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1 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:00 ID: ly9gx2

Hey! This is our weekly Cyberpunk Lore discussion megathread.

With free talk (aka memes) being allowed across the weekend, discussions about the world of Cyberpunk can often be drowned out by memes & media posts across the weekend, so we hope this thread can help keep them going without being lost!

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2 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:06 ID: gprf93f

I remember a tidbit from the game that Night City’s population plummeted by something insane like 25 or 30 percent in the span of just one year, how exactly did that happen? Is that outmigration, a result of the municipal government no longer counting residents of Pacifica, or some cataclysmic event that the game chooses to leave ambiguous?

ID: gq1868v

I think it's a result of the reclassification of Pacifica, for two reasons.

First, we know that there is massive in-migration to Night City based on the voiceover that occurs during post-lifepath mission montage (Stanley reports that 100 "new arrivals" show up in Night City every day), so I don't think it's outmigration. Also, the murder rate is around 10,000-20,000/year (also based on news reports, and allowing for under reporting), but a 29% drop would require something like 2,000,000 people to leave/die.

Second, I don't think it's a cataclysmic event, because no one comments on any such event in-game; but people in-game still comment on the unification war and the corpo wars. As a result, it seems like if there was a massive disastrous event in the alst 12 months, everyone would still be talking about it.

That leaves the "re-classification" of Pacifica as the best explanation, because it would presumably reduce the population by a substantial amount (Pacifica's abandoned buildings appear packed with squatters) and it's discussed in-game.

But...even allowing the above, it's hard to believe that truly 1/3rd of Night City lived in Pacifica, which still makes that explanation a little unsatisfying to me.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:27 ID: gprgnzu

How is the NUSA economy somehow the 24th largest in the world? I dig that large stretches of it are basically in total anarchy, but nowhere else is really presented as doing all that much better. The EEC totally shat the bed since 2020 (it’s so bad they have refugees fleeing en masse to the NUSA), Africa and Latin America don’t seem to be host to any of the major megacorps (which one would expect of big economies in this setting), and the NUSA even has the means to field the strongest/largest military on the planet even without Militech

So let’s say that Japan, Korea, China, Germany, and Australia all have larger economies than the NUSA, we’re still starting to run out of credible candidates for the 1-23 largest economies

ID: gpvk9mb

Africa is apparently doing pretty well, as a decent number of countries there are connected to the highriders that pretty much run all the stuff in near Earth orbit plus the moon.

"The (4th Corporate) War barely touched the rising new cities of Africa, who were well protected by the killsats and deltas of their Highrider relatives. Several cities in Africa count among the most futuristic and advanced habitations on the planet, with their star-scraping buildings shaped from Orbital titanium and open parks sweeping around the busy streets."

ID: gpshthm

Could mega corps by themselves count as economies? In the same way that Amazon has more buying/selling power than some small countries?

ID: gprjg8e

Well they don't really talk a lot about what's happened to the world due to global warming, but if things don't change with the direction we're going in I imagine a ton of people will have immigrated to nothern countries. More specifically, Canada and Russia. (They've got tons of fresh water and their northern provinces/territories will become much more tolerable as the world warms up)

I don't mean to get into politics, but if global warming got so bad that it screwed the world over half a dozen times on a level that everyone felt it I could see countries that large easily splitting up for a number of a reasons.

Greenland... which is owned by Denmark would be another country ripe for immigration.

ID: gq40nkx

Your inherent bias is showing in your “credible candidates” list.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:37 ID: gq04gh7

What was that symbol on the rubik's cube and what did it mean?

It look like one of Misty's tarot card symbols.

ID: gq2jv6f

It's "The Devil", one of the two tarots you can't find in the normal world (the other one being Judgement, at the other ending sequences, IIRC)

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:09 ID: gq26ozf

Is this game good?

ID: gq28ljq

Its ok for a beta.

ID: gq2c9zq

I think it will be...in early 2022.

ID: gq2shwy

They released an alpha honestly save your money.

ID: gq4mu2k

I wasn't sucked in immediately, but I've played it for about a week and I'm pretty immersed. Like I walk around IRL thinking about it. That being said, I'm also playing on a pretty solid gaming PC, on a console idk if you'll have as good an experience as I'm having

ID: gq2rob9

I think it’s fantastic, my favorite RPG since New Vegas, but the biggest problem is overhype so don’t listen to me

ID: gq3967e

It’s good game if you don’t have any expectications,it’s not as bad as they say or not good as some say.

ID: gq44xxs

I beat it pre January update on old gen consoles and really enjoyed it. Even though the game ran at maybe 25 fps at most and had some occasional pain-in-the-ass bugs.

Got back into it yesterday though and the graphics look so much worse & noticeably grainy, even with film grain turned off. Its a headache to look at. Wouldn’t recommend it now if you’re playing on last gen.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 04:46 ID: gq2fv1d

There's a gang war in some part of the Valentino's area that follows the story of that one gig where the guy had his girlfriend shot and strapped to a hotel bed.

They were getting revenge on 6th Street for that. Pretty damn neat.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:11 ID: gq5h1bp

What actual governing power does the mayor of night city have. Like what can he do that can't just be squashed and overwritten by the megacorps or gangs.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:00 ID: gpreuha

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9 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:27 ID: gq5pf4w

In the first Arasaka tower raid, Rogue says, “...this is about your groupie output, wasn’t it?” Did she mean to say input(referring to Alt) or did I miss something?

10 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:31 ID: gq743l7

I’ve just passed the part where Arasaka murders his father and my question is: isnt it a plot hole that someone as powerful as Arasaka Sr wouldn’t have all kinds of cybernetic enhancements to protect himself from assassination attempts? Is this ever addressed?

ID: gq78cvf

I don't think that's a plot hole. Why would he install such things if he has loyal guards that protect him? He has lived for decades before cyberware even existed and avoided assassination the entire time. Heck, he fought in WW2, IIRC.

However... it is addressed. If you picked the "right" ending.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/08 12:16 ID: gq7ayvh

So is the game good yet?


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