Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition: Xbox Series X/PS5 analysis by Digital Foundry

1 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:02 ID: m494pq
Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition: Xbox Series X/PS5 analysis by Digital Foundry
2 : Anonymous2021/03/13 17:24 ID: gqtdhg4
3 : Anonymous2021/03/13 17:59 ID: gqthipn

Is this game any good?

ID: gqu06bx

Its half the price of dark souls and half the content.

ID: gqwb77c

Is the content half as good or equally as good?

ID: gqv7kvh

I had never really gotten into Souls Games but was intrigued by the reviews I saw of this describing it as a shorter game.

The whole concept of the games finally clicked with me and I finished this game feeling great. I immediately downloaded bloodborne and had an even better time with that. Moving onto Sekiro next.

More than anything I think Mortal Shell can be a great intro into to soulslikes if you’re finding them intimidating.

ID: gqu0c7r

Shorter but priced well, and one of the better soulslikes out there

Also very repayable ajd atmospheric

ID: gqvhb9l

With the ps5 update and if you like souls games, absolutely

ID: gqti77w

I started playing it a few days ago. It's great as far as I'm concerned. It plays and looks extremely similar to Demons Souls, which I'm a big fan of.

ID: gqtnpoe

Cool to know, looks very interesting tbh.

ID: gqucojz

Demons Souls had a serious balancing issue though, mainly with magic. Does this game have similar problems, ie: I won’t to have artificially gimp my character to have fun by not using stuff to make the game challenging?

ID: gqvznzs

It plays nothing like DeS

ID: gqw7gmn

It's a bit janky, and enemy placement can be pretty horrible sometimes, but for it's price it's fun if you like Soulslike games.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/13 17:05 ID: gqtbdr5

Alex's power supply blew up? That shit can happen?

ID: gqtuutl

Definitely. I've cheaped out on a power supply before and while it didn't have immediate problems, a few years down the line it literally spewed sparks and fire into my case and tripped a circuit breaker in my house.

Don't cheap out on power supplies.

ID: gqurihk

He had a very expensive PSU iirc. Like a 1000w platinum model.

ID: gqtze53


ID: gqw7lu3

Yeah, it's entirely possible for PSUs to blow up, even without your or the PSU's fault.

ID: gqwes5j

yes I cheaped out on my PSU and it fried itself midgame. Put me off gaming for a while.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:52 ID: gqt9tw4

Why even say 4K/60 in marketing if neither console actually hits 4K? Just say 60fps

ID: gqtmi9c

I honestly hate this new trend of marketing in next gen games. Most if not all of them market a “4k60” performance but usually have to downgrade to 1200p or 1800p to maintain that frame rate. I can only name I couple games on one hand that do full 4k60 with no dynamic resolution

ID: gqvwjk2

I think we can probably blame Sony for this. PS4 Pro was marketed as a 4k machine, and many upgrades games got had '4k modes', which just means it was meant for 4k TV owners and would have 4k output, but said little for actual rendering resolution.

ID: gqtmwpm

Yeah it’d be great if they could be more specific with their phrasing. Like how 4A said the Metro Exodus next-gen version is gonna be a dynamic 4K at 60 on both consoles

ID: gqv060a

People need to start accepting that internal resolution don't mean much anymore in the age of temporal reconstruction. Ultimately the engine combines data from several frames in order to enhance the image quality and produce a 4K image. This processing isn't free and saying the game is "running at 1800p" is just as misleading as saying it is "running at 4K", the game looks way better than a native 1800p image.

The game is producing a 4K image using reconstructive techniques from multiple sub-4K images. It's perfectly acceptable to say it is producing a 4k60 feed.

note: I'm saying 1800p because that's what the XSX runs and that's presumably what the PS5 will run once the resolution patch is out

ID: gquhq1p

This kind of false advertising is pretty frustrating. At best the game runs at 1800p. This is a bad trend. Why not make a game that’s 1080p and just say it’s 4K? The way things are going you can call any res 4K.

ID: gqv0fsu

Let's say you play a game on PC with an nVidia GPU and use DLSS to upscale a 1080p internal resolution to 4K. The end results looks almost as good if not occasionally better than a native 4K game. Is it accurate to say that game runs at 1080p?

ID: gqxz8sj

Because casual customers dont care and no one is gonna sue them for "lying".

The console outputs on 4k displays so technically is 4k/60. Its corporate bullshit.

ID: gquhzno

saying 4K is super misleading... honestly I wish they'd have adopted "UHD" as the term which would allow more flexibility.

ID: gquqkfm

Funny thing UHD isn’t just a blanket term, it is the specific resolution of “4k” TVs - 3840 x 2160. 4K TVs themselves aren’t even 4K which = 4,096 lines of horizontal resolution. They’re UHD. So even the TVs are lying.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/13 21:03 ID: gqu2iio

How have I never heard of this game as a Soulsborne fan? lol. Anyway I just checked Amazon to buy it and saw that it comes out late April and was like WTF but didn't realize the upgrade is FREE if you buy the last gen versions and it's ready now so I checked Best Buy and saw it's on sale for $20 for Series X so I'll grab that. If I like it enough I'll shell out for the PS5 Physical version (no pun intended).

ID: gqw32j9

You put the pun in italics. Seems pretty intended to me...

ID: gqwamfl

haha god i can't stand stupid people

7 : Anonymous2021/03/14 02:09 ID: gquydny

PS4 saves do not transfer to Enhanced on PS5 per the FAQ.

Update: It was in my library when I checked just now as I had previously purchased on PS4. I assume it available on PSN store. I had PS4 version installed and installed along with for PS5. Deleted old.

So my PS4 saves did not transfer as per the FAQ. Game plays a bit inconsistent. Every once in a while my character turning or doing little things seems super sped up. Feels mostly just like it did on PS4 Pro.

