Need good single player game to get through depression

1 : Anonymous2021/12/15 01:42 ID: rgn5xm

I have a backlog of a lot of games and I don’t find the energy to go through and start a game often, but occasionally I’ll be excited about a game and start it and instantly become immersed and everything melts away. What sort of game would do that? I heavily enjoyed cyberpunk and uncharted. Don’t like games like dark souls or puzzles or very rpg, just like the games where it’s like you’re playing a movie with a great story and you actually feel like you’re the character. Also don’t often like 3rd person. Thank you in advance

2 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:18 ID: holcs0v

I have severe anxiety and some depression, and the Ratchet & Clank games always help me. They’re lighthearted, funny, and gorgeous. I’ve been escaping to their world since 2002.

ID: hom28ym

Ratchet and clank on PS4 was therapeutic for me. Such a chill game. Highly recommend

ID: hom2dnl

PS4 Ratchet and Clank also supports 60fps on PS5 now iirc

3 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:49 ID: holh0ff

I would recommend starting the Yakuza series. There is a huge sense of immersion and you really feel like Kamurocho is a living city. Very character driven, and charmingly goofy. Kiryu and later Ichiban are just fantastic characters.

ID: hom3ije


OP, imagine a game series that is both off the wall, absurdly hilarious and fun, while also telling a deep, emotional story with characters you’ll fall in love with.

Beat up a bunch of guys on the street, then sing karaoke, followed by some pocket car racing and crying during the story cutscenes. This franchise has everything!

4 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:08 ID: holbk66

rdr2, spiderman, rise of the tomb raider, shadow of the tomb raider...

ID: hollke5

I second rdr2 for this purpose. Can do as much side story, collectibles, roaming as you want, or just pursue main story. Thought I'd just do main story, then 130ish hours later...

ID: homwxyo

holy crap. i'm on my second playthrough in chapter 3 and i just realized i could take unused guns out of my horse inventory by storing them in the weapon locker at camp. this game...

ID: hom4ior

All of these. You could also try no man's sky if it tickles your fancy. I always found it very peaceful and a nice step back from the shooters I usually play.

ID: homfibv

Tomb Raider games are heavy on puzzles sometimes though

ID: hom8kle

I can second rdr2. I started it myself just 2 weeks ago and have a lot of hours on the clock. Main story is great, but I occasionally enjoy the small things like just taking a stoll on the horse, go hunting with bow and arrow, or fishing.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:26 ID: holdxqt

I liked God of War and Ghost of Tsushima because that’s what it felt like…. Like I was playing a movie.

Hope you find something you enjoy and happy holidays!

ID: hom3ohr

These are the two i’d recommend. They both have very deep stories that triggered some healing for me personally

ID: holsf6w

Second ghost of tsushima

ID: holrhhz

God of war is one of the best games ever. Also highly recommend playing it

6 : Anonymous2021/12/15 05:00 ID: holws95

Red Dead Redemption 2 is exactly what you need.

It’s relaxing. It’s gorgeous. It’s one of those games where the immersion is so strong, the controller and screen edges fade away and you’re suddenly a salt of the Earth badass hunting an Oriole in a riverbed for 5 hours straight forgetting that anything else matters.
ID: hom16sv

I couldn't have said it better myself

7 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:36 ID: holfapf

Been through that, bought all the games people and friends said was good and played for a couple of hours and then i lose interest or got bored with it. The problem is my depression, until i resolved it no matter what game i play i feel nothing. If you could get some help go get it because i did, after that i can somewhat enjoy games i used to play again.

ID: homkxr8

Relatable indeed. What helped you if I may ask? Whether it was a certain type of process or whatever? I've been getting help for years and I don't feel any better. In fact I think it's still getting worse, especially with the increasing weight of life. I would appreciate if you shared you experience.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/15 01:47 ID: hol8qf6

I actually really enjoyed both Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn

ID: homaf6n

I will recommend Horizon Zero Dawn to everyone in my life until the day i die. Cant wait for the sequel

ID: holebws

Forgot to include, also enjoyed days gone very much, thank you

ID: hom9ykr

If you liked days gone id suggest looking into the madmax game similar mechanics and just as lax as you'd like it to be...

