For perspective – AMD/nVidia GPU stock for the last month at the Tustin, CA Microcenter

1 : Anonymous2021/03/31 23:56 ID: mhj0hs
For perspective - AMD/nVidia GPU stock for the last month at the Tustin, CA Microcenter
2 : Anonymous2021/04/01 00:01 ID: gsz2u2s

I just realized that with the month ending, the Tustin, MC community now has hard data for the state of GPU stock for their store. I figured folks might find this information; particularly for a gauge of the difference in stock between nVidia and AMD.

3090s sold this month: 39

3080s sold this month: 60

3070s sold this month: 75

3060 tis sold this month: 34

3060s sold this month: 71

6700 XTs sold this month: 80

6800s sold this month: 16

6800xts sold this month: 8

6900xts sold this month: 3

This data isn't 100% perfect, but it's close enough to paint a very clear picture of the situation between AMD and nVidia. Both have pretty dry stock, but AMD - with the exception of the 6700xt launch - has been much, much worse. There have been 13x as many 3090s as there have been 6900xts, and there have been over 5x as many 3070s as there have been 6800s. 7x as many 3080s as there have been 6800xts.

ID: gszo921

I have 3 MC near me and the situation is dire.

For years there has been the option to get stuff in stock day of. As with the 2017 mining problem, were in uncharted territory. Even with MC, and being in the US, supply is tight.

Curious: how did you collect or verify this data?

ID: gszomux

People in the discord are literally lining up before open every day, so it's been fairly easy to get the counts.

ID: gszldcu

Also to keep in mind: Nvidia has had regular drops every two weeks or so via Best Buy whereas I almost never see any AMD restocks, especially with regularity online.

ID: gszza7q

also keep in mind that nvidia launched basically a full 3 months in advance and has a far better chance of recovering qtys

ID: gt0aeab

amd restocks every weak on their website for msrp.

ID: gt0bad8

Do we have bestbuy in Europe ?

ID: gszc9vo

We kinda knew AMD stocks were going to be lower. They need to split their fab space with their console chips and CPUs and GPUs. Whereas nvidia could focus primarily on their GPUs.

And nvidia used samsung (which has a higher capacity last time I checked) vs AMD using tsmc (which has more clients fighting for space). Basically, AMD cannot keep up with nvidia numbers wise when they are spread all over the place. That might change if tsmc opens another fab like they were talking about, or after the console hype slows down, or if GloFo suddenly decides to try to compete on the smaller nodes. Next gpu generation launch should be better for them since they won't have to fight with their own console chips for space.

The only reason the 6700xt had better numbers was because the initial launch of the consoles was out of the way and the smaller navi 22 allowed for more per wafer. If there wasn't a conflict of consoles, I'm sure the 6800-6900 would have better numbers (still not near the 3080/3090)

And for what it's worth, when I was talking to a salesman from a microcenter in illinois, he said that AMD tends to do less shipments with more product, but nvidia does more shipments with less products each. But wouldn't give specific numbers. So the AMD numbers could be a little more skewed for just a month basis. Would like to see the numbers after 3 months

ID: gszvptv

after the console hype slows down

You're talking about years from now. Sales of consoles are not highest at release and then drop off, sales start high and then grow peaking 4 years later or so. Eg:

Broken by quarters but if you look PS4 Q4 sales in millions: 4.5, 6.4, 8.4, 9.7, 9.0, 8.1, 6.1

Peak is 4 years in, and 7 years in its still selling way more than at launch.

ID: gszsa09

Are the consoles in stock now in the USA?

ID: gt2qzc3

The revenue and even margins from console hardware for the quantity that they sell is much better than their own gpus. Plus there are performance and order incentives for AMD to hit for higher production figures. This will also be important when Microsoft and Sony are showing for their next gen chips in 4+ years. The consoles are a much bigger market.

ID: gt14pr9

The biggest thing to affect supply will be 5nm... 7nm is a slow process, 5nm EUV will be significantly faster to fab a wafer.

