Guardians of the Galaxy: PS5 vs Xbox Series X – Ray-tracing upgrades tested – Digital Foundry

1 : Anonymous2021/12/18 15:02 ID: rj98oj
Guardians of the Galaxy: PS5 vs Xbox Series X - Ray-tracing upgrades tested - Digital Foundry
2 : Anonymous2021/12/18 16:01 ID: hp2589s


-RT mode is dynamic 1620p-2160p on both PS5 and Series X.

-RT quality on console is on par with PC’s high quality but ray traced transparent reflections are missing.

-It is solid 30fps on both PS5 and Series X. Only exception is scan view on PS5. Switching scan view on and off drops PS5 framerate to high 20s.

-There is no improvement on PS5’s performance mode. FPS drops are still there.

-Series S has no RT mode.

-Series S now has an unlimited fps mode. It is not like the performance mode on SX or PS5 as there are no additional optimization in this mode. It has same resolution and graphical settings as before. Unlimited fps mode is mostly 40-50fps so VRR screen is recommended for this mode.

ID: hp2gvck

It's crazy to me how they can do dynamic 4k with RT, yet in order to get 60fps they have to:

Drop the resolution to 1080p Use lower settings for textures, anisotropic filtering, geometry LOD, shadow draw and foliage density. And disable ray-tracing (this one is understandable)

And still it has drops to the 40s whereas the RT mode is a near-perfect 30. Gotta agree with Tom here; RT mode is the way to play this one.

ID: hp3a11o

Absolutely wild yeah. This game for some reason can absolutely not handle 60fps. Neither a resolution drop nor lowering settings seems to help much.

My bet is terrible CPU optimization.

ID: hp3fzhq

I could not for the life of me tell the difference between quality and performance graphics wise. I even tried to recreate the original digital foundry scenes and I couldn’t see any difference whatsoever.

Sent me down a spiral of recalibrating my whole setup. Still couldn’t see a difference past the frame rate.

ID: hp2necf

Yikes, fuck playing this at under 60.

Not only does the game have noticeable input lag, it'll only be made worse at 30.

It's nice if it doesn't bother you, but personally I couldn't do it. I'm glad it does have a 60fps mode or I wouldn't touch this shit for free.

ID: hp2lk1f

So basically there is no reason not to play the game in RT mode over quality mode. The only drawback is the resolution but with dynamic resolution in scene without RT it can still goes up to 4K while a bit lower in scenes with RT but having much better visual. Amazing job Eidos-Montréal!!

ID: hp3n3vo

Very happy about series s getting uncapped frame rate, but that really shows how weak the little guy is. I still love it for gamepass stuff but man it is chuggin

3 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:13 ID: hp2n4a7

My goty. What an amazing game this was and i saved the ng+ for this RT mode

4 : Anonymous2021/12/18 16:38 ID: hp2a62h

Got the game after the patch and really enjoyed playing through it in ray tracing mode, especially on Knowhere. A good amount of the game is walking around levels, solving puzzles, and talking to the guardians on the ship which is totally fine at 30fps And in combat, the game uses lock on for shooting and slowing down time to issue commands, so I never felt like I needed to be super precise.

ID: hp2bdrm

How does scrolling the camera feel? That's always the worst thing about 30fps games for me.

ID: hp2cvva

I had to increase the sensitivity because the default one is way too unresponsive. Still not as good as 60fps of course but much improved.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/18 16:15 ID: hp272zi


ID: hp2gv3b

Guardians of the Year or Game of the Galaxy?

ID: hp2ik4b


6 : Anonymous2021/12/18 16:49 ID: hp2bk65

hey guys how is the dualsense features of this game ? and is it available on PC too ? i dont know should i buy it on PC or PS5, PC will have better performance but dualsense features is a big plus

ID: hp2hxkm

Trigger support is decent, not the best implementation ever, but it‘s okay. Also radio talk is coming out of the controller speaker which I found to be really cool (eventhough not new)

ID: hp2hozr

It's a cool feature with speakers on comms on the controller and different tension on different weapons. I personally would get better frame rate with ray tracing on the Ps5 locked to 30 and with HDR than PC that could be slightly higher but have the frame rate change too much.

ID: hp2hpvl

its not used that much at all just when reloading your blasters is when you feel the triggers

7 : Anonymous2021/12/18 15:03 ID: hp1xyjo

Really want to grab GotG as I missed out when it was $25 a couple weeks ago due to buying a ton of other games (Returnal, Village, Rift Apart, etc.), I can't seem to find it under $35-$40 atm, think it will get a sale again soon? The game looks incredible so I'm really hyped to play it already.

ID: hp25fib

There definitely will be a christmas sale and this game is almost 100% will be discounted as well. Maybe if not on PSN but in local stores it gets discounted every other week.

