Wreckfest is coming to PS5 on 1st June

1 : Anonymous2021/03/29 13:16 ID: mfpdbq
Wreckfest is coming to PS5 on 1st June
2 : Anonymous2021/03/29 13:17 ID: gson76d

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Bugbear Entertainment will release a PlayStation 5 version of Wreckest on June 1 for $ 39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99, the publisher announced. Users who own the PlayStation 4 version will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version of $9.99 / €9.99.

The PlayStation 5 version offers the best Wreckfest experience on consoles ever and takes full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s hardware power. Not only does the new version offer enhanced visuals such as dynamic dirt on vehicles, better textures, and improved visual effects. Additionally, it also runs with a wonderful 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second. The multiplayer features 24 players now, for even more intense carnage on the race tracks.

Here is an overview of the added enhancements:

Dynamic dirt on vehicles

Improved shadows, particles, and environment lighting

Higher resolution textures

Increased amount of foliage


New visual effects for skidmarks

DualSense haptic effects

Much faster loading times


ID: gsor33j

Note: In case anyone is wondering that Series X got a free 4k 60fps patch while there is $10 upgrade fee for PS5, this is what the developers said:

There is no native Xbox Series X/S version of the game, we simply patched the Xbox One version to detect Series X/S but there are no additional features except 60fps on Series X.

ID: gsqbq74

There is going to be a paid patch for Xbox too

ID: gspz5e3

More official answers:

Will the PS5 version have all previous patches? Yes, all previous patches are included. Will the PS5 version come with all Season Pass content or will it be available separately? The Season Pass content will be available separately. What if I own both Season Passes on PS4 and upgrade? Then you'll get both Season Passes for free on PS5 after your upgrade. What happens to my progression if I upgrade from PS4 to PS5? We don’t have a solution for this right now but we are actively looking into options for this. Will I be able to earn new/old achievements? Yes, you will be able to earn the same achievements like on PS4. Will I be able to play with my friends on PS4? Yes this is possible, however the 24 player servers are exclusive to PS5. Why do I have to pay for the upgrade? Because the PS5 version isn't just an "60 FPS" patch for the old game, it contains new data, new textures, new effects etc and also has full support for the PS5 DualSense controller. What about the Xbox Serie S|X version? A similar Xbox Series S|X native version will launch later this year, also charged if you want to upgrade. When do PC get these upgrades as well? The PC version will be upgraded later in 2021.


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ID: gsq9oz7

Jfc they don't have a solution to progression carry over? What's the fuckin point

ID: gsou8tb

June 1 for $ 9.99 / €39.99 / £34.99,

I don't think 10 USD equals 40 Euro. The conversion rates aren't that bad.

ID: gsoulxe

It's $ 39.99. Just a mistake in the article. I will fix it in the comment.

ID: gsprh44

Nice. Hopefully they add 3D audio and my favorite: activity cards with +tips

3 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:00 ID: gsp76e2

Is this worth $40 for someone who never played the OG?

ID: gspkmop

Best, most entertaining and low stress/de stressing smashing good time you could ever do virtually for $40

ID: gsp7x21

Check the PC version on youtube. It should now be of similar quality now. If you ever liked games like Eve of Destruction or Destruction Derby on PS2, you will like it.

ID: gsqn9tn

For me its one of the best racing games ever made. Very solid physics, solid graphics, good sound, decent AI, lots to do... Ill come back to this game for years, as I already have.

ID: gsp93lz

Nope. It's a boring, boring slog of a game. If you're expected to win races (which happens in a lot of events) you may as well restart if you have a crash, which kinda defeats the purpose of the game (and underneath it's a very dull arcade racer).

ID: gspknmk


4 : Anonymous2021/03/29 13:41 ID: gsopsqb

I'm glad to hear that the loading times are improved. That's probably my biggest complaint with the PS4 version.

Unrelated, but I kind of wish the PS4/PS5 trophy lists weren't separate. I try not to care too much about trophies, but there are so many games that are getting PS5 updates that I am in the middle of, and those PS4 trophy lists will just stay forever uncompleted unless I purposefully go for them (which feels onerous at best).

Anyway - excited for this!

ID: gsos9ta

Yeah it annoys me too! But it’s how Sony works with the games being completely different versions on PS4 and PS5. This will only be until the generation gap has closed and when we are on to proper PS5 only games 🙂

Although with Spider-Man Remastered if you have the plat on the PS4 and transfer your save to PS5 you can pop all the trophies...maybe it could work the same with other games except going from a PS5 save to the PS4?

ID: gsp2j1k

Tony hawk is the same way just upgraded yesterday

ID: gsozmmi

This is exactly why I don’t care about Crash Bandicoot updated for PS5. It runs just fine on PS4 disc. Having a new trophy just ticks my ODC. I dislike Sony is doing this with lists.

