Miyazaki says Elden Ring’s graphics team felt ‘extra pressure’ due to Demon’s Souls PS5 | VGC

1 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:00 ID: rtnccg
Miyazaki says Elden Ring’s graphics team felt ‘extra pressure’ due to Demon’s Souls PS5 | VGC
2 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:07 ID: hqtndzr

I'm not surprised, just over a year later I think the Demon's Souls remake is the best looking game I have ever played/seen.

ID: hqto17m

When i first saw the dragons breathing fire I was blown away.

ID: hqtqrda

Yes, but what did you think of the graphics?

ID: hqu1puq

Same, i never played the OG but that part and 2-1 looked amazing. The sandy area is one of the best ive seen.

ID: hqu1yvu

... by the fire?

ID: hqtt0ek

How accesible Demon’s Souls for newcomers? I haven’t played any souls games ever and I’m afraid I will get super frustrated and quit soon after starting.

ID: hqty4x1

Demons souls is my first souls like game. It was fantastic. Definitely found it a bit frustrating in the beginning, but following a few simple tips from guides helped (ring to extend life + don't try to finish each world first, finish the first level of all the worlds, then move on to second and so on + magic is a bit op, so invest in that if that's what you like. I went attack first then magic)

It is a very unique experience. That level of graphical fidelity, gameplay and level design is quite rare. I'd strongly recommend getting it.

ID: hqtvvni

Ignore the other comments about it being easier than the others. While parts of it are easier than the games by fromsoft that followed it, that is likely only the case if you already know how to play them.

Playing this game completely blind without a guide is likely to leave you confused and frustrated. I would highly advise looking things up while you play or having an experienced player guide you a bit to explain certain key game mechanics or strategies to avoid spoilers when possible.

Once it clicks, you’ll do fine. But you can’t just jump in expecting that to happen.

It’s become something of a hobby of mine to help guide new players experience these games and teach them what they need to know to get the most out of them. If you’re truly interested, dm me and I can help you.

ID: hqtwdbi

My opinion is the only thing you need to know is never play the game while you have humanity. When you beat a boss and get humanity, just kill yourself in the nexus instantly. Makes it a lot easier IMHO for a first play through.

ID: hquawie

Do not worry about ANY souls game being "too hard." They are RPGs. They have levels, you can grind yourself up if you are struggling. They have co-op summoning. They have guide messages in game literally written by other players. Soulsborne games do not hold your hand, but they do cheer you on from the sidelines. It's not difficult just to be difficult, it's difficult because the game want you to feel accomplished in a way that is personal and meaningful.

ID: hqtumhw

Absolutely. I had no intention of using the moonlight greatsword, but when I got it and saw how incredible it looked, I used it the rest of the way.

ID: hqtw3y1

Between Demon Souls and Ratchet and Clank, there is just no game that can compare to how beautiful both are.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/01 18:41 ID: hqu13oq

He added: “One thing that was really fun was seeing [Bluepoint Games] come up with things we didn’t consider and to approach certain elements of the game its visuals and its mechanics in a way that we either couldn’t or didn’t back in the day. So to see them researching and applying these new thought processes and new techniques, this was something that was really exciting and interesting for me.”

This quote sounds like it came from someone who played the game.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:15 ID: hqtohxh

I could only imagine how awesome the collaboration between Fromsoftware and Bluepoint in making a new ip would be; The combined strength of Fromsoftware’s gameplay mastery and Bluepoint’s graphical prowess together, we could potentially witness a game of the generation.

ID: hqtrp51

From and Bluepoint could be collaborating to make the rumored bloodborne 2.

ID: hqtupcg

Stop it I can only get so erect

ID: hqtutbg

This would absolutely be a beautiful game.....I would love that collaboration.

ID: hqtrcwd

I don’t think they need any help. Sekiro looked and still looks amazing. Elden ring is a cross Gen title, I’m sure their first current Gen only game will be a dramatic shift.

ID: hqtsfxl

I don't think they need help either, but them working together would be nothing but good for the game, imo

ID: hqtsj9s

I started Sekiro right after finishing Demon's Souls remake and while that game has great art design, it does look much older in direct comparison.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/01 23:29 ID: hqv6n4i

Demon’s Souls was completely based on already drawn concepts though. I would imagine it’s easier that way.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:05 ID: hqtn4wa

Demon's Souls graphical fidelity is insane, but it's a next gen exclusive so it's understandable.

Art style however can give extra lives to a game when it comes down to it's graphics, a thing of which Elden Ring is in no shortage of.

ID: hqtq7qo

I’d admit the game is gorgeous, but for sure shows it’s age when it comes to design.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:07 ID: hqtnctz

But even with that elden rings graphics aren't crazy and can't get anywhere near demon souls. But I like that they seemingly didn't ignore it games pushing other games further is always important.

ID: hqtyeg5

In the interview, Miyazaki said that while he understands the want of better graphics, his attention lies more on the gameplay and other things, which I agree. Graphics are second to gameplay.

