GAME to drop tomorrow – for those that want a PS5!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/10 12:56 ID: m1wvim
2 : Anonymous2021/03/10 14:05 ID: gqg2ks9

I say this as someone who has managed to source both consoles, so no salt - it is a complete disgrace that nearly four months later people are still having to jump through hoops to get these things. Sony & MS should’ve put far more protection in place to eliminate scalpers - one system per Gold / PS Plus subscriber for the first 12 months or something, I know that’s not ideal but it would be better than what is happening now. It should not have gotten as far as the government looking to get involved.

ID: gqgadr6

It’s just a bad time. Shortages on semiconductors, more gamers than ever who have been forced to stay home and what better way to pass the time then a great game, all kinds of conditions contribute to make and getting a consul right now very hard. Even last generation consoles are holding on to their prices due to the situation right now. And that is tech from 2012 that to be quite honest is garbage especially the Jaguar CPU.

Scalpers are the worst of the worst but if people never bought from them they wouldn’t do it. So I think you can blame both the scalpers and The people who spend $1000 on a 399 machine. I know there has to be a bunch of people who spent that and after a few weeks have definitely felt buyers remorse.

ID: gqgfjgw

Scalpers are a small part of it but not big enough to make any big difference. It’s the pandemic and chip shortages that’s causing all this.

ID: gqg578u

Sony and MS have no power over how a retail chain handles their store fronts and can do nothing about it. You should be moaning at the retail stores.

ID: gqg9l64

I put the effort in to get a PS5, but I’m not doing it again to get an Xbox. I can absolutely wait for that console and I’m not dedicating more time to getting one. When it’s easy to get, I’ll get it. PS5 is plenty for me right now.

ID: gqgbdfu

And how are they supposed to actually enforce that? Retailers would tell them to fuck off and scalpers are never going to sign in to the console so there's no way to make sure they're not buying multiple consoles. The only possible way would be for Sony/MS to only sell from their own stores and make everyone link their shipping address to their live/psn account and not allow them to change it. The fact is the manufacturers really can't do anything at all about scalping outside of their own stores.

The government also isn't involved because people are scalping and supply for regular consumers is low. The government is involved because the chip shortage is effecting a lot of industries. It doesn't have anything at all to do with the consoles specifically or people scalping.

ID: gqggyva

Scalpers are not the reason why there is a shortage

ID: gqgsmkq

You don't know how retail works do you?

What, you think manufacturers can somehow force large retail stores to check if someone has a fucking Sony/MS account? Wtf kinda logic is this.

Everyone's making money out the ass. They're not obligated to do shit.

ID: gqg53qj

It's been discraceful I totally agree. Do you think Sony or Microsoft care? I certainly don't. To them their consoles are selling out and they're breaking "Record sales".

ID: gqgbcwu

Even simple stuff like clear communication on times for when retailers were selling. In the UK in the Novemver release some were like no way are we selling before 9 a.m. and then of course what happens they release/ accidentally release some in the middle of the night.

I got mine in mid October by going on hotukdeals happening to see someones comment that if you can find the link to the Ps5 bundle on game (only get to via google not via their website) then refresh for like an hour you might get lucky for one as they seemed to be releasing ones we can only guess were those who didnt take up their preorders from the initial wave. Half an hour or so of f5 i got one and that worked for a couple of weeks for people. Lucky i did, i was like oh well buy the games get one in store in Nov, fat chance if i hadnt gotten one when i did.

ID: gqgcuag

I won a random draw at a retailer for a chance to BUY the ps5. Crazy times we are living

3 : Anonymous2021/03/10 16:01 ID: gqghviw

I’ve genuinely given up on trying to get one, I just can’t get my hands on one and I can’t be bothered anymore

ID: gqh5x9y

Honestly man you’re not missing much, seriously. Not many new games out but it’s nice to continue PS4 games with higher FPS and more graphical detail for now on PS5

4 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:28 ID: gqgd5yu

I live in small town on Oregon coast, and the local Fred Meyers sold me a ps5 last Saturday.... walked in , asked if truck was unloaded, the was informed " a lot" when I asked if they recieved any PS5s.

I feel extremely lucky, but according to sales peeps , they recieve about 8 a month. I live in a town of 5800.

