X570 Aorus Master – F33i AGESA PatchA – USB/Connectivity Fixed?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/29 15:15 ID: mfrr74

I just applied F33i to my X570 Aorus Master and at least for me and a few others the USB drop outs seem to have gone away in certain workloads.

I can now open up teams, share my screen and do voice without my keyboard/mouse freaking out.

Confirmed Graphics card is running at gen 4 (RTX 3090 FE), CPU 5900x

Appears that this bios F33i is AGESA PatchA


I saw that this hasn't fixed it for some users.

This would backup what I've said in the past that the issues that users are complaining about are so generic and similar that the fix doesn't cover technically the same issue.

I think that this seems to target USB usage with screen sharing and audio, could be wrong but we haven't seen enough users come back on what's actually fixed Vs the original issue.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:12 ID: gsp8ng3

so far, it's going good on x570 Elite. I also had issues with KB/video (USB capture from DSLR) while in teams.... Good with the latest for Elie, F33g.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:32 ID: gspb87z

Just updated mine to F33i from F33h.

I did not have any issues with USB previously. Maybe because it's a Zen 2 CPU, 3900x. GPU is running on Gen 4 PCIe.

Able to use Quest 2 with Oculus Link through the Type-C port without any issues. Have not had any USB dropouts before or after the update.

ID: gspf0qd

Nah I had issues with my 3900XT, it could still definitely cause problems with Zen 2 as well.

ID: gsqbp8u

The issues where present in F12 and earlier, F30 fixed it for Zen 2

4 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:50 ID: gspdny0

Hope it works out!...;) Never had a problem with the x570 Aorus Master USB 2.0 ports/PCie4 myself...but I'm still on Zen2, as well. Looks like AMD is wrapping up the teething stage for Zen3 x570 AGESAs!

ID: gsph7s9

Yeah, seems that way... Fairly similar to when 1000 series was released... took a good year to clear all the bugs.

Do feel like beta testers for these big companies sometimes lol 😀

ID: gsqhnvk

We are literally beta testers for them...;) It's always been this way for early adopters, especially early CPU adopters...most of us know it, but when something new comes along that is irresistible and if we have the dough to spare--we hop on it! And get to do the beta testing thing all over again...;) Oh, joy...! It happens whenever brand-new CPU architectures with unheard-of performance come to market...;)

5 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:12 ID: gspglc6

Same with F33g (the latest) on my x570i. It's better so far with my BT not disconnecting (the only usb 2.0 device in my system and the only device that had issues), but the known SMU issues from patchA are there, so can't use Ryzen Master or get all readings in HWiNFO since anything that communicates with the SMU isn't getting a response. But one step at a time. It's definitely progress.

ID: gsphfhz

I actually skipped g thinking it was not going to fix it as it was patch A, I was waiting for the as this is what AMD said would fix it... but someone on tweak forum confirmed it had resolved their issues so figured id give it a go!

Glad I did 🙂

ID: gsprn2e

AMD confirmed that the fix was backported to patch A in order to get it out to people sooner.

ID: gspi25o

Yeah F33g for my board is the equivalent of F33i for your board. They had to do some hot fixes in between versions on a couple boards, so they range from F33g-F33i for the latest for patchA depending on the board.

Like I said you will have issues if you try to use Ryzen Master, and some info lines may be missing from HWiNFO but for now, that mostly just appears to be cosmetic. I haven't found anything that it breaks, other than utilities that set bios parameters from within the OS. Still, that's better than the USB issues, and I'm sure the SMU issues will be fixed in either a patchB or with the full rollout once AMD has confirmed this is working.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:39 ID: gsq00tp

I got it on my Asus B550I mobo (with a 5800X + 3080 running on Gen4), and while the everyday connectivity is fine, I am still having issues with drop outs whenever I transfer a bunch of big files to my External USB-C SSD.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:59 ID: gspevha

I just updated to the Aorus Pro equivalent and tried to force my USB dropout issues without success. So it definitely seems promising to me as well.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/29 18:15 ID: gspp0e9

Same. AGESA Patch A took care of it on my Ultra.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/29 22:19 ID: gsqk9mc patch A has all the usb fixes from amd backported it to get it out faster


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