Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Release Date will be announced early 2022

1 : Anonymous2021/12/18 11:09 ID: rj5cui
Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Release Date will be announced early 2022
2 : Anonymous2021/12/18 14:34 ID: hp1ukr9

ahh yes an announcement for the announcement

ID: hp2c2ih

Ah yes. The estimated release date for the estimated release date. We are living in the future.

ID: hp2e2ay

And this post is announcing the announcement for the announcement.

ID: hp2y8ow

We need an announcement for that

ID: hp2afwu

It's a pretty common thing, what's wrong with it?

ID: hp3h5ob

It’s like taking a bite of something then saying I will announce when you I will poop it out and give a time. Maybe you won’t be accurate but it’s pointless.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/18 12:38 ID: hp1iw31

Wait will it release in 2022 or are they going to tell us in 2022 it’s releasing in 2035?

ID: hp1jith

It's expected in 2022.

ID: hp2hawf

2023 it is then, same with god of war.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:17 ID: hp2nrk9

I think december 2022. Let's say the 12th.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:55 ID: hp2syzx

Is it even coming to ps4?

ID: hp2y5ln


ID: hp2y778

Now I’m hyped again

6 : Anonymous2021/12/18 12:05 ID: hp1g8wj

Where did they say it will be announced in early 2022? The tweet just said that we will get news and updates about the game in 2022, not EARLY 2022.

ID: hp1jywv

Not the end the of year

ID: hp1l6wh

But it doesn’t say anywhere that we’ll get the info early 2022.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:21 ID: hp2obyx

This game is in production for so long it will feel like 2018 game when its out, mark my words

ID: hp39v0c

Yeah we all know games from 4 years ago suck ass

8 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:12 ID: hp2n2zx

New console game with mobile mechanics

9 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:55 ID: hp2sxsf

So holiday 2022 which is most likely sometime in November for the holidays.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/18 19:00 ID: hp2tpyk

Is this game going to be Sony exclusive?

ID: hp39zzt

No. Will be on all platforms

11 : Anonymous2021/12/18 11:18 ID: hp1cq08

Will it be on ps4 as well?

ID: hp1jf50

yes. it is.

ID: hp3854j

wait..."it is"? GUYS ITS OUT ON PS4

12 : Anonymous2021/12/18 16:16 ID: hp27711

fuck jk rowling

13 : Anonymous2021/12/18 19:07 ID: hp2ul4n

I love Harry Potter but I have zero interest in this game.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/18 14:59 ID: hp1xhbx

After what JK Rowling has done to her beloved franchise, I can’t support this game anymore. If Warner Bros wants any chance of this game to sell like wildfire they need to address the issue or they will be in for a surprise.

ID: hp25rdq

I think you have every right to boycott the game in protest of JK Rowling's stance on gender, but let's not pretend this game isn't going to sell like wildfire regardless.

You and a few others will boycott but you're be in the tiny vocal minority. WB knows that, the only surprise they'll be in for is likely that the game will beat even their sales expectations.

It's going to be huge!

ID: hp2jllo

If the game is good most people aren't going to care. If I can be a dope wizard and do dope shit I won't care.

ID: hp1y5s2

Yeah I’ll be honest with you, most people couldn’t care less about what she’s been saying if they tried.

Sure her comments were bad, but it’s hardly going to put me off Harry Potter related stuff. And it’s that way for most people, it has too longstanding a fan base for it not to sell well.

Stop being a snowflake

ID: hp220te

what has she been saying??

ID: hp31epk

Bad according to you, shes based.

ID: hp24e12

lol she didnt do anything to her franchise

ID: hp2212s

what has she been saying??

ID: hp243vs

Far as i know she said something in the sense their are only 2 genders.... well guess what that’s exactly what normal folks think. This clowns world is getting nuts. Someone born in the wrong body ? Sure thats as far as i can get. But all this bullshit about a bunch of genders. Is insanity. I know bots and idiots will downvote this to hell but i really dont care anymore.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/18 19:27 ID: hp2xd13

This might be the dumbest article I’ve ever read. Why on earth would developers have to deal with or confront Rowlings transphobia? Nobody cares. We just want to play the game. This author is a joke

16 : Anonymous2021/12/18 21:20 ID: hp3c3lj

Early announcment prob means late release

17 : Anonymous2021/12/18 23:22 ID: hp3r9dm

JK gonna make bank.


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