ID: gqhgby7

Basically same story here. I got very lucky and called a gamestop in time to be first in line if I camped out. They got 8

5 : Anonymous2021/03/10 17:48 ID: gqgyvv7

I simply pre ordered my PS5 (ARGOS) when the second wave went up and got it no issues, absolutely amazing machine and definitely worth the wait for the folks that can’t grab one yet.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/10 13:02 ID: gqfw1sh

currys are also doing a new system where you can sign up for a chance to pick up a console in store, and there could be a currys drop any time soon.

ID: gqg8u4f

Just signed up for this, thanks for the heads up

7 : Anonymous2021/03/10 14:30 ID: gqg5k6p


ID: gqh3i2j

Well yeh, this is for UK users. EU countries get their own stock allocations.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/10 17:32 ID: gqgvy19

Hopefully I can snag one this time as I got some birthday money for a PS5. Rumoured around 9:40am to be dropping and it has a queueing system. Several bundles on offer.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:29 ID: gqh5leg

Good luck to all those who will try!

I know how bloody difficult it is and only managed to get one thanks to pure dumb luck... And Amazon.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:51 ID: gqh91sn

I had almost given up hope of getting a PS5 but managed to get one through the Very drop a month ago. Kept on refreshing for about 30mins before it showed one bundle in stock. Had to go between the app and website a few times for it to accept my card details. But don’t give up hope, you will get one eventually.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/10 21:18 ID: gqhtsod

I have manages to get both console , but neither where are thought I would ie amazon/best buy etc. Walked into my pharmacy to pick up a prescription and decided to ask if they have/would be getting any PS5 as they have a small electronics department and sure enough they had 2 PS5's. The series X was when I checked with a small electronics store on release day and of course they had zero, but offered to put me on a call list and 2 days later they called.....weird how things play out. Just grateful to have found them both.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/10 21:23 ID: gqhufsy

Managed to get one from GAME a few weeks ago for my friend. Last 2 GAME drops were at 0945 but got to be setup before that. Having MSTVs Twitter open and having their livestream open on YT made it really easy. Was setup to click on a bundle at the right time and was in a queue for ten minutes. Only thing was they only sell bundles and it’s £20 to get a few days delivery instead of 2-3 weeks.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/10 13:46 ID: gqg0hmi

Sorry gonna pass on this. Don't want some crap t shirt and sports direct Mug

14 : Anonymous2021/03/10 14:25 ID: gqg4wes


ID: gqg5042

Got a link?

15 : Anonymous2021/03/10 14:28 ID: gqg5cgr


ID: gqgg751

You mean a small amount are having issues just like with anything being mass produced

16 : Anonymous2021/03/10 12:58 ID: gqfvmdt

I guess that means other suppliers will do the same? Worth a check because game is a nightmare to deal with

ID: gqfwhx0

I did receive my PS5 a few days late from GAME during the original release. Actually getting any information from them was impossible though. My PS5 wasn't even updated as dispatched on my account until a week after I recieved it, so it just turned up out of the blue.

Still better than shopto who currently have a phone number they ask you to call in emails that actually isn't in use. Helpful information in the same email saying that they won't respond to you for 10 days after your item was supposed to have been delivered, so you just have no clue what's going on, and can't cancel your order. Also, if you have to return anything, you have to pay for postage, and then they deduct 10% of the cost of the item. Seriously bad customer experience.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/10 14:33 ID: gqg5x22

I can only give my input on how I managed to get one. First off- it’s bullshit what we all have to go through just to have the opportunity to pay several hundred dollars for a console. In my experience, Amazon and Walmart were nearly impossible to snag. Tried and tried on multiple drops with absolutely no luck. I scored through Best Buy. They have a decent system where the add to cart button will grey out as they release more consoles and when it turns yellow, boom. I hope this helps someone. I got incredible frustrated trying to find a console and spent weeks trying.

ID: gqg7m44

Agree. I got mine on Friday from Best Buy. 3 hours after the first alerts went off. Once I got in my cart I had time to finish the transaction. Picked it up yesterday.

Then I got 2 from Target yesterday(for my Nephew and a friend-so nobody thinks I’m scalping).

Matter of fact my discord alerts just went off for more stock... bundles at antonline.

It’s getting significantly easier with stock catching up. Soon scalpers will lose their ability to sell at insane profit.

ID: gqgk1ra

Interestingly I scored on both Amazon and Walmart but couldn’t get a win from Best Buy no matter how hard I tried. “That store is no longer available for pickup. Please choose a different location”


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