Can we all agree that 5700xt and 1080ti was the best purchase ever ?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/20 06:59 ID: m91oli

I’ve sold my 5700xt pulse yesterday for 200% price. 19 months old gpu used for gaming and mining. Everyone that bought 1080ti or 5700xt at launch is a winner lads.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/20 08:39 ID: grkmqe8

2 years ago I bought my Pulse RX 5700 for roughly 398 USD (prices in Malaysia are slightly higher). No regrets.

I won't be selling it for any price until new GPUs go back to MSRP.

ID: grkutbs

Wait wait wait wait... That thing is already 2 years old? Dann I lost sense of time

ID: grkuzy8

Not 2 years old to be specific, I got it in late 2019.

ID: grkv6gd

Bought my 2080 on sale when the Supers came out. It was a no brainer, borderline highway robbery.

It turns out I just won the lotto.

ID: grmrnrs

Yeah lol

Doesn't matter how much my current gpu is worth if I can't buy a new one to replace it with.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/20 09:27 ID: grkpa46

peoples who bought a rx 580 for 150 euro and sold for 400 are not winners?

ID: grl4987

Bought some 580s 8GB last year, never spend over 140€. I should have kept them…

ID: grllb4a

Wait, are these sold for 400$? Are you talking about the 4 gig or 8 gig version? Since that's how much a 2060 costs here and that's the card I plan on getting... if the 3050ti doesn't get released

ID: grltstg

The 8 gig model sells for >350-500 because mining. The 4 gig model is half the price.

ID: grkz9up

They are still 100 here in slovenia, some 120 some 120

ID: grmka8c

Yes, but only 4gb ones. But for gaming it doesnt matter that much. Bought rx 570 4gb in december for 70€ from miner, and my friend boughtt rx 580 4gb for 85€. 8gb ones are around 200€ which isnt that much either compared to the world prices rn. Pozdrav fellow slovenec!

4 : Anonymous2021/03/20 08:30 ID: grkm8oc

The 1080Ti is the GPU of the decade.

ID: grlausb

People who bought both an i7 8700K and 1080 Ti ended up with the deal of the decade for sure.

I built my rig with those performance targets in mind, after seeing that the 3600X is essentially AMD's cheaper 8700K, and the 5700 XT is AMD's cheaper 1080 Ti.

I don't really have any urgent need to upgrade either part, and I doubt many 8700k/1080 Ti owners do either.

ID: grlkjdv

Personally I'd rather have bought a first or second gen ryzen and kept it GPU limited, then now be upgrading to a 5800

ID: grm9e4i

Regardless of how the game sort of crashed and burned, I still thanked Cyberpunk for pushing me to sell my 1080Ti and buying 3080 because of that sweet RTs.

But now my 7700K is bottlenecking that gpu :/

ID: grl34xy

I remember hearing about it a long time ago when I was first getting into building PCs but was too young and poor. It was at the time the best card in existence apart from the titan cards.

Just bought one about 5 months ago for my first ever PC build 😀 and currently it's worth about twice what I paid for it

ID: grlnrk7

i got 4 years out my 1080ti, my only regret is selling it for $400 in October (I paid $680).

5 : Anonymous2021/03/20 09:33 ID: grkpnr6

I still have my Strix 1080ti and it hasn’t failed me. Got it at MSRP 2 months before the 1st crypto boom. I could sell it today and make 70% of the cost, from a GPU I bought in 2017. Simply epic.

ID: grl6dcx

My 1080 Ti FTW failed in 2019 but EVGA replaces such in less than a week. The card is still quite good, but starts to struggle in 4K. At least in newer games. With the 2080 Ti now I have the problem of getting too many FPS in BF1, because my monitor only does 60 Hz anyway. But my initial plan was to get a 6800 or 6900 XT on launch, it now looks more like I'm not getting one until there is a new gen, if there will be 3090s in the 500-600 range then I might even get tempted. Its not unrealistic, there has always been a price drop for the old gen prior to a launch, but since Turing we know they'll only deliver embarassment.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/20 09:55 ID: grkqsiu

Bought a 3-month used 5700xt last december at 365usd, sapphire nitro plus.

Do not regret at all.

ID: grl6fqb

Same here. I paid 400 cad and could sell for near 1000 cad today. I like it though as a 1080p 144hz gamer.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/20 13:01 ID: grl307w

Got my 5700 xt last year for just under msrp before shit hot the fan, I went back and forth but decided to get it and I'm so happy I did, although I'm bummed I sold my RX 580 for like 100 bucks when I did because if I'd held on to it it could've been sold for a lot more. Went to a high school kid building his friend a PC, though, so at least it went to a good cause.

ID: grlwynt

I know how you feel. I sold my rx 570 like 2 weeks before the stock situation started. I could have sold it for so much more lol. On the other hand, I bought my 5700 XT at a great price when everyone were saying to hold off for next gen.