ID: gsp9k4x

It’s not Sony the multiple trophy lists is on the devs. Trophy lists for game can be cross generational or cross platform. There are many games from the PS3/4 transition that share trophy lists and there are games that the trophy list is shared between console and Vita. Why devs are not using this option that clearly exists is dumb.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/29 14:18 ID: gsou4v6

Hell yes

6 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:05 ID: gsp7t97

If you were disappointed with Destruction Allstars then i URGE You to check out this game. It doesn't have the on foot mechanics & the driving feels amazing

ID: gsps0sb

I like both games but all stars doesn't have a racing mode yet so I'm definitely going to download this

ID: gsqarfo

Thanks! Played 2 rounds of Destruction AllStars then deleted. Simply not as I had expected. Will check out wreckfest.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/29 13:33 ID: gsooz08

Sweet!! But June?!? The wait will be difficult.

ID: gspifix

Just got my PS5 last week but I can tell the framerate IS MUUUUUCH more stable, so that alone makes me happy vs playing on my PS4 Pro

ID: gspkky5

Couple that with the noticeably improved loading times, and it's a much nicer experience! Can't wait for the ps5 version!

ID: gsopugc

Shit, I must be waiting wrong. Usually I go about my business and the time just passes. Is there something else I should be doing?!

ID: gsorldj

What? You don't get impatient for things you're waiting for?

ID: gsorob6


8 : Anonymous2021/03/29 15:47 ID: gsp5gaq

Dumb Question: I have the PS4 version on Disc. If I upgrade for $9.99 I'll have to play the disc in the PS5 anytime I wanna play the game correct?

Almost just rather sell my Copy and re-buy digitally if so..it's literally the last physical copy of any games I own..I'm 100% digital these days

ID: gsp849q

Yes you would need the disc. Better just get the PS5 version on sale if you are planning to go digital.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/29 14:43 ID: gsox6jj

Already have it through gamepass. It's a good destruction derby like.

ID: gsoyhbc

Yep. It was also available through PlayStation Now last year.

ID: gspfbpl

Its still there, just FYI.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:25 ID: gspi8oc

Honestly, I think I'd rather just have the a patch (like the xbox version) instead of an upgrade. It doesn't seem like it will be crossgen, so we will only be able to play with other PS5 users (hopefully I am wrong). A higher resolution and 60fps would've been more than enough, and then we could still play with PS4 players (unlikely but maybe we get a patch for the PS4 version).

ID: gsq69wc

You can play with PS4 users, but only on the 16 player servers since PS4 can't handle 24.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/29 14:28 ID: gsovae1

Weird that they did a free update for Series X but with only 60fps

ID: gsoz3ru

The Xbox patch was just a detection for Xbox Series X / S that allows the game to run at 4K/60 and 4K/30. This has:

Dynamic dirt on vehicles Improved shadows, particles, and environment lighting Higher resolution textures Increased amount of foliage Godrays New visual effects for skidmarks DualSense haptic effects Much faster loading times 24 player multiplayer

So they can keep their “free upgrade” if that’s what they prefer LOL

ID: gsozdkz

Yes but why aren't they offering a $10 update to have those other things as well on Xbox? Or why didn't they also just patch the PS4 Pro version for PS5. Just seems weird

edit. also it was 4K already because te One X version was 4k

ID: gsq8xi9

So they can keep their “free upgrade” if that’s what they prefer LOL

"What about the Xbox Serie S|X version? A similar Xbox Series S|X native version will launch later this year, also charged if you want to upgrade."

So Xbox users get to choose between having 60fps/4k for free or paying the same exact price as us to get the rest. I'd say that's exactly what I'd prefer LOL!

ID: gsqbfi1

There is going to be a paid patch for Xbox too

12 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:37 ID: gspjumr

BugBear is basically version 2.0 of of what formely was the God tier purblisher CDProject Red before cyperpunk failure. They are freaking awesome and adding support and content to this game while offering DLC that adds great additions to the game without breaking game balance or pay to win levels. The monthly tournaments have great prizes and track designs and are fun as hell and well done. They are constantly tweaking and balancing cars/ AI an destruction

By far its the best underrated/underappreciated best sleeper hit of 2020, you really owe it to yourself to pick this game up even if your not a racer, cause cmon, who doesn't freaking love smashing up cars and causing chaos with loud engines?

Bugbear deserves $10 for this. No questions asked

13 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:14 ID: gspguro

Wish this game had cross plat multiplayer, especially since it is (I think) just lobbies online, there is no matchmaking issues? I have it on One X but if I could play with friends on there while utilizing the PS5 upgrades that would be nice.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:37 ID: gspjupp

Ooo I wonder if it’ll launch on PS+.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/29 14:57 ID: gsoyyv1

I’m not spending $10 on an update

ID: gspkzkl

Yeah fuck that,xbox got an update for free,why shouldn't that be the case for ps5 as well?

ID: gsq6fn2

Because this isn't simply an update.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:00 ID: gspf036

Don't encourage this paid upgrade bullshit.

ID: gsq6hkq

Do you expect them to work for free? This isn't just a simple update.


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