Traveling with PS5

1 : Anonymous2021/03/09 17:45 ID: m1buxv

Hello all, I am picking up my PS5 on Friday (FINALLY got lucky on the restocks lol!), but as I'm moving from Texas to Massachusetts in the Summer, I had a question about traveling.

So obviously, I don't want to put my console in the check-in baggage, they treat your luggage so poorly. My questions are:

1: With the liquid metal stuff, has anybody had any issues putting the PS5 in those trays and going through the X-Ray machine?


2: To my knowledge, with TSA precheck, you don't remove anything, you just walk on through, so is this the same with the PS5 (can I just walk through with the PS5 in my bag if I have precheck)?


2 : Anonymous2021/03/09 17:53 ID: gqcqpku

welcome to massachusetts my dude! we’re glad to have you

ID: gqcqszb

Thank you, I'm super excited!

3 : Anonymous2021/03/09 17:47 ID: gqcpvqd

If you’re that paranoid about your game console, you should just ship it there yourself.

ID: gqcq1xg

I honestly don't trust shipping it, I've just seen these boxes handled so poorly. I'd prefer keeping it with me knowing that I won't toss it around and it won't be moving so much lol.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/09 18:19 ID: gqcualp

I’ve flown with my PS4 in hand luggage multiple times, sometimes with my PSVR too. With covid I haven’t flown with my PS5. Considering these things are air freighted all over the world, I wouldn’t think there would be any issues dude. They’ve most likely been through multiple scans before it even got to you.
I’ve also been carting my PS5 about in a backpack and it’s heavy, but haven’t had any issues at all

ID: gqcug9w

Thank you for the actual response, I really appreciate it and that makes sense. My only concern was the liquid metal stuff that I'd read about elsewhere, otherwise I wouldn't have made the post at all haha.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/09 18:21 ID: gqcui2y

I put my laptop in my checked bag ONE time in 20 years of flying, and they broke it.

I can't imagine there would be enough liquid metal to cause any issues. No idea about pre-check.

ID: gqcuube

Absolute trash the way they handle checked baggage. I will never put anything valuable in those if I can help it. My reasons for asking were the liquid metal (so thank you for answering that) and my natural caution with security because I've had family members and friends stopped for absolutely no reason and getting profiled and stuff. Thanks again.

ID: gqf6yun

Wait, aren't you not supposed to check a laptop because of the battery? Or is that just on international flights?

6 : Anonymous2021/03/09 19:01 ID: gqczhjc

Don't worry about it. Worst thing they do is they ask you to take it out of the bag.

ID: gqd76p6

Perfect, thanks

7 : Anonymous2021/03/09 18:52 ID: gqcycd8

My dad flew from the US to my country with my PS5 on carry on, TSA precheck helped and they just asked him what it was, he told them it was a PS5 and they were just surprised, some of them had never seen one so they had a laugh, no issues

ID: gqcyk4m

This is PERFECT, thank you so much

8 : Anonymous2021/03/09 18:59 ID: gqcz9pk

Welcome to MA; as an illinois transplant the winters are not that bad. 🙂

I would ship it. If you trust a friend keep it in factory box; wrap it in bubble wrap and then ship it.

ID: gqd765s

Haha thank you! Texas winters (outside of this past month) don't really hold a candle to Mass winters, so it'll take some getting used to lol. Thank you for the advice though! I know a few people up there, so I'm still considering shipping, but people responding have had positive experiences with carry-ons so I'm still leaning towards that. Appreciate your input.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/09 22:46 ID: gqdtgrf

Have you looked into something like these?

10 : Anonymous2021/03/09 19:52 ID: gqd6a4d

I have flown with my PS5 in my carry-on about four times now. No problems whatsoever! The only annoying thing is having to take it out of your bag to send through the x-ray machine, but that's the only inconvenience. Everyone in security was just amazed at how big it was and actually seeing one in person since they are in such high demand.

ID: gqd78b9

Oh sweet, that's great to hear. Thanks!

11 : Anonymous2021/03/10 16:22 ID: gqgl7sw

Just pack it nicely in a box and ship it to your new address, it'll cost like $50. You could even insure it if you're really scared about it

ID: gqgm12z

Target packed mine like it was a plastic trash can. Works fine. Mostly those monkeys bash up corners so make sure you have an inch at least of padding and you're fine.


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