ID: grmh2v2

People laughed at me when I bought my 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse (wanted the Nitro but was not in stock at the time on Amazon) for $399 in August 2020...yeah, I'm pretty happy I pulled the trigger considering what is going on now.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/20 12:10 ID: grkz1nl

7970 squad ;p

ID: grl4u9z

I have a water-cooled one on my GF's house. Even plays CB2077.

ID: grl6x58

I had a water cooled 7970 for like 6 years before i upgraded. Definitely best card i've ever bought.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/20 08:14 ID: grklc0r

People that bought any of the GPUs that launched last year at MSRP are all winners in my book.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/20 09:59 ID: grkr0jb

Bought sapphire pulse 5700xt in November for £385 new... Sold in feb for £750. Picked up at 6900xt exdisplay for £950 3 days later

11 : Anonymous2021/03/20 07:04 ID: grkhcf1

Yeah. I traded my 5700 xt for a 3700 FE at MSRP a month ago. I couldn't believe it but I'm glad I got the opportunity to buy a 3070 FE for $500, and to sell my used 5700 xt a week later to cover the cost.

ID: grkuyfi

About to trade reference 5700(got it for $300CAD a year ago) for a 6700XT next week, slower in mining but I don't really care.

ID: grl71h1

Does anybody actually make that bad trade? Like even if its a better mining card 6700XT will keep the value for years. Also the energy you save should make it almost as efficient for mining no?

12 : Anonymous2021/03/20 11:49 ID: grkxk4t

Many who bought a 5700/XT at launch, myself included, had to put up with its bullcrap driver for half a year.

ID: grkxtuz

+1 straight from the soul

ID: grm1fi0

I was the lucky one not having any problems whatsoever with my pulse. honestly it was a great card overall for me even for mining stock 50mh/s 400$ mined since January and I was playing every day for 1-2 hours too.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/20 12:43 ID: grl1l0g

Yes I have a Red Devil 5700 XT and could sell it but with what would a do my gaming then?

14 : Anonymous2021/03/20 12:45 ID: grl1pxt

I have a couple of 5700xt Nitro+ Sapphire cards and saw the price on them for $1888 on Newegg, my whole PC cost me $1200...

But after finding out that they aren't making any Sapphire reference cards for the new gen 6800's, Im even more hesistant on selling them...

ID: grmkpyo

Yep, holding onto mine, hell of a time to cash in but my only alternative is a GTX 780 which won't cut it. Found out that the 5700XT is also still one of the most efficient miners (when tuned) as well so making ~$130/mo just to have my PC on while not gaming while being able to run everything decently is a win/win.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/20 13:14 ID: grl484t

Agreed. I bought a used 5700XT back in September for 250€. I just looked on ebay and they're going for about 800€ currently.

I'm very happy with the 5700XT and will stay with it for the next couple of years. Gaming isn't that much of a priority anymore and most of my games are from the 2000s to the mid 2010s. I can play all of those in Ultra on a 3840x1600 monitor and get great fps.

No way in hell am I going to pay these idiotic prices for a GPU.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/20 17:44 ID: grlxszt

It's hilarious that posts like this get upvotes but people talking about scalping doesn't. How is this any different?

ID: grmwqkr

It's the same thing and OP is part of the problem.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/20 13:40 ID: grl6lyy

I own a 5700xt but I wouldn't put it up there with the 1080ti. That thing is just on another level and people who own them still don't really have much of a reason to upgrade even right now.

As for my 5700xt, I would love to sell for a profit but I also still really want to play games and I doubt I could get another GPU for a decent price here in Canada.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/20 11:33 ID: grkwgmj


19 : Anonymous2021/03/20 11:13 ID: grkv8o5

GTX 970 still holds up great to this day.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/20 17:11 ID: grltw1f

5700xt was shit at launch. Don't compare it to the 1080ti.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/20 10:20 ID: grks6k1

No, 5700XT was no way near as good as RX 580 in terms of value.

1080 Ti on the other hand is by far the best enthusiast GPU ever.

If you care about reselling in this crypto madness, to be fair, the more expensive GPU you bought, the higher the profit is right now.

ID: grl2tun

The 7970 was the best infact it was even good in pro workloads it beats a 3090 in fp64 and it was made in 2011.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/20 14:59 ID: grleqkz

Honestly my 2070 Super was the best purchase ever when it came out lol.

Bought it for 550€ when it came out in germany, used it until the 6800 XT came out, bought a 6800 xt (for 900€ sadly tho..) and resold my 2070 Super for 500€.

I basically paid 50€ for my 2070 Super for using it 2 years, not a bad deal tbh.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/20 18:04 ID: grlzztg

If we exclude random black screen for the 5700xt... yes 🙂

24 : Anonymous2021/03/20 13:58 ID: grl8ay5

So, you are part of the problem. Anyone that sells hardware for scalper prices are scum in my book.


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