want a good laugh

Edit2: From what I can tell, they’ve hit absolutely everything that sounds or looks like any of their gaming keywords - Mafia, Rockstar, Bully, Max Payne/Pain etc. Then they’ve immediately filed a 90-day extension to investigate the “claim” because they don’t have any actual basis other than it’s the same word. So it’s likely a lot of these will be withdrawn.

ID: hn2fehu

Rareware should sue them

ID: hn2iopr

Wonder what'll happen to R, the programming language

ID: hn2m5o0

Believe it or not, jail.

ID: hn2t7tc

"R, you are hereby sentenced to the programming penitentiary where you will bunk with Ruby."

ID: hn2fhhf

Literally nobody is gonna go to a beauty parlour that uses an R as the logo because they think it's Take Two / Rockstar owned, they're absolutely ridiculous. It truly shows how greedy they actually are, if it wasn't clear enough already.

ID: hn2k0g7

This is Disney levels of greed

ID: hn2njek

This type of shit is them just hoping a company doesn't want to go through the trouble of fighting and will settle out of court for a price that would be cheaper overall than battling it in courts. It's basically a grift. They're hoping these companies don't want to waste time fighting, and will just payout a smaller price to have them drop it.

ID: hn2z6mu

I searched the patent office and of course they aren't going after Pepsi for the Rockstar Energy Drink branding. That is the ONLY other thing I think of when I think of Rockstar.

Other than, you know, a literal famous musician who plays rock music.

ID: hn3n1mk

This is disappointing, I would have loved to see that in court

ID: hn2o29s

One of my favourites is against a YouTuber called “Max Pain” who has 79 followers on Twitter

ID: hn2ksvh

I feel like this post could belong in

ID: hn2m7vu

Sounds like their legal team ran out of work to do and decided to come up with some easy targets

3 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:26 ID: hn2bw6j

Fuck them.

ID: hn3mqi8

And the Oscars

4 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:55 ID: hn2f5r0

Take-Two is insane and this is fucking stupid

5 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:22 ID: hn2bf58

Can’t get any more petty than this

ID: hn2ea27

That was my thought from the title. Then I read the article and it turns out they can! Going after restaurants who use the word rockstar? Wtf. Noone was eating there just because they liked Red Dead Redemption.

ID: hn2jcmk

As far as I’m aware they have to prove it negatively impacts their brand and revenue. Rockstar aren’t even in the food business lol.

McDonald’s tried to hit an Irish fast food change called SuperMacs and lost the Big Mac trademark cause they’re idiots. Now Burger King take the piss out of them with adverts saying “bigger than a Big Mac”

ID: hn2jz18

Damn… there’s a place called rockstar bagels in my city I wonder if they got hit by this

ID: hn2kfcp

There was a hookah bar in Germany with the name euphoria. They stupidly also used the same logo as the physics engine used by Rockstar games for gta and rdr. They aren't around anymore and I wonder if they got nuked by Take two.

ID: hn2o60z

It's somewhat reminiscent of when that ridiculous YouTube channel tried to trademark "React", in the sense of having people react to some type of media or story etc.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:21 ID: hn2b9o1

That’s fucking stupid

7 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:11 ID: hn2h802

Based from the article multiple companies are abandoning their trademarks just to not bother fighting them in court lol. So it's working out for Take Two I guess.

They are absolutely disgusting copyright trademark trolls. Makes no sense. Hopefully more companies say no and counter-claim or something, this shouldn't go on...

ID: hn2j066

Not sure how Take Two benefits from it tbh. It's just bad PR, and it's not like they'll now go and make a game called "It takes two" or brand their company using that term. So basically trolling for zero gain and a lot to lose. Fun, one more reason to stop playing their games and maybe buy another copy of the (truly) AMAZING co-op game "It Takes Two".

ID: hn2jlpg

Seems double stupid considering EA can fight them on it.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:07 ID: hn2gpjm

Take two on a speed run to ruin their reputation.

ID: hn2lz37

It's already ruined lol

9 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:38 ID: hn2d9t6

US Patent Office records show Take-Two is behind filings to contest numerous names with connections to the words "rockstar", "social club", "mafia", "civilization" and more.

So nobody in that company has any critical thinking skills is what I'm getting from this.

ID: hn2gk6a


I hope they go after real life mobs as well.

ID: hn2hdtj

"Please stop using Mafia ™ to refer to your Social Club ™, in the future please call yourself cwimey wimey meanies or we will have to take you to court"

ID: hn2hgjy

Mafia?!? As in THAT Mafia? You can trademark that?

ID: hn2i9xh

I would love to see them try, there's no way they can trademark words like mafia and civilisation, when these two things have existed for longer than the CEO has even lived.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:41 ID: hn2dihx

Wtf. Are these guys serious? I’m about to patent every word in the English dictionary. Hold me beer.

ID: hn2h4mj

Unfortunately I hold the worldwide patent for the phrase ‘Hold my beer’™️ I expect you to revoke your message immediately or face the wrath of my lawyers.

ID: hn2hq7l

Its not gonna work. He said hold me beer.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:17 ID: hn2hxn2

Fuck Take Two and Rockstar, for that matter.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:15 ID: hn2hoqy

"Rockstar Axe Throwing", a Florida-based axe-throwing company, is meanwhile trying to oppose Take-Two's trademark grab.

Really?? Just being a bully, an axe throwing company does not mess with their bottom line. The word "rockstar" is was around long before them. 98% of people do not think of the company when they hear that word. Bullying just to bully.

ID: hn2lbmv

Excuse me sir the word Bully is a TakeTwo trademark

ID: hn2i8ak

I’m sorry, it appears you used the word “Bully” 3 times in your statement. Bully TM is our intellectual property, we are going to have to sue you now. Please venmo me $50,000 for each offense for a total of $150,000. —Rockstar legal team

13 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:50 ID: hn2ekb0

Greedy assholes.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:39 ID: hn2ksc3

From my most favourite gaming company to one of I hate the most in just few years. Bunch of pathetic greedy bitches.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:37 ID: hn2km3j

How long until Take Two starts suing car robbers for plagiarizing GTA?

16 : Anonymous2021/12/03 16:25 ID: hn3039q

lol the parent company of Rockstar and publisher of Grand Theft Auto goes full corporate and becomes exactly the type of lame ass businesses that their own game used to parody so much.

at this point i'm not even looking forward to an eventual GTA6

17 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:58 ID: hn2fmuj

Take Two and R* need to SUCK IT!

18 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:40 ID: hn2df2m

This is ridiculous!

19 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:21 ID: hn2iffk

Yeah I’m done buying games from them for awhile. They’ve lost my business

20 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:19 ID: hn2qgg6

If you're a GTA and RDR fan, forget Take-Two and Rockstar. Dan Houser is gone and he was the magic. His new studio is called Absurd Ventures. I'm way more excited to see what he's doing next.

ID: hn3hbbk

Yeah Rockstar is now a shell of what it used to be. I'm proceeding with caution regarding their upcoming releases.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:15 ID: hn2hqek

Don’t you have to prove monetary damages or at least show that they’re competing for the same consumer? Both are in the realm of video games, but nobody is confusing Take Two, the publisher, with the video game It Takes Two. Take Two is losing zero dollars as a result of the game title.


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