[Forspoken] [Video] The method of traversal looks so good

1 : Anonymous2021/03/20 20:07 ID: m9f1tb
[Forspoken] [Video] The method of traversal looks so good
2 : Anonymous2021/03/20 21:59 ID: grmw68b

The traversal is cool and all but the world looks RIDICULOUSLY massive and open. I wonder how they’re going to populate it so that it doesn’t feel empty and lifeless. Makes you wonder how far they’re in development if it’s expected to release next year

ID: grn4r34

It is from the same studio that made FFXV, so hopefully they'll have learnt from that and make the world feel less empty this time.

ID: grnexfm

The issue with 15 is that the game was under development with namora then during development they were having issues developing their engine. They ended up taking almost everyone off of his team and put them on other projects. they did the same with Nomura. They then restarted the game with a different director who ended up quitting the studio due to the long hours and 15 had issues as a result of square trying to do too many things at the same time.

They had announced multiple games none of which were in development that year and didn't actually start development for several years as well as had to rebuild a MMORPG and they still had to build their engine. If you go back and look at some of the earlier prototypes for what was being built by the 15 team under Nomura they had some pretty incredible stuff they were working on. I don't think the quality of the team is an issue it was a leadership issue from the head of the company. The company is well over all those issues now and are clearly in a much better state considering they've openly talked about what went wrong in the past.

They no longer want to announce games and have people wait a decade they want to announce products closer to release and they now have an engine that works they built a separate studio just for it instead of trying to incorporate an engine that is unfinished into five different projects. Square went through a really turbulent time and it all resulted and them not having their white, black or luminous engines finished. Luminous engine is done and it doesn't seem like they're having issues anymore.

ID: grnjckh

I doubt it.

ID: grnd30i

The size/density ratio gets complicated by traversal mechanics. In a game where you can only walk, the world would be quite small and dense. In a game with steeds, the world can be slightly larger and less dense. Even more so if there are cars or planes, such as GTA.

So I think it depends on how fast you can move across the landscape and how much the act of traveling is in itself a rewarding experience.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/20 22:55 ID: grn3wn0

What I love about what we saw is the potential of traversal to be a core part of the gameplay and it's fun. If it's done correctly it greatly enchances the experience and enjoyment of exploration.

What I would like them to do is break away from this handholding trend of open world games with icons on maps that weren't never discovered (looking at you Horizon Zero Dawn) and take a lesson from Breath of the Wild where exploration is exactly that: looking for cool stuff...

Didn't have the pleasure yet but from what I understood Ghost of Tsushima also uses clever unobtrusive systems like wind and birds to provide guidance.

Back to the point. Think about these games:

Spider-Man - swinging is part of the fun and integral to both core gameplay and exploration.

GTA - weird but hear me out, driving various vehicles and going on foot is also a form of traversal and certainly adds to the experience due to its variety and accessibility.

Breath of the Wild - huge part of the game is on foot but the glider and climbing provides a method of traversing vast terrains. Later it expands on it, you can create your own gust that will take you higher (multiple methods actually) plus adds shield surfing, horses and a bike.

Great traversal mechanic in my mind is what every great open world should strive for. RDR2 has horses but it's not that exciting in the long term and many gamers get bored with the game as it stretches longer. As much as I love Horizon it could also use a few more tricks for scaling terrain and a few tricks Aloy should learn.

Just my 2c...

ID: grn5dvq

Agree completely. No point in doing a big open world game if getting from point A to point B is boring as hell.

Im hyped for BotW 2 but I would KILL for Nintendo to revisit a Skyward Sword type setting with great traversal mechanics.

Imagine all the shrines and dungeons being distinct islands in the sky, and lots of smaller islands connecting them with cool traversal mechanics - grappling hook, glider, bird mount, etc.

ID: grnagxr

Yeah in got you’ll see gusts of wind (little curly lines) to point you toward your objective, also blades of grass will sway in the same direction, it’s gorgeous and unobtrusive, imo, haven’t played in a bit (too lazy to figure how to transfer my ps4 save to ps5 lol) but it looked really dope

ID: grngpzb

I agree with this, my favorite open world games have fluid/tactile traversal mechanics.

The Pathless is a recent example of this that caught me by surprise—the map is arguably “big and empty,” but furiously blasting yourself across it is part of the fun.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/20 20:56 ID: grmnjr5

Looks like Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (One Punch Man) simulator

5 : Anonymous2021/03/20 22:20 ID: grmz65m

It reminds of the Unreal Engine 5 demo at the end.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/20 23:03 ID: grn4yns

After Spiderman and BotW my standard for traversal in open world games has risen sharply.

AC Valhalla got so fucking tedious going from point A to point B on the horse. Remember when traversal in AC used to be its selling point?

In other words, Forspoken looks rad.

ID: grn81wp

Rdr 2 is the best open world ever created in terms of believability and organically made.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/21 00:39 ID: grngdjf

Shadow of Mordor was kinda like this also 🙂 Looks good!

8 : Anonymous2021/03/21 01:10 ID: grnjoww

Is this running with only 1/3 of the frames shown? It seems like it’s really oddly designed and makes it hard to tell if that traversal is fluid and well done or forced and janky. SE isn’t exactly known for great traversal so I wouldn’t expect much from this.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/21 00:26 ID: grnevp4

I just keep reading Foreskin every time this game pops up.


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