Any plans for a Ryzen 5 5600?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/23 11:21 ID: mbchz5

I'm planning on upgrading my 3600 cause apperantly it's bottle necking at 1080p in some games , I'd like to see a 200$ Zen 3 cpu would be the best option.

Does any1 know of rumors or leaks of a 5600? Since stock is kinda normalizing in the cpu market AMD would love to get more market share with a more attractive cpu like a 5600

2 : Anonymous2021/03/23 11:25 ID: grx0pob

I dont think so till Q3 or even at all

ID: grz8bk5

member when people said we should compare the 5600x to the 3600x so it’s only $50 more so no big deal and non-x 5600 is coming soon anyway? i member

ID: grx11jr

Why tho , since stock is stabilizing for the 5600x and the 5800x, heck the 5800x is almost always in stock from AMD's website.

With Intel's 11th gen coming up maybe that would spice up the competition a bit and force AMD to release a 5600 , would be sick.

ID: grxqnnv

Rocket Lake isn't looking that compelling, I'm not sure AMD will need to respond to it with a better value option.

Alder Lake should be much better, but that's further out and AMD may respond with a Zen 3 refresh or even just wait for Zen 4, depending on timing...

ID: grxkq3c

My guess is that they would only go for it if they have enough silicon that doesn't make the bin for 5600x which i doubt is the case. Otherwise we might end up with another 3300x which is non-existent. Regardless, despite Zen 3 costing around 100$ more than their Zen 2 counterparts they still sell like hotcakes so there's very little incentive for AMD to offer cheaper, more accessible products.

ID: grx1l76


I wanna see this

ID: gryy9ik

Considering that nobody has been buying 5600x or 5800x for a few months now - they are just sitting on shelves collecting dust - I agree there is no point making another version of the same thing.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/23 16:00 ID: grxwxe3

If 3600 is considered a "bottleneck" for your 1080p system, chances are 5600 will still bottleneck it. You are probably using some top end graphics card and play some low graphics demanding game at 1080p that causes this bottleneck. Thing is, there will also be bottleneck somewhere, it highly depends on what games you are talking about.

I would hold off if I were you, what if there is some sort of Zen 3 refresh by the end of this year? If you crave the upgrade from 3600 to 5600, you will definitely crave the upgrade from 5600 to Zen 3 refresh.

ID: grxxwjq

Happy cake day sir.

But ye u kinda right , tbh its not rly low graphic demanding games , Shadow of the tomb raider and Cyberpunk , watch dogs legion , getting rly bottle necked by the 3600 at 1080p with my 3060 ti , like the gpu sits lower than 80%~ usage while the cpu is reaching the 90-95%.

There is huge performance loss in cyberpunk dipping below 60 fps. Idk

ID: gry1fd3

Oh this kind of bottleneck, I see. But one thing though, it's not 90-95% CPU usage in Windows task manager right? Task manager CPU usage always show so high compare to what HWinfo64 shows, I'm not so sure what's going on.

ID: grz1y9a

I had the same thing, went 2700X to 5600X and the difference was absolutely huge, up to +50% higher fps in Cyberpunk etc. GPU was really being held back even on 1440p for me (6800XT). So while most tell you its stupid, it would definitely be a good upgrade for you.

See how much you can sell 3600 for, you might find the difference between the two isn't too huge. Total net cost for me was £130 to upgrade 2700X > 5600X.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/23 14:34 ID: grxl21r

I'm thinking the 5600 and 5700 are not going to happen. Replaced with the 5600G and 5700G.

ID: grxpqoz

That would require more than 2x of 7nm silicon (~81mm2 Zen3 chiplet in Vermeer, vs ~175mm2 Cezanne APU die). So AMD will likely prioritize Vermeer for desktop, except cases where iGPU is really needed.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/23 11:39 ID: grx1v43

I don't think this is primarily a marketing decision, but more a technical one:

A Ryzen 5600 would be released if TSMC produces a lot of dies that just barely fail the criteria for the 5600X.

As long as nearly all dies either can perform as Ryzen 5600X or are so bad that they couldn't be sold as 5600, we most likely won't see a 5600 on the market: In that case it could make more sense to instead lower the price of the 5600X to gain market share.

ID: grxdhzl

That is not how CPU segmentation normally works. Sure, defective dies are used there, but perfectly good dies are cut down and used too- because they are cheap to make, and lower tier SKUs (at large production quantities) are needed to expand total addressable market. And with Zen3 7nm chiplet being just ~81mm2, production of them should not be an issue in second half of the year.

ID: gryu3lc

If they're selling out every single CPU they make, there's literally zero reason to release a cheaper SKU by cutting down a perfectly good one.

Now once sales go down, there's incentive to capture the poor consumer market.

ID: grx2gay

Last time with zen 2 what was the difference between the 3600x and the 3600? Wasn't it only clock speeds ? Or were the dies actually defective and can't be made a 3600x , tho the performance was so close....

ID: grx38zv

95W TDP on the 3600X and the silicon and clocks are better on it.

It didnt matter much but there was a difference between the two.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/23 11:46 ID: grx2fxv

There's never been any official info about a 5600, much less of it being $200.

Even more, the 5600X already is a 65W processor that comes with the Wraith Stealth, like the 2600 and the 3600 in previous gens, so I don't see a clear space in the lineup for it.

ID: grxe1d3

TDP does not matter here, '65W TDP' with the same cooler can be used for lower power SKU too. And AMD could just cut L3 in half and make a 5600, that is still unlocked, cheaper, but is not competing vs 5600X.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/23 11:55 ID: grx375u

The funny thing is, the 5600X is a 65W TDP part. It is actually the replacement to the 65W 3600 and 2600, not the 95W 3600X or 2600X.