ID: gt1azjd

We kinda knew AMD stocks were going to be lower.

But it's not. At least, not in Germany.

/comments/mef2bs/week_13_mindfactoryde_total_gaming_gpu_sales_4335/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: gt1eii2

The Arizona fab is not gonna be ready till like 2024 at least as long as nothing slows it

ID: gsz9cz7

seems bit strange as in finland 1st gpu that started to stay in stock was the 6900xt... it was around 1600€ tho... its been available for 2 months now and currently at 1800€.. maybe we have reached the price point (retailers started scalping) where scalping gets too risky... and miners cant pay their card's even with 6 months of mining... with that price 6900xt takes 240 days to be paid by mining..

with 5700xt @ crazy 1300$ they are selling em in ebay will only take 170 days.. luckily i dint listen those "3000 series is around the corner dont buy 5700xt now" -noobs and bought 1 @ 389€( i have already mined more while not gaming, 5700xt in gaming pc on windows can easily mine 52 mh/s and with bios editing and low clocks + mem overclocks 58 mh/s, thats like 7-8$ a day with current eth price and difficulty) now seen em sell 1300€ and 700€ used, 6900xt has much bigger resale value in normal market situation tho so maybe they calculate it 6 months to brake even, thats pretty much the price with any gpu: 6 months of mining with that card so most affecting thing on ppl call street prices ain't rt, nor dlss nor sam nor any other gaming related thingy its straight mh/s), but with current situation it looks mining will be a thing for masses and big corporations for a while...

ID: gsza0za

I didn't mention it, but the numbers for 6900xt are honestly even worse than they appear - the card I got, which was one of those 6900xt this month, was an open-box. So it wasn't even just "new" stock, but rather recirculating cards too.

Only 2 new 6900xt were sold this month.

ID: gt06lr0

That's the situation in Italy, France and Spain: prices have hit a "resistance point"in early February already and in some cases (RTX 3080) have slightly decreased. And judging by local classifieds (ads have to be confirmed every week or they are pulled), they are taking a long time to sell.

I think Ethereum mining is more or less a club now: if you got in early, you are mining profit. If you got in in the last couple of months, you'll have to wait 3-4 more months to see a profit, hoping valuations stay so high you can disregard electricity costs and hoping the pyramid scheme finds a new layer of suckers.

ID: gt0a7jy

I agree it is strange, over here I haven't seen a single NVidia in stock ever since the 3000 Series was released.

While AMD had more than enough in stock since day one (I easily got mine in December), currently both are not supplying any stock for any GPU however.

ID: gszjxl5

I don't see why there would be more 6800s than 6800xt when it's the same hardware just a huge amount of cut cores. The yield can't be awful for big navi to force more 6800s over 6800xts.

With the state of the market doesn't make sense to cut them.

ID: gt0r7b4

The yield can't be awful for big navi to force more 6800s over 6800xts

Yes it can. Yield = 100% working die. If a 6900XT is a 100% working die, 6800 is a 75% working die. Many, many more 75% functional die come from a wafer that can be a 6800 than can be a 6800XT (90% working) or a 6900XT (100% working almost none).

ID: gt03fhr

Wtf amd doing?

ID: gt0godr

Selling every single chip they have fabbed, probably.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/01 04:58 ID: gszxy02

It really does depend on the region though, in Germany for instance Mindfactory has been selling quite a few RDNA 2 cards. They make their sales data fully transparent so there are people keeping tabs on the weekly volumes.

ID: gt0cnqz

It's super regional.

One of Norways/scansinavia (kimplett)web shops had like 40 6800XT when I bought mine, which was early feb. And I remember 6800 being up regularly too

Since I got mine, stopped looking at stocks

4 : Anonymous2021/04/01 09:09 ID: gt0fa9s

Check out stats by Proshop. Their numbers are same for all their regional sites, so looks like it's for their situation for all of Europe. Also they've limited placing new orders, so who knows what the actual demand is.