It's a good game for those who have played through Demon's Souls and the 3 Dark Souls and like the darker, more mysterious vibe of those games vs. say other games that might be described as Souls Like. It actually feels very Souls like but with some unique mechanics.

It's a very solid game for Souls fans, but level design is not that interesting to me and enemy placement is very haphazard. The combat is good, but once you get it down and are any good, you basically become OP. Killed first 2 bosses without dying is example.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:22 ID: gqutodg

It's dark souls from wish

9 : Anonymous2021/03/14 02:19 ID: gquzcb7

Not a fan of the DF videos where one host has the info and bounces it off the second guy who's discovering all of the data (or at least acts like it). Makes for very amateurish presentation and very transparent transitions. "Oh so that's what the PS5 does, well let me ask you my friend then how does the XSX handle it?". It feels very forced and unnatural

Also once again DF is kinda asking for backlash. If you know that there's a resolution upgrade going through QA for PS5, then delay the damn video until the patch is out. This is a small game, they're most likely not going to cover it twice. As it stands this video is going to be outdated in a matter of days and DF will have to deal with rabid PS5/XSX fanboys quibbling over pixel counts for zero reason.

ID: gqv4xiq

hmm just watched the video and yeah.. wtf.. why not wait for the patch if you know they are working on it and it will probably fix the resolution on the ps5.

ID: gqv5zaz

they care more about click bait video views. then anything else. multi poster on there on site have called them out for it and at times bad research and they delete said comments ever time.

ID: gqvwls3

and DF will have to deal with rabid PS5/XSX fanboys quibbling over pixel counts for zero reason.

They covered the game as it exists at launch, which is entirely fair. Not their fault if platform warriors are gonna get upset over it cuz it doesn't make their console look better.

ID: gqw1180

Is it your fault if you get mugged? Absolutely not. Was it a good idea to walk around town fanning yourself with $100 bills shouting "I sure hope no one mugs me tonight!"? Also no. Just because something isn't your fault, doesn't mean you can't take steps in order to make it less likely to happen.

DF guys keep complaining on twitter about the fanboy backlash to their videos, yet they seem to keep willingly putting themselves in a position to receive such backlash. There's this video here, there's the increasing frequency with which they make bold claims about relative performance between hardware, like when they used a one second frame drop in Hitman 3 to extrapolate console performance relative to PC hardware. And sure, they did say in the video that this is just a one second framedrop and the results should be taken lightly, but if that's the case why make the extrapolation in the first place?

I don't think covering a game as it exists at launch is fair when they have insider knowledge that a patch is coming soon to increase the PS5's resolution. I wouldn't have any problem if they didn't know about it, but they literally said in the video that the patch is going through QA. So they know that their analysis is going to be outdated in a matter of days. And they also know that such a resolution difference will trigger fanboy backlash. So why post the video? Why not wait?

ID: gqvhoq2

Especially when they claim to be sooo busy. This video especially could wait.

ID: gqvwqs3

Delaying wouldn't mean less work, it would just mean putting off the work to do later, where they probably already have other stuff scheduled to work on.

ID: gqw7rbh

DF will have to deal with rabid PS5/XSX fanboys quibbling over pixel counts for zero reason.

They have to deal with that regardless of what they do or say.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:25 ID: gqw2nzl

A lower resolution again. Frustrating. Good to see a patch is coming. Hopefully it doesn’t reduce fps. Any news on when we are getting VRR, it seems ages since the last announcement.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:03 ID: gqw51ca

If i buy ps4 version of this game can i upgrade ps5 version ? If I haven't bought the ps4 version before do i need to buy ps5 version anymore ?

ID: gqwahwl

Free upgrade for PS4 version

ID: gqy8l2v

There is no difference enchanced edition between standard version. Is it true ?

12 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:20 ID: gqutdz8


13 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:33 ID: gqt7ng4

Seems like ps5's very weak gpu is starting to age very poorly and XSX's GDK and tools have finally matured. Welp, there goes ps5's any advantage.

ID: gqt9k4m

1800p patch coming. It was one area where frames drop 10+ looks like a bug.

But keep fear mongering.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/13 20:01 ID: gqtvhnu

We certainly are chill. Enjoy your games!

16 : Anonymous2021/03/13 20:50 ID: gqu0zwm


17 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:17 ID: gqt5ve5

DF lost all the credibility after Immortal fenix analisis. GL watching that show.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/13 17:17 ID: gqtcram

You're actually delusional over a small error lol

19 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:33 ID: gqt7n27

Fuck outta here, df is top notch.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:59 ID: gqtanp6

Legit, Digital Foundry is one of the best gaming channels, period. They put so much effort into what they do, and they always know what they're talking about.

People really trying to discredit them because of one god damn editing mistake...

21 : Anonymous2021/03/13 20:56 ID: gqu1p0t

They are great but god damn are some videos way too long.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:30 ID: gqw2xz9

The guy above is delusional but let's not put DF on a pedestal either, they're not perfect. I think NX Gamer is more competent overall but he can't match DF's output so DF is often the best way to know how a game is running

23 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:19 ID: gqt64dv

I’ve not heard of that. What happened?

24 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:33 ID: gqt7o6z

Yeah, don't bother with it. Just a simple editing mistake, which they clarified in the comments. VG Tech has a video on it aswell and paints the exact same picture as DF.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:29 ID: gqt79up

They made a simple editing mistake and people are using that to discredit everything they’ve ever done because they’re salty

26 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:37 ID: gqt834y

Go to the video and read comments by yourself.

Btw downvote me all you want, the truth hit harder than angry downvote lmao.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/13 18:22 ID: gqtk6h1


28 : Anonymous2021/03/13 16:34 ID: gqt7tll



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