The New Machines Of Horizon Forbidden West (That We Know So Far) from Gameinformer article

1 : Anonymous2021/12/29 16:02 ID: rrbh6f
The New Machines Of Horizon Forbidden West (That We Know So Far) from Gameinformer article
2 : Anonymous2021/12/29 16:17 ID: hqfa379

Only 7 weeks to wait and find out first hand!!!

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3 : Anonymous2021/12/29 16:09 ID: hqf8zac

I'm calling it now.....we will be able to ride the Sun Wing. I don't really see any offensive capabilities on them other than swooping down to claw at you.

I think they are designed for travel. The solar powered wings will probably give us limited flight if there's no sun, but I'm just speculating at this point.

Guerrilla has previously stated that Sunwings are vulnerable while gathering solar energy but are also more alert to threats while stationary. (From Article)

I'm thinking Guerrilla made them easier to override while gathering solar energy for flight......again this is me with my tin foil on.

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I concur. A flying mount would be dope

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I know, right, and it makes sense to conquer land, air, and sea

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Joining you in your hopeful delusion.

ID: hqfiszs

Thank you....thought I was alone

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I really hope that if flying is a thing, it’s limited in a way like you mentioned so as to not make land traversal pointless. Someone on the Horizon sub also had a good idea that the Sunwings actually lose energy as you fly them, so you are effectively on a time limit. And then the sunwings recharge energy once they land and spread their wings. At night, they also recharge very slowly due to no sun. Maybe the rate of energy loss can also change depending on the altitude you are flying (higher you fly, the faster the energy drain).

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I agree that this is how it will be done. Much credit to whomever theorize that. I do think exploring would be pointless if we are able to fly them endlessly. And it most likely will come much further in the game where flying them would make sense for player progression and story.

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I swore I read that you weren’t able to because of PS4 limitations, specifically draw distance and pop in effect. Same reason why apparently Spider-Man was slowed down. Possible that make it exclusive to the PS5 or I’m just incorrect.

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That was the case previously, but Guerrilla has made some major alterations to their engine (Decima). In Death Stranding, for instance, you are able to traverse the landscape via these Zip Lines at high speed and are now most recently able to glide with a stabilizer. I have hopes that some optimizations were made to compensate for the PS4s' lower specs.

ID: hqh3c56

As far as anyone can tell, Guerilla Games never mentioned why there was no flying, the PS4 story seems to be made up as no one can find a source.

In any case, there is even a bug in Horizon Zero Dawn that literally lets you 'fly' and even have minor combat even the flying robots. So it's clearly possible.

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They have said repeatedly in interviews over the span of several years including this year that they wanted to do a flying mount system since the original game and then the sequel but that the ps4 just got too much in the way of how they wanted it to work. You are going to be disappointed if you hold this expectation.

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“We are aware that this feature is very, very high on the wishlists of many gamers, but I cannot confirm or deny anything about [flying mounts],” he told Singapore News Live. “I can only talk about what’s in the actual gameplay demo that we showed [during last week’s State of Play].”

I feel that if it wasn't a feature, then why not flat out, deny it? Plus, they have also denied that we would be able to ride the Tremortusk. So they can't confirm or deny flying mount, but can deny riding a mount like the Tremortusk?

I have to ask. Can we ride the Tremortusk?

Mathijs de Jonge: Good question. We added new machines that you can ride in this game, like the Clawstrider - you can ride that one. There might be more, but I can’t get into specifics. Unfortunately, you can’t ride the Tremortusk. The key reason for that is that quite a few years ago, we prototyped riding the bigger machines for the first game, and we noticed that if you put the gameplay camera behind that, it makes Aloy really, really small on the screen.

Link to interview:

4 : Anonymous2021/12/29 17:17 ID: hqfjbo0

They forgot the Slitherfang in the list???

5 : Anonymous2021/12/29 18:11 ID: hqfrx7h

Looking like my most anticipated game so far. Yes I plan on getting Elden Ring and God of War. I pray Starfield is good.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/29 17:27 ID: hqfl0o7

Imagine going out of your way to spoil this for yourself weeks ahead of discovering it by playing the game for the first time.

Personally I stopped looking at anything related to this game after it was announced. Just monitoring the release date.

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Not everyone knows theyre getting the game. Maybe seeing some cool monsters gets someone new excited that didn't really know about the game before. Maybe some others just enjoy this kinda stuff and it makes them more excited.

And then anyone who is already sold and knows what the game is and doesn't wanna see it just scrolls on by like you. No harm no foul.


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