Gavin Moore (Demon’s Souls Remake producer) leaves Japan Studio after 18 years

1 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:01 ID: mhqidb
Gavin Moore (Demon's Souls Remake producer) leaves Japan Studio after 18 years
2 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:16 ID: gt0bdvd

I’m still out of the loop

What’s exactly happening with JapanStudios?

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Japan Studio historically always had several development teams. In the last few years, their game hasn't sold so well and as a result Sony has decided to decrease only to one development team, the Asobi Team that makes the Astro series games. All other creators have not had their contracts renewed and are leaving the studio now

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Is this a good or bad thing? I’m just curious

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Their western story games are much more profitable than their Japanese ones so they’re significantly shrinking the size of Japan studios

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It's being restructured. It will be now known as Team Asobi Studio and outside of Team Asobi members, most are being let go. Japan Studio Xdev is being folded into the global Xdev brand.

ID: gt0c39e

So is all this generally a good or bad thing? I truly don’t know tbh

ID: gt0rtkt

most are being let go

Aka fired

ID: gt15qh1

A bunch of contracts weren't renewed at Japan Studio which ultimately means their production of games has stopped other than Team Asobi. This has been in the works for a while now. The staff who did have their contract renewed moved over to Team Asobi to bulk up the Astrobot team going forward.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/01 10:42 ID: gt0mk79

So many business experts here

ID: gt284lu

I'll have you know I have masters in shitposting about video game companies

4 : Anonymous2021/04/01 13:10 ID: gt0ztne

This is an April fools joke that

warned us about. Right? Right?

5 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:25 ID: gt18bd0

Didn’t he direct the remake as well? He’s the dude with the really relaxing voice, right?

6 : Anonymous2021/04/01 10:37 ID: gt0m7ev

I think it's a simple adjustment to market offer and demand. Sure Sony could have kept a studio to product some artistic games instead of triple A blockbusters. But how many are considered today? How many have been left behind during past gen? Game like Knack, Gravity Rush, Concrete Genie, are amazing titles, no doubt, but are crashed from the third party and indie offer. Knack 2 is a solid platformer, but nobody will get to play it (or pay 60$ for it) when Crash Bandicoot or Spyro are back on the shelves.

It's the same reason why PlayStation do not compete in the FPS scene anymore after years of Killzone, Resistance etc. The market is oversaturated with titles.

Now, probably Sony wants to change the teams in Japan Studio, hopefully by moving in people from Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerrilla and Insomniac to produce games more similar to their power lineup. Which could leave to bigger games such God of War and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.

Best luck to Gavin Moore anyways, he made a great run in PlayStation.

ID: gt0ylcu

Single player FPS titles are definitely not saturated anymore, there's certainly room for a new Killzone and/or resistance.

ID: gt139yc

100%, I would've agreed to FPS saturation a decade ago, but now we have primarily cod and bf with some others every few years (Doom, Apex, etc)

ID: gt1f8xh

Not in my opinion. You do not have to release simply a Killzone or Resistance, you have to release a game that sells as much as God of War. You have to be on the shelf at 70 bucks knowing that people wont prefer buy Doom, COD, Battlefield, Titanfall, Halo, Overwatch, Borderlands, Wolfenstein or else instead.

The tactics a la xbox, presenting a reboot of Perfect Dark, probably made with the same budget of Battletoads Reboot, knowing that people will spend 2$ of gamepass and not even finish it, is totaly incompatible with PlayStation.

Then people after 10 years of absence, obviously expects a milestone in the genre, or at least none less than a Doom or a COD. And in Sony, right now, the team most capable to achieve that (Guerrilla), went on a totally different road for years now.

ID: gt0ofi5

I think for this sort of style game, they've also shifted into co-funding third party indie stuff. We know they invested money in Bugsnax, and the Sifu trailer implies the same.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:42 ID: gt0d7h3

I thought Gavin worked for Sony Interactive Entertainment...Not JAPAN studio...

ID: gt1d7iq

If you work for Japan studio or any other Sony first party studio, then you indirectly work for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/01 13:31 ID: gt123h0

Gavin Moore wasn't a producer on DSR, he was the creative director

9 : Anonymous2021/04/01 19:53 ID: gt2fmuz

Gavin Moore is lowkey a PlayStation legend.

Dude has been working at various PlayStation studios since the 90s. A damn shame Sony is loses such a talent while they "reorganize" Japan Studio.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:17 ID: gt0bf7l

Why not split the studio into two and give Japan Studio funding to create something brand new and AAA? They have a lot of talented people who have been with PS for years.

At a time when MS is on a shopping spree, downsizing your first party seems like a poor choice.

ID: gt10u4z

At a time when MS is on a shopping spree, downsizing your first party seems like a poor choice.

