Death Stranding Faux Pas – what’s yours?

1 : Anonymous2022/01/02 17:42 ID: ruetnc

I just finished my first playthrough really enjoyed the game but for some reason I missed the hint that you could also boost speed when in vehicles it was late chapter 6 before I realised!

2 : Anonymous2022/01/02 18:11 ID: hqym5qp

I was 300hrs in across two playthroughs and didn't realise you could hold L2/R2 to corner and stop while riding the floating carrier. I just always ended in a crash until my brother, with all of 30 hours, told me to hold the straps.

ID: hqyqfhh

Funny, I've only ridden a floating carrier once, and it was down the side of a mountain. I crashed and fell so hard, lost all of my stuff, and swore I'd never do that again.

ID: hqz0k39

Cheers for that one not used the carrier to ride much at all but after seeing some videos looks like I should have!

ID: hqz1r7r

Its so much fun i kept riding down mountains whenever i could despite the inevitable crashes. With the tip from my brother, its really easy to slow down to a stop and dismount safely. Just watch out for rocks!

ID: hqzodpv

Ive yet to even try to ride a carrier. I forget thats a thing.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/02 21:40 ID: hqzjytj

When I was driving on the roads, it kept saying Entering Power zone, Leaving power zone, etc.

I thought the roads were bugged or just not coded properly.

There is actually a middle lane in the road that gives you energy! And the message turns on when you ente


Only found that on my second playthrough.

ID: hqztrxx

I only realised that close to the end of the game! I just thought those zones were near auto pavers and that’s why they constantly appeared and disappeared. And then, much later, I noticed the power zone in the middle. Very useful. Made the vehicles parked in the middle of the road more annoying to me though.

ID: hqzwg4x

This person stole my words directly from my mouth hahahah. So many times it popped and I was like. Ok, huge open world game bug. It happens but near end I saw why hahah. I felt so dumb so I had to play one more playthrough after platinum trophy but waited some months

4 : Anonymous2022/01/02 18:51 ID: hqysu5u

I put resources into private lockers instead of recycling them because I thought that’s how you add them to the resource pool

ID: hqz6d80

lol it took me till the very end before I realized I could use other players stuff. I thought I could only return it

5 : Anonymous2022/01/02 20:38 ID: hqzah63

I have 2: Until the end of my first playthrough I missed the tutorial part about setting throw distance on hematic grenades (PC). I was holding RMB, aiming, then tapping the left, and getting that lazy lobbed arc. It bothered me how poor the range was (I thought) and how dangerously close to BT's I had to get to light 'em up red hex (wrong of course!). When I learned by accident that the longer you hold LMB the flatter its arc became, and that I had been aiming too high all along, hematics suddenly became so much .... easier. I guess my mistaken take on how it works was ingrained from so many other video games where it is a quick release or "cooking" release. Heh heh, no cooking on hematics; you can even change your mind and put it away. nice!

#2: As I scratched my head trying to figure out why I hadn't gotten all the achievements, I did a "stare and compare" of STEAM accomplishments vs. in-game achievements. The "aha" was that you can not only receive stuff from NPC Porters, you can *give* them stuff as well.

ID: hqzb4gr

Not holding R2 uses more blood.

ID: hqzj1j7

Oh my god.... I've been cursing grenades because I basically have to scroll out of shot and lob them hoping they'd hit what I wanted!

6 : Anonymous2022/01/02 18:40 ID: hqyqz9z

Ha ha ha, fancy not figuring out you can boost speed in vehicles! How ridiculous!

Perhaps you should err, remind everyone of how you boost speed in vehicles, just in case someone else is equally idiotic!

ID: hqz0f0h

It’s bonkers I’d always hold down L3 when on foot didn’t occur to me you could do the same in vehicles felt like a prize idiot, amount of times I’d have to leave stuff because I’d get it stuck

ID: hqz0tkk

Haha what a fool you are! Now excuse me while I go back into the game and try something out...

ID: hqzoxja

Semi-pro tip. Set sprinting to toggle. Then u can just tap it once rather than hold it down the whole time.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/02 21:27 ID: hqzhznf

Adding tons of materials into pavers outside of the chiral network, which must have costed me an extra 50h+ since I had no contributions

8 : Anonymous2022/01/02 22:17 ID: hqzpn7w

Can someone explain to me how construction “ownership” works?

Like, I swear I’ve built half of the highway on my own materials and hard work but after I put the final materials into the printer it will have another players name on it. Even when I know for a fact that I was the only one who donated to that particular stretch of expertly paved paradise. I think only like ONE will say I built it…

…I gotta get them sweet sweet likes. I earned them. They are MINE.

ID: hr00ho3

Idk bout the ghost players, but i figured that once connected ud get a portion of donations from other players games ie i built a road to south knot but my friend only saw that i donated x crystals/metal/ceramics. Then random selected roads were completely built up but in my experience was only three sections total

9 : Anonymous2022/01/02 21:59 ID: hqzmtjq

On a similar note, you can jump with the vehicles and that blew my mind. As in hitting the x button causes you to jump. Popping a wheelie and then jumping in the reverse trike gives you some major airtime.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/02 23:41 ID: hr02gja

I finished the game without unlocking trucks.


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