She-Hulk Seemingly Marvel’s Avengers’ Next Heroic Addition on PS5, PS4

1 : Anonymous2021/12/30 16:52 ID: rs68te
She-Hulk Seemingly Marvel's Avengers' Next Heroic Addition on PS5, PS4
2 : Anonymous2021/12/31 15:50 ID: hqoy0di

Fuckin' woke pandering game developers and their — shuffles deck — pre-existing superheroines from the 80s.

Yeah, we're done here. Thread's locked.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/30 16:59 ID: hqkdi6c

Wonder how she'll play differently from Hulk does she have different abilities like Miles morales?

ID: hqkei2q

She's like a less strong, but more technically skilled Hulk and her personality is less effected by her transformation.

ID: hqkomq2

So end game hulk then?

ID: hqmjv0k

Plus, and this was before Deadpool was a thing, she used to have 4th wall breaking powers and I would actually play Avengers if she had 4th wall breaking powers again.

Also, her powers weren't like Deadpool's where people wonder if he's insane, she learned her powers from a little old lady and they knew they were in a comic book.

ID: hqnbd43

On one hand she isn't as strong, but she does have boobs and a law degree

ID: hqkinjv

The same way Kate Bishop and Hawkeye are differently played.

ID: hql6878

I’m willing to bet they will base her basic animations and movesets off of Thor. Her fighting style is like a much more agile Hulk. Something similar to how Thor fights without Mjolnir in his hand.

ID: hqo3hz5

I hope there are some story missions to flesh out the character. We don't want the same gameplay as Hulk with a female skin.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/30 17:17 ID: hqkgd9x

With Ace Attorney court room sequences; that would be good.

ID: hql10ca

Imagine Daredevil in the game, I'm not certain he's an Avenger though

ID: hql2vf2

Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock taking down the Kingpin in a turn based legal strategy game!!

ID: hql6hid

He has been. Most big name heroes have been on the team at one point or another

ID: hqmi7gn

Everyone's an Avenger at some point

ID: hqm7rlb

He was in one of the later runs after civil war, so he counts

5 : Anonymous2021/12/30 23:04 ID: hqlxwm7

Can we please stop getting characters in Avengers who walk across the battlefield 🙁 give us a new flyer already

Spiderman was a step in the right direction

ID: hqm9ase

Or characters who are just spin offs of the original

ID: hqm68dz

I’m sure she can jump like Hulk

ID: hqmni3h

But hopefully they improve the super jumping in this game (for both She Hulk when she releases and retroactively Hulk). The current tiny bunny hops and difficulty reaching basic platforms really sucks. If anything they should be like pseudo fliers, rocketing from one point to another, soaring through the air but just no omnidirectional control or hovering like a true flier.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/30 17:52 ID: hqkm0sx

Probably to go with the She-Hulk TV Show coming up next year.

ID: hqljq94

I really want to see her and daredevil interact in a courtroom setting.

ID: hqlxj6r

That's probably when they'll introduce him into the MCU. I hope they keep the actor from the Netflix show.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/30 21:19 ID: hqli5rs

i just want a new Hulk Ultimate Destruction. It should be easy to make it rad.

ID: hqmhluy

the developer that originally made it and prototype shut down years ago so it would not be that easy

ID: hqmj5yl

it's not like it was a complex game. Just Hulk running around smashing shit. The people behind Arkham or Spiderman could do it no problem.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/30 18:11 ID: hqkozjv

Another team needs to be handling the marvel brand.

ID: hql0cn2

Well, Insomniac is doing a pretty good job with Spider-Man and I hope they also do it right with Wolverine in the future.

I've also heard good things about Guardians of the Galaxy.

ID: hql1yun

Guardians was fantastic. Combat is very ok, but the story was phenomenal.

ID: hqlltte


Super psyched for this. More than anything else I think.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/31 00:19 ID: hqm8sgq


10 : Anonymous2021/12/30 21:33 ID: hqlk6yp

How about Captain Marvel?

ID: hqmwwwj

According to the datamines, it's most likely She-Hulk, then Winter Soldier, and then Captain Marvel. So she should be this year at some point.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/30 18:07 ID: hqkod6p

Is this game good now or not worth checking out?

ID: hqlyanh

Paid $10 for it a few weeks ago and beat the game and enjoyed myself. Wouldn’t have paid much more than that. Kamala is really fun and I’m afraid they won’t be able to top this take and design of her, in the MCU.

ID: hql8qwx

It depends on your tolerance and what else is in your backlog. As someone who’s had the game since the beta, there are very few games I’d recommend you pick Avengers over.

The main campaign has some nice set pieces, but the combat is kind of dull there because you don’t have much of a chance to upgrade your characters. Afterwards, combat gets better but the content is repetitive, buggy garbage.

AFAIK, there’s currently a game breaking bug that occurs if you simply finish the campaign. On PS5, the rumble and active triggers are bugged to hell - sometimes you get constant rumble, sometimes the triggers are fully resistant for no apparent reason. You have to sit through multiple crashes and reloads to participate in some end game content and that’s only possible if you can actually find people to play with.