9 : Anonymous2021/12/15 03:22 ID: hollbs7

Not sure if anyone recommended the Titanfall 2 campaign but that one was amazing. It’s short but it’s got some great gameplay mechanics and interesting level design later on that I won’t spoil here. Stay well friend

ID: hom0wsr

Holy shit it is Soo good, the characters are so iconic.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/15 01:52 ID: hol9cec

If you’re struggling even a little, you should absolutely consider talking to a professional, if you’re not already.

That being said there are some great titles that touch on this topic, although they may be different than what you describe. I recommend checking out the four following titles: Gris, Night in the Woods, Journey, Celeste.

None are AAA with huge set pieces, but all are wonderful and worthwhile in their own way.

ID: holbvhn

Journey is the most fitting title for a game ever. It's magnificent, it's genuinely a journey.

ID: holhu9t

I was very lucky and went in completely blind. When I finally reached the end for the first time after one long sitting… wow. Made me feel things.

ID: holsllt

I feel like maybe I am the only person who didn't like was beautiful but you're literally just running and jumping in sand. I feel like I missed something?

ID: holw2e6

Celeste is fantastic.

ID: hom0jof

Hoping OP sees this !! Celeste is an amazing game that talks about depression. Its very calming yet challenging with an amazing sense of progression. I just get lost in the music and die 30000 times. Of course it's a precise plateforming game (think Super Meat Boy) so if you're not into that it may be a problem but give it a try, even just for the little story

11 : Anonymous2021/12/15 06:57 ID: hom84qn

Hey OP
So sorry you're having a tough time. Please know that it will pass. Many others will answer your question directly with specific games but I thought I'd just chip in with a wider comment. I'd strongly advise you to deal with your SHED. Get this right and I guarantee your mood will improve. It may not solve the underlying issue, but it will better equip you to take it on.

S = sleep/ Try and get 8 hours, no screens an hour before bed. Sleeping pills are ok, but used sparingly
H = hydration. get a water bottle you enjoy drinking from and sip constantly. Flavouring it is ok too. If you're not pissing "too much" you're not drinking enough
E = exercise. Find something you enjoy doing ideally, but get in the discipline of doing something, even if it's just a a short walk daily
D = diet. Eat well and you'll see an improvement. Less processed food, simple carbs. More fruit and veg. There are endless books on this.

Most of this is just common sense, but trust me, the data shows that this really works. If you can find a way to bake this into your day you will see a difference. Do google around this if you're interested.

Finally, please do try some therapy. You will almost certainly have done so before. But find a therapist is like dating - you'll need a meet a few before you find the right one.

I really hope you feel better soon my friend. You have a lot to give this world. I look forward to hearing about your many successes in the future.

Happy Christmas

12 : Anonymous2021/12/15 03:49 ID: holopd0

No game will over come depression… even the best games will feel really lame and boring when you are dealing with that. You would have to address the root cause of what’s causing you to feel the way you do.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/15 05:09 ID: holxrxq

As someone who has suffered severe depression, Death Stranding really helped me want to start taking steps towards a better life

Since playing I got the motivation to lose 80lbs, became more sociable, and overall developed a much healthier outlook on what it means to be here and alive in the moment of my everyday life. Not to mention that I felt challenged to confront myself about who I’ve been in the past, and who I truly want to be for the future

I will say there are many cutscenes that setup the beginning of the game’s narrative, as well as long stretches of walking in the beginning that can and will feel frustrating.. But this is intentional. As you progress the game becomes something much more than what it seems, and the main character goes through experiences that shape who he, and the player, becomes in the end

Often times playing the game can feel like a modern platformer akin to Jak and Daxter or Mario

ID: homvbye

Death Stranding gave me hope for humanity.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:38 ID: holfigz

Guardians of the Galaxy. It won several “best story” awards for good reason.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/15 03:15 ID: holkfwa

My suggestion would be Persona 5 because when I was in that exact position it was my go to. Also Just play a game on Easy and enjoy the story. I started doing that recently cause i just dont have the time for trial and error in games and dont feel the need to “prove” Im good at any game anymore.

