Sifu: 10 Minutes of Gameplay – No Death Playthrough

1 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:08 ID: rh2iex
Sifu: 10 Minutes of Gameplay - No Death Playthrough
2 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:10 ID: honq4gl

This looks amazing

ID: hoodw6z

Needs a bit more polish, but looks super fun regardless. That's what matters.

ID: hontrkg

I agree, I just have one thought. Where are the guns? And I don't mean that the protag needs a gun but you would think in some of these situations someone would've pulled out a gun on him

ID: honuhfy

not really. the setting doesn’t warrant anyone using guns. i haven’t seen much on the game from the snippets but this looks like pure kung-fu like the old movies no one had guns there.

ID: hooqesj

Wikipedia synopsis says it’s set in a contemporary Chinese city. If we took even the city of Hong Kong for example, China is very strict on guns vs. America. There’s roughly 200K gun owners in that city and they can only use it at the range, otherwise it must be stored at the range at all times.

You could argue that these people are the type to smuggle guns but it could be it’s just not worth the trouble. Illegal possession is 3 years in prison and committing gun crimes is a death penalty.

And yes I do know that I’m being a tiny bit ridiculous for providing real life justification for a video game, but I think considering the game is that every time you die you age, we can forgive that these enemies aren’t gun toting Americans haha

ID: hoomee2

Maybe it's set on Hong Kong like Sleeping Dogs.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:12 ID: honqehe

I'm not gonna lie, it seemed fun at first but now I'm wondering how repetitive this game might be. I think I'll wait for a sale with this one...

ID: hontky8

Yeah some of the enemies seem to just stand around, I hope it gets more dynamic as it goes

ID: honu9y4

The fighting seems more wonky and less fluid than I imagined. Definitely will wait for reviews.

ID: honv0be

I know it's not the fairest comparison, but after playing Miles Morales with its incredibly fluid fighting sequences, this just seems to fall flat. I love the concept and the aging seems really cool, but the combat just seems weak.

ID: hopo3zp

Looks very wonky and stiff

Not to mention the laundry list of attacks to memorize

What happened to easy and fun combat like from the original God of War series etc

I dont want to learn a library worth of combat for a 20 hour game

ID: hooxhrw

he was smashing heads all day, looks like it's the only fight animation when you're near a bench / sofa / wall.

ID: hoo45hk

If they keep it anything like Absolver it won’t be. That game looked wonky but played like kung fu Dark Souls.

ID: hophmmf

Yea this gameplay preview doesn't seem as great as I thought it would be. It just reminds me of God Hand, but God Hand had some insanely good hand-to-hand combat and that game is like 20 years old.

The strikes in this game just seem to really fall flat... like no oomph or impact

4 : Anonymous2021/12/15 19:02 ID: hoogoij

The gameplay looks decent, but not as good as I imagined from the trailers. There seemed to be a lot of waiting for the enemy to attack first, or them waiting around. I’m currently playing Arkham Knight and I enjoy how you have to always stay on your toes, and can’t just rely on counters to win in a fight. Hopefully the reviews will explain better when the full game releases.

I do have to say though, I just finished Yakuza 0, my first Yakuza game, and when I had to clear the Dojima HQ in the beginning, fighting floor after floor, while on hard with no consumables or saves, that gave me a feeling of accomplishment and invincibility few other games have.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:19 ID: honre2f

I'm going to plat this game before I even go near Elden Ring and HFW

ID: hontfnj

Lol funny thing is they moved up the release date precisely so they wouldn't have compete with HFW & Elden Ring

ID: hontzfo

Lol it's a smart move, I believe it would have gotten buried between those 2

6 : Anonymous2021/12/15 17:37 ID: hoo3gwi

The non-boss gameplay looks incredibly boring. Like Marvel’s Spider Man combat without any of the fun stuff.

ID: hoo5ce3

And no where near as fluid. Way more janky. I'll wait for it to be free in 1 year.

ID: hooc0om

It’s all good if you don’t like it, but this whole “see you when you’re free in a year lol” line is getting old.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/15 20:45 ID: hoowof3

Looks boring.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/15 18:05 ID: hoo7tnu

Im just going to pretend this is what I was playing when I got Jackie Chan Adventures on the PS1

9 : Anonymous2021/12/15 16:39 ID: honuf7h

How much is this game?

ID: hoo06am

40 Bucks on EU Store

10 : Anonymous2021/12/15 22:17 ID: hopaxc7

I'm still interested in this, but I found the camera jerk (or was it frame rate issues?) whenever he landed a big hit really unpleasant

11 : Anonymous2021/12/15 23:09 ID: hopifue

I must say, the music is a huge let down. Something like Katana Zero music would make the game so much more fun when beating up guys.

That said, the core gameplay needs a bit more umph and depth rather than a worse Batman/Spiderman/Assassin's Creed game otherwise it'd get repetitive quickly.


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