ID: hp270r4

Yeah I'm hoping for a physical sale, Best Buy is doing a daily sale and for today they have Deathloop with the steelcase for $23 today, I'm sure a retail store will have GotG on sale before Christmas.

ID: hp1ybm5



ID: hp20yq1

I'd miss out on this generation if I only played my backlog 🙁

ID: hp1z02z

My backlog is empty, I've beat them all haha.

ID: hp27v4h

This idea of backlog is stupid. Your time is more important than completing things.

ID: hp28t63

It's been said 1000 times on this sub but buy it dude. It's a great game. Gameplay is really fun (if not ground breaking), graphically it's pretty solid and in terms of voice acting, sound track and story it's one of the better games I've played in years.

As somebody who's been finding it difficult to fully get sucked into games recently - this was one that drew me in and made it difficult to put down!

ID: hp2eo76

100% agree

8 : Anonymous2021/12/18 19:22 ID: hp2wqk9

I am Groot!

9 : Anonymous2021/12/18 16:36 ID: hp29w5b

One of the underrated games this year due to poor marketing and residue from avengers

10 : Anonymous2021/12/18 17:08 ID: hp2e6b4

This game was my personal GOTY. I regret roasting it because it was attached to that dumpster heap Avengers.

ID: hp2fhmb

I think you're part of the majority going into this games release. It definitely surprised me and a lot of other people!

11 : Anonymous2021/12/18 19:22 ID: hp2wpkh

I know people like their choices…

But I kinda Hate having this dilemma for console gaming.

Micro-adjusting graphics used to be a PC-Hardware limitation/variation thing.

30fps vs 60fps, Quality vs Performance…I can kinda get behind. 60fps for any game quick movement is great.

But this 30fps.. RT vs Quality is just annoying.

Always feel like i’m missing something choosing one or the other.

ID: hp36iem

If you feel like you're really missing out on something play it twice.

ID: hp3g5ed

But this 30fps.. RT vs Quality is just annoying.

Always feel like i’m missing something choosing one or the other.

In this case though, you're barely missing much by switching from quality to RT mode. Essentially you get worse ambient occlusion and lower (but still great) resolutions. Hell, in low-intensity scenes you still get native 4K! Those seem like really minor downsides to me!

12 : Anonymous2021/12/18 17:15 ID: hp2f5u5

Performance mode is 1080p @ 60fps witth drops into the 40s wtf.

ID: hp2g4yl

The performance mode is broken, too many sacrifices and not even stable performance on top of that. Even my PC (GTX 1070 R5 3600) can run this game maxed out 1080p@60fps, but apparently the more powerful next gen consoles can't.

I'd stick with Quality mode (mainly native 4K@30fps) or the RT mode.

ID: hp2fls4

yeah the performance mode in this game is super weird. It seems like dropping settings and resolution barely does a dent in improving the framerate. That should not be the case

13 : Anonymous2021/12/18 15:06 ID: hp1ybiz

TL:DW? Please 🙂

14 : Anonymous2021/12/18 18:58 ID: hp2td3t

This is one of the most disappointing ports I’ve seen on current gen so far. Ratchet looks so much better and runs better. On PC this game can run at 4k 60fps using DLSS with a 3060.

ID: hp2u0ox

Dlss ain't 4k. It's 1080p just with good scaling.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/18 15:29 ID: hp213s8

Not 60 fps in this mode, so its useless for me. Still dreaming for the time shitty 30 fps stop being supported by devs.

ID: hp22l37

You should always advocate for more choices, not less.

ID: hp221bb

What’s the problem with a better looking 30fps mode if there is still a 60fps mode available for people who prefer 60fps?

ID: hp2fijc

To be fair, the game doesn't exactly hit a steady 60fps, and I'd love to see an Insomniac-like RT 60fps mode, but yeah, choices are always a good thing.

ID: hp283dx

When playing this game on a big 4K tv the fidelity mode felt better overall than the performance mode. The reduction in FPS was worth it for me.

ID: hp25pvn

Key words here are "for me." You know not all displays are made equal and that older 1080p dumb tvs handles 30fps so much better than newer smart tvs. And it's not like this is an fps where you need all the frames you can get.

I was perfectly content with 30fps games until I got my new TV and it just sucked at displaying 30fps. New TV made 30fps unplayable, older TV had no issues.

So given that some people are playing on a TV that can handle 30fps just fine and they have no issues running at 30fps why not give it as an option for these people?

You do realize RT is extremely taxing as well as 60fps, right? For most devs it's going tocbe finding a compromise between resolution and frames to get RT. Not all devs can devote the time and money in producing a performance RT mode.

ID: hp2dzas

Get a life you mouth breather


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