Some pretty grim numbers there, like Asus 3080 TUF. 921 ordered, 19 incoming, oldest customer still waiting from 17.09.2020

ID: gt0u1qg

I ordered one at launch, cancelled and ordered a 6900xt le from power colour from the first drop after 3 months of waiting.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/01 10:39 ID: gt0mcmi

GPU stock in Serbia has been horrid for 3 weeks lately. Only a bunch of 550s or 1030s are in stock with retailers price gouging them alot. I have seen several 6900XTs or 3060s appear on retailer sites but at already inflated prices sold in seconds just to see them listed at 2k euros in serbian 2nd hand reselling sites. Not to mention that price gouging here has been problem for years as the reason all of my components were bought of Hungary where prices are quietly cheaper.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/01 02:54 ID: gszm8va

Great stuff.

Man I didn't realize how horrid amd stock was...if it wasn't for the 6700 the card total is anemic.

ID: gt078fg

Nvidia have 80% market share and 4x the production capacity of AMD. It's not a surprise they're outselling AMD 3:1 at retail; that's to be expected.

ID: gt0xmxs

Does the production include consoles?

How many have sold, 7-8 million or so?

7 : Anonymous2021/04/01 12:16 ID: gt0uo93

3060Ti is hands down the best price to performance.

Of course it's the one they're making the least of...

8 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:45 ID: gt1aw2p

That's a laughable place too look at, from turnout perspective.

German mindfactory shifts 4k GPUs per week.

/comments/mef2bs/week_13_mindfactoryde_total_gaming_gpu_sales_4335/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

Total Gaming GPU Sales Week 13Nvidia Units 2460 = 56.74%Radeon Units 1875 = 43.26%

Radeon Top 5 Selling Brand Line

RX 6700XT = 1615 Units. RX 6900XT = 100 Units. RX 6800 = 80 Units RX 550 = 50 Units. RX 6800XT = 30 Units.

Nvidia Top 5 Selling Brand Lines!

RTX 3070 8GB = 950 Units. RTX 3060 12GB = 845 Units RTX 2060 6GB = 250 Units. GT 710 = 120 Units. RTX 3090 24GB = 110 Units.
ID: gt225wk

Mindfactorys prices are just abysmal. 300-500€ above MSRP. Seems like they get the entire EU supply.

ID: gt2lx73

What about their prices on green cards, cough?

What you state makes no sense.

Besides, number of cars they were selling a year ago is roughly the same as now.

They are simply much bigger than laughably small thing in the OP.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/01 05:32 ID: gt00l14

Back in November there was some predictions about q1-q2 2021 stock normalization. Based on what I see so far we are nowhere near the end of grand shortage.

ID: gt07ht2

GPU pricing isn't going to normalise until an ETH crash, or ETH moves to proof-of-stake and the old ETH (which will be forked, no doubt) dies off.

It could be another 18 months...

ID: gt0ebpm

this... street prices of any gpu settled where the bought card can be paid in 6 months by mining with it... that makes 5700xt price go up to 1300€ while 6700xt lies just below 1000€ no matter 6700xt is 30 % faster and has ray tracing. it only has 70% of mining performance of 5700xt and that makes it 30 % cheaper in current situation

ID: gt0ivdq

is crypto really the villan in this situation? i dont belevie it is, in some countries mining cryptos isint really profitable, yet cards are no where to be seen , its a part of the problem for sure but not the main couse of it and if it dropped permamently we would see some cards on ebay ppl would buy them up and evrything would have been back to where we are now, no stock and no hope.

ID: gt0bdea

Forecasts back then did not account for mining demand as the crypto market isn't predictable. The crypto price surge started at the end of December with mining demand trailing slightly and starting to surge going into January. Despite what some would lead you believe (either intentionally agenda driven or misinformed) the demand/supply situation is nowhere near the same as it was pre crypto.

If we look at the change with Zen 3 stock/prices it's likely that the forecasts for GPUs (overall, maybe not AMD specifically) would have likely been accurate without the crypto surge.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/01 20:56 ID: gt2nrb2

A year of paper launches, my heart can't take much more


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