What are the top 5 things you like and dislike about PlayStation?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/14 21:12 ID: m54e1o

I think it's healthy to sometimes take a step back and make a pros and cons list for your favorite things (equally, it would probably be healthy to make a pros and cons list for your least favorite things). I don't want to inject my opinion into this post too much, I'm just interested in seeing other people's opinions on this topic. Structure your lists however you like, just try to come up with at least 5 likes and 5 dislikes that you have toward PlayStation. I'm interested in seeing opinions from every type of player; fanatics, critics and everyone in between. Hope y'all have fun doing this if you participate, looking forward to your responses.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/14 22:59 ID: gqyf1dj


Best exclusives of any console. Controller doesn't require batteries. Monthly games are a pretty good perk.


Xbox has better online/social capabilities. GamePass offers way more choice/variety than monthly games. Xbox has better backward compatibility. Xbox is expected to have more exclusives this generation, e.g. Microsoft buying Bethesda.

My solution is to own both a PS4 and Xbox Series S currently. My time is divided between PS4 exclusives and GamePass titles on Xbox. Later on, when the PS5 has more games behind it, I will give away the PS4 and buy a PS5.

ID: gqygoy3

Pretty much how I game access both consoles.

Can’t agree on the battery part though personally, when my ds4 is low or dies I have to stop gaming. With Xbox I just throw in some AA batteries and charge the power pack later or in another controller.

ID: gqyijgu

When your battery dies you just stop playing? I just plug mine in.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/14 23:38 ID: gqyj917

Biggest Complaint.

The last update (8.03) will not install on your console if the disc drive/connecto

is broken. No update = no online use. It used to work before just for downloaded games and youtube and netflix.

ID: gqykc07

Didn't know that. Any other likes/dislikes?

4 : Anonymous2021/03/14 21:50 ID: gqy6azy

No particular order:

Slow loading menus, apps etc

Shit PS Store

Terrible refund policy for digital purchase

Controller drift

Doing nothing to combat scalpers

ID: gqy89dp

Any likes/pros?

ID: gqye16s

Great exclusives. Quite frankly, i don't care which console i get as long as they have good games that i prefer and playstation by far outstrips xbox in this regard.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/14 21:30 ID: gqy3j3t

Pro: + Exclusives + Plug&Play (with exceptions, of course) + Innovation (VR) + Variety of games /Library (Indie to TripleA) + Controller & durability (all of them, as least for me)

Cons: - I still have no PS5 (dammit!!) - release /allow unfinished games (XIII, Blacksad,...) - PSN Store sucks. (till this day, I don't understand, how a digital game can cost more than the retail version. The store ist awful programmed, as well) - (almost) no backwards compatibility (till now) - my (standard) ps4 fan

Here you go =)

ID: gqy437x

What do you mean by Plug&Play?

ID: gqy5mbe

For a lot of games, I can pop in the Bluray and start playing. Or maybe after a installation. Sure, there are updates and stuff. But as far as I experienced, all my games always worked. Can't say that for my PC playing career...

The 'day-one-patch' und update stuff is a curse of our time, if you ask me. But this applies to all systems.

ID: gqy6brv

Plug and play maybe the switch... I can't play anything on my ps4 due to the massive downloads that all games require =/

6 : Anonymous2021/03/14 21:19 ID: gqy1pfn

Likes: 1. The games 2. The controller 3. The UI 4. Dynamic themes 5. Look the of consoles themselves Dislikes: 1. The change to parties 2. The communities being gone 3. No mod support 4. Sony's bullshit 5. How fragile the HDMI ports are on the ps4.

ID: gqy3x3x

Can you elaborate on 2, and 9? What specifically do you like about the controller and what did you mean by Sony's BS?

ID: gqy9ncz

I like how the controller specifically the ps4 controller doesn't feel so big in my hand. I don't have small hands but controllers like the XBOX one felt to big and bulky. Sony's bullshit is them not adding mod support not listening to people and being lazy.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/14 23:56 ID: gqyl7jt


Best games

Easier UI (as of now)

Great trophy system

Ease of use and comfortability

Great themes/avatars


Removing communities and butchering the party system and other great features

Lack of feedback support and bad customer service (some were nice)

Restricted ass refund policies

8.0 update

Mandatory pay to play online and cloud storage

Error crashes and random shut downs

No wishlist features

No via backwards compatibility

Jet engine.

Honestly there were supposed to be more pros than cons, but ever since the 8.0 update and the direction that Sony is going by not listening to us and killing the ps4 slowly, i’ve started to look at Sony much more differently than before.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/14 22:07 ID: gqy8l01


No free cloud saves.

How easily the consoles can corrupt after power cuts or hard crash’s, mix this with no free cloud saves and it makes for a shitty time.

Lack of diversity in game genres, way too many 3rd person action adventure games and no strong online exclusives.

The connections on controllers are not the best if you are playing wired, this is fixed on the Duel Sense but I would still like to have removable batteries.

Game streaming was an awful experience (haven’t tried in over a year so maybe it’s better)


Share button and capture facility

Being able to play games while still installing

The DS4 is perfect for fighting games and side scrollers due to its Dpad placement and low profile buttons.

Being able to play F2P games without an active subscription

ID: gqya7us

You can put your saves on a usb stick at least. Nintendo can't be fucked to do even that.

ID: gqyas6o

Nintendo couldn’t even transfer my digital library over to another Wii U let alone Wii U to Switch.

I eventually started using USB sticks for back ups, I don’t like Doing it but I can’t complain too much as the option is there for me.

Bit pissed about having to buy PS+ to transfer my saves to a future PS5 but it’s not the end of the world.

ID: gqy8u18

Do you have a 5th like?

ID: gqy9ntb

Yes my phone was lagging and I needed to post before I lost it.

It’s not related specifically to PS4 but the years and years of joy I have had gaming on PlayStation. I’ll never forget the first time I got my PS1 and how advanced it was.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/14 21:18 ID: gqy1mgn

no halo

paying to play online

the ps communities on ps4 getting shut down soon

not being able to download all the games i had on my ps3 on my ps4

no stat keeping like on steam. (god i wish i knew how many hours i had on street fighter v)

ID: gqy5ayn

5th is possible with ps5. You can see all ps4 and ps5 games you played. It is not really good though some of my games say less than an hour but I got %100 trophies. I can check yours if you want

ID: gqy5mal

wwoahhh! how do u check? my username is "HairyGoo"

ID: gqy3qqw

Any likes/pros?

ID: gqy4zwj

the fighting games


easy af to upgrade the hd




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