There are folks who still love the game but I don’t understand it. You have to put up with so much unnecessary buggy bullshit just to play this game over a year into its lifespan.

ID: hqmce05

Everything you say us correct and, I'd add that the microtransactions for character skins are absurdly high. Like price gouge levels for content that isn't even all that impressive.

ID: hqnqgyv

If you're fan of the characters, it's worth it just for the campaign content (the main story campaign + one for each new hero). Hawkeye's and Kate Bishop's are short and not good but the Wakanda campaign is surprisingly fun. They did a good job of making each character feel different to play as too. I'm not saying it's great but considering you can get this for less than $20 or even $10, it's worth playing.

But the game is never going to work on a fundamental level as far as multiplayer goes. It's a looter where the loot is deemphasized (you collect pieces of equipment that don't actually show on your character or anything so most of it you're never going to care about). The levels have to be designed in a way to be playable with all the characters regardless of their traversal abilities meaning all the maps are very generic with no memorable locations or unique scenarios. The missions all consist of boring objectives like defending a circle or killing all the enemies in an area and moving down a hallway to do it again. Once you've played a couple missions you've played them all.

I actually think a live service Avengers game could work really well, I'm not one of the people just mad about that. This one is just clearly a cash in that's not actually fun. I don't know of it's true or just a rumor, but it definitely feels like the devs were forced to turn it into a live service multiplayer game halfway through production. The single player missions focused on single characters are the highlight.

So if you're OK with a generic, passable at best game with admittedly good characters I'd recommend it. But it could've been so much more had they cared to put some thought into it. I treated it as a decent single player game with a tacked on multiplayer mode and I enjoyed my time with it.

ID: hqm6fpy

The hero design is the best part of the game. Super fun combat but trash content to use it on.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/30 20:14 ID: hql88pm

Chose to buy the game on PS5 over Series X because of Spider-Man, bought it like a year after release. Found out that even at that point, Spider-Man still hadn't been added to the game.

Figured I'd just play it anyway since I bought it. Beat the campaign, then traded it in.

It had some ok moments, but otherwise it was very meh.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/30 21:50 ID: hqlmv13

I prefer Wanda or Strange just to have a mystical type instead of another brawler who is just a second Hulk but hopefully theres enough difference like with Clint and Kate for me to enjoy.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/30 21:05 ID: hqlg0ut

Still can’t believe how bad they fucked this game up.. it’s so damn sad and it was so easy for them to have made it amazing but they had to force their bullshit in it cus they thought they’d get away with it based on the name.

What hurt the most is these people fucked up this game so bad that it’s like CDPR where I am not trusting anything else and when Guardians was announced and released I payed little to no attention to it, hell I groaned when they announced it as I figured they were doing the exact same thing as they did with Avengers but this time with Guardians and it was sad.

To my surprise GoTG was an Amazing Game! And incredibly fun and I missed out on it at first due to the horrible bs they pulled with Avengers.

Worst thing is these people do NOT care about this title, they’re not even trying to fix it it seems, their focused STILL on making more and more heroes for this mess of a game instead of planning a complete overhaul and pull this thing back from the dead.

Game had so much potential Imo and they dropped the ball with what you figured would be an easy sell given it was Avengers at the height of the MCU.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/30 17:11 ID: hqkfisx

I read Heroin Addiction lol

ID: hqmv5tz

Was looking for this

16 : Anonymous2021/12/30 17:46 ID: hqkl1ku

Please let this game die already.

ID: hql5g03

Reviews or success aside, a game exists & is being supported. Why does that bother you?

ID: hql78k3

I love marvel and want to play as their popular properties on my TV. I have zero interest in this game after seeing the dev and that’s bad for marvel fans if others feel the same and keep their money for other things. I love the guardians movies but I didn’t connect with the well reviewed game when better games like spider man exist and I could play that instead with my limited time

Resources are finite and when teams are dedicated to things like Avengers we miss out on other games that could be made in its place. I don’t hate on Avengers and it can exist but when that means we don’t get potentially better games being made our only option may very well be Avengers. Just ask Xbox users and see they’ll lyk real fast why this is a bad thing. If she hulk is good it will have to be double as good to make up for Avengers. GotG was so popular because the bar was low. Let’s see how she hulk does! Fingers crossed

ID: hql70x1

“Is being supported” is really loose. Last I checked there was a game breaking bug for finishing the campaign.

I’m not OP but it bothers me because I like the Avengers IP but this game is broken and they have not dedicated the resources to fix it. So long as it keeps limping along like this, it reduces the likelihood of an actual good AAA Avengers game.

ID: hqkr87d

I was wondering if people play this as well.

ID: hqkww9p

Tons on PlayStation do

17 : Anonymous2021/12/31 05:22 ID: hqnbm8d

Isn't this game dead?


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