Only capture selected trophy videos

1 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:08 ID: m4tbbi

It would be very good, if we could select for example, to only capture gold and platinum trophies. Because it takes up so much storage, when it captures every single trophy. But I don't want to turn this feature off completely. Anyone aggrees with me?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:47 ID: gqw40im

First feature I disabled on the console. So incredibly annoying.

ID: gqwjdb5

If it uploaded to the cloud rather than taking up space on my precious SSD, I might have left it on.

But no. Even screenshots are apparently too much for Sony‘s cloud to handle.

ID: gqy5pg7

Cloud storage is expensive. The sheer amount of storage that would need to be in place for such a task, millions of gamers' screenshots and videos at 1080p-4K HDR, we're talking petabytes.

That's the kind of infrastructure a company like Microsoft, Google, Apple or Amazon are prepared to do. In fact that's why Microsoft are able to do this via OneDrive.

So whilst it is a feature I think many would enjoy, including myself, I can appreciate why it isn't a thing. They'd have to charge for it and having an infrastructure that big for screenshots and videos isn't financially prudent if you don't also have another service that could tap into that resource which is paid for.

Now, an alternative would be to partner with MS, Google, Amazon or another cloud storage provider like Mega, Dropbox, Box, etc to allow this.

But again there's still a cost involved in this. I don't forsee Sony doing this.

The best alternative would be to allow easy transfer of the files to our phones/other external devices, wirelessly.

ID: gqw56y7

Yep same here, I dont have any need for 15 second videos of me getting trophies, the trophies are linked to my account if I want proof of them. I don't understand the need for a screen shot and a video, to do what with, share on social media or something, I dont have to prove an gather an show of my trophy hunting skills to anyone.

There's a lot more useful things that could have been implemented in to the ps5 UI rather then trophy videos in my opinion

ID: gqw8pxm

It’s not just for sharing, it’s also for remembering for your own enjoyment. It’s not different than taking a picture or video in real life, it allows you to relive those moments.

I turn off the auto-record trophy feature as well, but mainly because 80%+ trophies are nothing special. But I have a bunch of videos I’ve recorded of a moment in a game and it’s not for anyone else but me to look back on and remembering downing a big boss, or scoring a last second goal.

ID: gqy30fv

Kept it on for a while but realized I didn’t care for it. Deleted all the screenshots after disabling without looking at any.

I don’t think even capturing based on a trophy rarity filter would be good because you just sometimes get stuck on a bronze trophy.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:24 ID: gqw2m0o

I turn it back on before i get the platinum, its usually quite easy to know when youre gonna pop it so i thought rather than delete every trophy screenshot id just do that, but hell yeah i love that idea, platinum is the only one i want to capture anyway

ID: gqw2w2n

Yea that's what I wanted to say

4 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:41 ID: gqw3nas

I have video trophy capture turned off and just turn it on for platinums. And even then it's not ideal since you will be left with one video for each trophy so you will be forced to manually select which to keep. When I platinumed Maneater I had 4 trophies pop and had to delete three videos. And I know I'll end up forgetting to turn it on someday and be pissed at myself for missing the video.

I agree with you, this should be a feature.

ID: gqw3pos

Thank you

5 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:24 ID: gqw2lk3

Just delete the trophy captures you don't want to keep.

ID: gqw2ydb

Yea I just deleted 15GB of clips from the last month, it took a while, and it was annoying.. And I don't think this feature is hard to implement

ID: gqw954d

Yowzers that’s a lot of clips. And I agree with you, deleting them is a chore because it’s not that well designed for deleting some, but not all, videos quickly.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:27 ID: gqw2rmm

I think you're the minority group.

Just delete the clips you don't want.

ID: gqw4e2c

Far easier to keep the couple trophy vids you'd want, than to delete all the trophy vids you don't want.

Having options is never a bad thing.

ID: gqw2uy8

It's pretty annoying


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