Actually, I’d say that the MS shopping spree is the perfect reason for Sony for take a long, hard look at where they’ve been investing their capital, and to make difficult and even painful changes to ensure that it is being used as effectively as possible.

They have a lot of talented people who have been with PS for years.

That’s how it is in the technology industry. People come and go, but it isn’t always a bad thing - sometimes they really do go on to bigger and better things. It’s nothing personal against any of those people, it doesn’t mean they aren’t talented, etc. It isn’t good to keep people just because they’ve been there forever - it’s the company that is sick and in need of a reboot.

Take Amy Hennig for example - I was a huge Legacy of Kain fan, and was gutted when she left Crystal Dynamics. She went to Naughty Dog, directed the first Uncharted, and became head writer and creative director for the entire blockbuster Uncharted series.

ID: gt0f2ep

Different question. Why do so many people keep insisting that Japan Studio was kept from making something AAA because Sony wasn't willing to open their wallets for them?

Toyama left the studio to keep making more niche titles for instance and back in 2013/2014 or so we received reports that everyone at the studio was kind of doing what they wanted and that they had like 40 projects in the works in parallel. When a studio has gotten as many chances as Japan Studios, and be real they've gotten more chances than any other western Sony studio ever would have gotten, and they've essentially only been making small and niche games for all this time, then one might think that there's some intention involved.

Japan Studio wasn't able or willing to go AAA, it's not that they weren't given the chance.

ID: gt0s5z3

Because they haven't made anything successful or on time/budget in decades. All their success is from projects tied to actually good studios like From soft.

ID: gt1ezp5

The only recent success is astro bot and that's why that team is remaining

ID: gt0c18k

They have had opportunity's, Toyama's game never got working properly, the AAA game the other director was working on also never got off the ground properly. The largest studio in one of the most expensive locations but they haven't got going recently. They got plenty of chances and only Xdev and Asobi team were performing.

They are also not downsizing, Sony's first-party has grown a lot since 2017 but it seems that since they haven't made announcements about it like MS at E3 promising stuff for the future it's flown under the radar for most people.

ID: gt1629q

They were given all the leeway in the world and didn't produce. It's their own fault this has happened

ID: gt18evw

I’m looking at Japan Studio’s output from the past decade & aside from Knack, it looks like most of their games have been co-productions with other studios. And I’m gonna be honest, I never even heard of Knack or Knack 2 lol

Gravity’s Rush looks like a cool game, I never played it but looks like Team Silent left Japan studio on their own terms already so.

Idk I think what Sony is doing makes sense.

ID: gt122a3

Their games don’t make that much money as they have less appeal to their western markets (which are much much larger than their japanese market)

11 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:04 ID: gt0aoxv

That’s kinda disappointing but I wonder what he’ll do next. Top talent.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/01 11:34 ID: gt0radx

There is only 2 japanese Studios left out of 13 : Polyphony Digital and Team Asobi.

Killing the name "Japan studio" is not a good idea at all.

ID: gt1ffan

So pretty much the two good teams they have, PD will never get shut down either. They basically work as their own company in some ways.

ID: gt0tn9i

I'm pretty sure 'Asobi' is a japanese word, you should Google the meaning.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:03 ID: gt0amue

Why is Sony shutting down Japan Studio? They made some great games.

ID: gt0h7sn

When was that? For the PS4 all they made was Knack, Gravity Rush, and Astrobot. The Astrobot team will be the studio that will remain and the other two are dissolved. Everything else from Japan Studio was externally developed which will continue under the global Xdev banner.

ID: gt0q90y

Everybody's Golf VR was amazing. 10/10 didn't Japan Studio make that with Clap Hanz?

ID: gt0b1n1

The games didn't sell. And as they're reducing the whole studio to just the team that makes Astro Bot games, there's no need to maintain all these producers and higher ups.

ID: gt0bzvs

It is not just the games didn't sell; they also didn't make many games at all.

ID: gt16ax5

Which ones? Like from over a decade ago? They haven't made anything worth a shit in the longest

14 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:08 ID: gt0awxq

Imagine kicking out people like this just for a stupid IP like astrobot lol.

ID: gt0cirf

That's actually not the reason.

ID: gt0g66j

I know that they were incompetent but to dismantle the whole studio is just a dumb move imo. I mean are we really going to have a studio just detected for astro bot while kicking out people who worked on demon souls, shadow of colossus and silent hill?

15 : Anonymous2021/04/01 08:34 ID: gt0cld7


ID: gt0e5xt

This is a horrible take.

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ID: gt0s0iw

I would rather play Gravity Rush on Vita than TLOU2 on PS5

17 : Anonymous2021/04/01 21:01 ID: gt2of6x

What a shame! Really infuriates me to see what is happening to this studio.


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