ID: hon48fx

I was going to make the same comment. I know they said not very RPG titles but Persona 5 really helps me when I'm feeling down. It's a bunch of friends bonding over difficult times while also being super heroes in a way. It takes a lot of your time but not in a way that it feels wasted (aside from obviously some of the repetitive dialogue).

16 : Anonymous2021/12/15 06:14 ID: hom4bdn

Horizon: zero dawn is amazing. It takes places in a beautiful post apocalyptic world full of vibrant greenery and dangerous machines.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:04 ID: holayo5

I haven’t been really engaged in a game since I started playing persona 5 royal.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/15 03:57 ID: holppm3


19 : Anonymous2021/12/15 06:54 ID: hom7vqw

Witcher 3 Complete Edition. Super fun game, great story and characters, easy world to get sucked into.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/15 01:47 ID: hol8qjq

Maybe give "Detroit become human" a try.

Its basically an interactive movie that can play out in different ways depending on the choices you make.

Its a really cool story too. (At least the story i got to see was lol)

It is third person, but like I said.. interactive movie. Not really a first person kind of game.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/15 03:18 ID: holkswv

Real talk Had big life break down 2 years ago- marrige breakdown, lost job, long term mental health stuff

7 months solid I did the whole video games-as-coping-mechanism thing Paired with weed Both were always something I used but this was complete abuse

Both are a reality crutch Depression will not " just end" Avoidance prolongs and compounds problems

I came very close to suicide, had all I needed to do it

Reached out to someone I didn't know very well on a whim

Turns out he had been training with a Shaman in Mexico for past 10 years plus Bufo- toad medicine

Ripped me from the brink Coming out if it was like taking the first breath I had ever taken

Found my will to life and a sense of purpose

Stepped into shamanic training 2 days after that session

Life has changed alot this past year Healing is a constant process, been taking more steps forward than backwards

ID: holl90n

Exactly distracting yourself with technology is not going to get you through depression it'll literally do the opposite. I don't know about shamanic training but your general suggestion is what i second get outside and work on yourself

ID: holyavx

Yeah, I would never suggest drastic measures like shaman toads or ayahuasca unless you're truly with someone trustworthy. Always best to seek a medical professional and seek mental therapy first

22 : Anonymous2021/12/15 02:59 ID: holia38

Maybe try Detroit Become Human

23 : Anonymous2021/12/15 04:25 ID: holt087

As someone who has gone through something similar in the past, a most unlikely game (at least to me) helped me through it: Doom.

Here me out. The gameplay is super intense and visceral, so you’re engaged all the time (no time to think about the depression). The music is amped up and the atmosphere is just generally adrenaline-inducing.

The Doomguy has one basic objective: kill demons. That’s it. As someone who was overwhelmed with so many things going on in my life at the time, I actually enjoyed playing a game where my objectives were simple and clear. Doomguy doesn’t speak, he just acts. In a way, he’s sort of a placeholder for the player.

Narratively speaking, there’s actually some interesting lore once you get past the violence and gore. All in all, I’d give it a try, if FPSs are your thing.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/15 05:06 ID: holxhvp

God of War 2018 (3rd person but just an all around gem).

I’ve been there friend. Whatever is going on, I hope you grow from and get through it in due time. GOW did what I needed at the time that I needed an immersive experience.

25 : Anonymous2021/12/15 05:00 ID: holwu4s

Guardians of the Galaxy. Not counting Disco Elysium Final Cut, it's the best campaign I've played all year, and the narrative awards its getting are deserved. Combat is alright though, bit repetitive, but the moments it clicks, it clicks hard (it's impossible to not love it when A-Ha or Motley Crue start blasting in the middle of an encounter)

I HEAVILY second Celeste, despite being a 2D platformer (and a damn brilliant one)


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