It is funny how AMD played their hands with the 5600X. It is actually a 3600 replacement.

ID: grx3b7r

With a 100$ premium....50% price hike, that's a yikes , reviewers always compare it to the 3600x cause that's what it should've technically replaced , but you're right it's 65w...dam

ID: gry1xes

With a 100$ premium

and it directly competes with the performance of the 3700X, handily beating it in single thread. a few years ago 1700X launched at $400.

more performance for the money is a yikes?

ID: grx45f4

Reviewers are very easy to fool. The 3700X also fooled reviewers.

ID: grxr4dq

AMD said the non X sku was a mistake and it ate into the sales of the X sku b/c there was little difference, so it's not surprising they got rid of it. Also 5600X is a beast so quit crying about the price, it's pretty much worth it and smokes Intel chips. You price a chip based on performance relative to the competition not on TDP lol.

ID: grytz6j

It’s 65w but can pull 100

ID: gryvi0l

It uses either 76 or 88w as per amds spec for tdp.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/23 15:12 ID: grxq8sm

I upgraded from a 3700x to a 5600x. The later one is faster in most cases. Didn't regret it.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/23 15:13 ID: grxqbv6

You're not going to get a 5600 until demand slows down enough for it to make sense, at the minute they can sell everything out of the door anyway.

ID: grxsqyf

But that's my point the demand is actually slowing down for CPUs , with Intel's upcoming 11th gen there obviously will be competition and maybe we're lucky that amd releases something in answer or lowers Zen 3 prices

10 : Anonymous2021/03/23 15:25 ID: grxs00h

Yes... When Intel releases a product that can compete with the 5600x.

Otherwise AMD will motion towards theRyzen 3000 bin since those are still in stock

11 : Anonymous2021/03/23 20:01 ID: gryutv7

Save the extra $100 and get a 5600x… it’s worth it. Saw 30+ frame differences from a 3700x

12 : Anonymous2021/03/23 13:26 ID: grxcqob

Not likely:

a 5600X is already made out of partially-failed 5800Xs and 5950Xs, so it's not likely that there's a lot of "six-core chips that can't hold the clocks we want for a 5600X" that they'd make a separate SKU for it just to be able to sell that slice of cast-offs because of market conditions (i.e. most CPUs are selling-through as soon as they hit the shelves), there's no need for AMD to deliberately create a 5600 non-X, since it's a better use of silicon to make the higher-margin parts, especially in a situation where their manufacturing capacity is presumably completely slammed by everything else They still have the 3600 to bring up the rear in terms of a budget option
ID: grxf6tt

That's the thing tho, CPUs aren't flying off of shelves anymore , if i go to AMD's website (europe division) i can easily grab a 5800x or a 5600x , they are restocking them quite often and the 5800x is honestly almost never out of stock anymore

ID: grxtn7s

Is it because supply is increasing, or because demand is decreasing? That's the question. If they're still selling like hotcakes, but now AMD has the supply, makes no sense to dig into the 5600X sales with a cheaper 5600.

(I'm not saying 7nm supply is great - after all, RDNA2 still has no availability.)

13 : Anonymous2021/03/23 13:17 ID: grxbp5j


14 : Anonymous2021/03/23 13:18 ID: grxbrdj

TBH consider selling your 3600+mobo as they have good resale right now in like HW swap and buy a 10600k for $229 at bb right now or a 10700k for 250 at microcenter, both will be similar to a 5600x for less 280-300 on the 5600x; you could also try a used cpu on there pretty easy to get a discounted lightly used 10th gen or zen3 cpu 5600/5800 anyway

ID: grxf02w

If i need to go intel i have to change my mobo as well, I'd rather for it to be just a CPU slot in upgrade

ID: grxhki1

Yea ofc. Just saying there's a demand right now for used ryzen parts that's higher than used Intel parts so you could use that to your advantage if you don't mind the hassle.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/23 16:50 ID: gry3xuo

No sense to upgrade

16 : Anonymous2021/03/23 23:00 ID: grziqc7

Lemme explain bottlenecking. Imagine two people right, one is a painter and the other hangs painting on the wall. If the painter makes 100 1x1cm paintings he won't struggle but the guy putting up the paintings will. If he makes one giant 100x100cm the painter will struggle and the guy hanging them will have an easy time. Kinda works like this in computers too If you "paint" a shit ton of small painting, aka 1080p frames, the painter (GPU) won't struggle at all but the guy hanging them (CPU) will If you make fewer big paintings, aka 4k or even 8k frames, the painter will struggle hard but the guy hanging the paintings will find it easy. This is why your system will have a bottleneck no matter what, even if the painter and guy hanging the painting do just as much work in theory, certain programs will still be more CPU reliant like minecraft and other will be more GPU reliant like cyberpunk.

Conclusion, don't bother upgrading, your 3600 and 1080 should handle anything at 1080p alright, and upgrading to maybe a 5600 probs won't help much. If you want to upgrade to 1440p someday then get a better GPU, if you want that 240hz display get a better CPU (and play games like CSGO for max frames) Good luck on your journey in PC making and have a nice day!

17 : Anonymous2021/03/24 00:05 ID: grzql4d

no, just buy 3600, 2020 binning ryzen 5 3600 has better speed now. I think AMD not intend to releasing it while 3600 is still selling. Otherwise they would have released it a long time ago.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/23 13:12 ID: grxb4ii

I was able to buy a 5600x for MSRP at B&H a couple of weeks ago.

ID: grxeugx

I can snatch one at msrp as well but it's exactly about the msrp, it's too much for me , 300$ on a cpu when i just dumped 430$ on a gpu last month is too much spending for me. I would love for it to be 200$ that's why I'm asking for a 5600

ID: grxeyy2

Sell the old one for $150-200 then it will only cost $100-150.


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