ID: hqu2et5

I 100% agree. My first sentence was more of an observation than a criticism.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:44 ID: hqtsrkp

Not pushing technical boundaries is probably a big reason that FromSoftware seem to be able to churn out large scale RPG's with crazy amounts of variety in entirely reasonable and confident timeframes(I know ER was delayed, but not by a ton). I'm entirely fine with this approach and wish we could see it more(unfortunately most studios could not get away with this as they'd be criticized too much for the 'poor' graphics).

ID: hqu7x58

Which games have been criticized based on graphics. Not counting outliers like gta trilogy remake shit but honest attempts

ID: hqvnle0

Halo got delayed because of it

9 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:37 ID: hquqtow

Healthy competition can be a good thing. Especially when it drives innovation.

I never thought the From games looked bad. Hell, Bloodborne would probably be one of the first games I'd think of as an example of 'video games as art'. But on a technical level some things could be better implemented.

The lighting and particle effects in Demons Souls remake were outstanding.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/01 19:14 ID: hqu5u4o

From Software feeling any pressure to improve is a good thing. They are great but they can be better

11 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:11 ID: hqto0y7

Stop developing for previous console generation and you won’t feel pressure anymore. The whole industry is held back at this point because backporting

ID: hqtq0wu

Usually happens for the first 2 years of a consoles life. Things really start picking up in year 3 and 4

ID: hqttidy

I would say beyond the first year, most AAA games outside the massive mainstream ones(ala CoD, FIFA, etc) tend to start being next gen-only.

Like, with the XB1/PS5 gen, 2015 was the year where we got a huge influx of proper next gen titles. With the XSX/PS5, the cross-gen period seems to be extending longer than normal.

ID: hquh10i

Developers got dev kits early in 2020. 4 year development games will have started to have spent half of their dev time on PS5 dev kits by this spring. Expect the first games to really show off the system to start releasing late 2022, early 2023.

Every game that has released so far on PS5 spent most of its dev time on PS4 tools. Yes, even the exclusives.

ID: hqune22

Stop developing for previous console generation

That's where the majority of customers are.

ID: hqtzhlo

Except from software never pushed graphic in their games they have always been behind in that regard compare to others(I'm speaking of graphical fidelity not art style), this has nothing to do with "cross-gen is limatating potential , it's an heresy that shouldn't exist bla bla bla", elden ring being next gen only wouldn't have make a single difference since miyazaki said it again in the article, graphic isn't something they are pushing.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:55 ID: hqtuc37

Do we blame them? Blue point did wonders

13 : Anonymous2022/01/01 18:38 ID: hqu0ohy

Elden Ring is a multiplat though, they pretty much cant make it look even close to demons souls regardless.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/01 18:20 ID: hqtxxgc

Just imagine how good Bloodborne will look if bluepoint is actually working on it

ID: hqu9ojb

I really hope that rumour ends up being true. It doesn't really need to be a full remake like DeS, but a proper remaster with high resolution and framerates? Hell yes.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/01 18:50 ID: hqu2flp

The Network Test looked absolutely gorgeous on PS5 to me. Very atmospheric, magnificent use of colors and stellar art direction.

Nothing looked the "same", and I felt I could navigate the open world without using the map. Just using the striking landmarks and large structures to guide my journey.

ID: hqwi61b

Better than Sekiros graphics?

ID: hqwq70v

Looked incredible, the art really makes up for the not so cutting edge graphics. Even then the graphics are good just not boundary pushing.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/02 01:34 ID: hqvnmgw

I mean I played the network test and Elden Ring's graphics looks fantastic, but I care more about how the game feels combat/exploration wise.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/02 08:24 ID: hqwwx4u

Still the best looking game for next gen. And to be fair, Valheim isnt popular for its graphics, nor was any From Soft games.

As beautiful as cyberpunk was, it was fucking unplayable and a complete dumpsterfire.

I hope Eldin Ring would play and feel like its predecessors. An irreplaceable experience where the interested audience doesn't need the latest console nor 3090 to enjoy.

18 : Anonymous2022/01/01 18:45 ID: hqu1oiu

Good interview, I'm glad they maintain their priorities as a development team while also acknowledging consumer reception and other game projects. They're definitely industry leaders in more than one way, it's these kinds of principles that lead to such polished and refined games. Can't remember if I've ever encountered a bug in one of their game, sure maybe the odd glitch (which some speedrunners take advantage of) but nothing serious in comparison to other games.

19 : Anonymous2022/01/01 17:11 ID: hqtnx2y

Honestly they need to focus on performance instead.

Bloodborne and dark souls 3 both looked great, but even with a 30fps cap both has framerate and framepacing issues, especially bloodborne.

ID: hqto5zr

DS3 runs at 60fps

20 : Anonymous2022/01/01 19:58 ID: hqucch5

I hope it’s beautiful, but I dont see how it can be anywhere near Demon Souls when that was a PS5 exclusive and Elden Ring is releasing on previous generation systems


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