Starting today, you can download a selection of 9 free games as part of Play at Home

1 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:05 ID: md5rjm
Starting today, you can download a selection of 9 free games as part of Play at Home
2 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:22 ID: gs7pl1g

Rez Infinite is the shit, one of the most immersive games out there.

ID: gs836s4

Rez Infinite is a trip

ID: gs86b1k

Play Tetris Effect if you haven’t done so already. Same game director, same trippiness and cool soundtrack. Puts you completely into the zone within seconds

3 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:21 ID: gs7gu30

Worth picking up all the VR titles for PSVR2 one day, even if you dont have the first iteration.

ID: gs8qppj

Why would anyone not claim all of those games no matter if they have the Intention of playing it?

ID: gs9xujx

I have a few friends that I practically have to force to download the free games every month. People are weird!

ID: gsak2s8

They fill up your library with stuff you might never play.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:22 ID: gs7h0g7

Not for me, I have to wait until 3am tomorrow to start downloading 🙁

ID: gs7i4zt

Same here 🙁

Time zones suck!

5 : Anonymous2021/03/25 23:56 ID: gs8gnde

Where do I see these deals? I’m in the US and these games still have price tags from what I can see. Maybe an update tonight?

ID: gs8kgye

You aren't alone. I just checked the store on PS5 and PS4 and don't see them. Hopefully it will get updated soon. I'm not sure why they would tweet that when they weren't available for everyone.

ID: gs8l8yi


6 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:05 ID: gs7vj5h

Enter the Gungeon is one of my favorite games of all-time. 300+ hours on it on Switch (my most played game on the system, beating out Smash by a good 50 hours), excited to jump right back in. Difficult at first but once you unlock a few good guns and get enemy patterns down, your runs will go deeper and deeper, and there's a shitload to find and unlock, it'll keep you busy for a long while. Fun with a friend, too.

I honestly am personally offended by the replies on Twitter. Absolute fucking numbnuts wouldn't know a good game if it jumped out of a Madden Ultimate Team card pack and punched them right outta their gamer chair.

ID: gs8eujy

I love EtG... what were they saying? I’m region locked out of seeing the tweet/replies 🙁

I hope everyone gets to see what a kick ass game it is, still one of my top played Switch games too but I’d love to see what full graphics 60fps would look like!

ID: gs8hveu

Just that all the free games were garbage, not worth their time, etc. Acting like the games offered were basic shovelware you'd find on a mobile phone.

I was half-joking when I said I was "offended" because it's really them missing out on a gem of game. I haven't played any of the others listed myself but I'm looking forward to trying.

And yeah, 60fps is going to be great! It's been about 4 months since I sold the Switch and I am beyond excited to play this game again with a whole new view.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:00 ID: gs7mhgl

Can Astro bot rescue mission be played without VR?

ID: gs7n31k


ID: gs7n6bl


8 : Anonymous2021/03/26 00:58 ID: gs8nw8l

I read that extremely fast and thought that said we could download PlayStation Home.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:09 ID: gs7f2yk

Oh, I was hoping for a Subnautica PS5 patch. Guess not today :(. Maybe on Below Zero release.

ID: gs7hkq4

They most likely won’t do a PS5 performance patch on the PS4 version. Performance patches for PS4 games seem to be happening less frequently now, and less so for newer games.

A lot of developers are offering native PS5 upgrades, which are much better than just patching in performance enhancements to the PS4 version - enables better use of the SSD, haptics/triggers and ray tracing!

ID: gs7xcnf

They already promised some type of ps5 upgrade, thats what he means.

ID: gs7gx8x

Man, shit... that’s the game I was hoping for.

ID: gs7i5dy

I think they're releasing it again as a separate ps5, rather than a patch. My bets it comes out May 14th with below zero

ID: gs7ihg5

It's still a really good game. Can't you just play the ps4 version on PS5? That's what I've been doing and miraculously, I'm still enjoying it.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:38 ID: gs7jc4a

Can Subnautica finally finish their second game? It's one of my most unexpected favorite games ever

ID: gs7kq4s

May 14th. I know, I've played the early access on Steam and can't wait for the full release.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:42 ID: gs7set0

Can Rez and Astro Bot be played in VR on PS5 with DualSense, or do I need to bust out a DualShock4?

ID: gs9fz8c

For Astro you 100% require a Dualshock 4. It needs to track the lightbar, which the Dualsense doesn't have.

ID: gs8b3b3

DualShock brother

12 : Anonymous2021/03/26 00:31 ID: gs8krsn

How do you download these since they aren't showing up on the PlayStation store

13 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:16 ID: gs7g4ho

checked the store and theyre still charging?

ID: gs7gq3p

Article says 8PM PST so 11 EST. Weird timing really. Gonna set a reminder for tomorrow. 🙂

ID: gs7gu09

damn, was really hoping to start subnautica today. thanks though

ID: gs7rv5i

"Starting today."



ID: gs7vmml

That's noon Friday in Japan. So that could be why

14 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:21 ID: gs7xk95

Can I download a whole ps5 too?

ID: gs81cqs

It's out of stock, try refreshing

ID: gs8sntx

You gotta use the app

ID: gs8ugu8

You wouldn't download a car.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:29 ID: gs7i2jd

Why does it say 25th when for me in the UK it’s more like 3am on the 26th!!

ID: gs7igsy

Because in America it's the 25th and your probably looking at an American site?

ID: gs7r73s

PS Blog is global. They seem to flip flop between who their posts are primarily written for. Some posts presume everyone reading is European while others presume everyone reading is North American. It's quite bizarre.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:46 ID: gs7khrd

Wow those twitter replies are cancerous.

ID: gs7rswy

New to Twitter?

17 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:10 ID: gs7o10z

i don’t know a single thing about any of these games. thoughts on them?

ID: gs8a249

The Witness was a fun puzzle game. It gets rather challenging and it doesn't hold your hand at all. You just have to figure out the styles of patterns through trial and error on easy puzzles then you can tackle hard puzzles after you understand the mechanics behind them.

ID: gsa2nn4

You’re very lucky if you havent seen anyone play subnautica. If you’re playing it for the first time and also havent watched it before, it’ll be a blast playing it while you shit yourself at the same time. Its really the only game ive been looking forward to out of the 9 games

ID: gs80rap

I've always wanted to play enter the gungeon. Looks like a good twist on binding of Isaac gameplay

ID: gsb590u

Played every single game on the list except Enter the Gungeon and they're all really really great. Completely varied too. Some people just need to open their mind a bit.


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