Q2’21 Tech Support Megathread

1 : Anonymous2021/04/03 07:55 ID: mj43dl

Hey subs,

We're giving you an opportunity to start reporting some of your AMD-related technical issues right here on /

! Below is a guide that you should follow to make the whole process run smoothly. Post your issues directly into this thread as replies. All other tech support posts will still be removed, per the rules; this is the only exception.

Bad Example (don't do this)

bf1 crashes wtf amd

Good Example (please do this) Summary of Issue

Stuttering on Red Dead Redemption 2 when FreeSync is enabled, tends to occur on lower frame rates. Does not happen when FreeSync is disabled. Appears only on DP but not on HDMI. Does not show on single display.

System Configuration Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 PSU: Corsair SF750W 80+ Platinum Display(s) (Make, Model and Type): Viewsonic XG2401 DP (1080p 144Hz FreeSync) Extended Samsung S2240B DP -> Active DVI-D Dongle (1080p 60Hz) System Memory: 32GB Dual Channel 2132 MHz GPU (VBIOS): Powercolor Red Devil RX 5700XT 8GB (VBIOS: OS (Version): Windows 10 x64 (Version: 19041.264) how do I find this? Driver: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.5.1 Applications: Red Dead Redemption 2 Vulkan and DirectX 12 Background Apps: Discord, Spotify, Firefox Radeon Software Settings: Instant Replay ON, Anti-Lag ON, Radeon Image Sharpening ON, Enhance Sync ON Steps to Reproduce Enable FreeSync in Radeon Software Set graphic settings to hit lower frame rate (30-50 FPS) Launch game and move around to hit targeted frame rate Observe flickering and general performance drop Attachments and Links

Any logs, dump files, pictures/videos, and/or links of other threads to assist in understanding issue

Remember, folks: AMD reads what we post here, even if they don't comment about it.

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2 : Anonymous2021/04/21 01:54 ID: gv9zq77

Today’s driver update is constantly giving me crashing. Modernwarfare, star citizen, world of warships. And significantly less FPS in most games. I understand that I could reverse the drivers to previous but this is ridiculous. I was still getting crashes in the last driver.

i7-9700k Amd 6900xt 32gb Corsair vengeance ram at 3200 850 EVGA PSU supernova Msi z390 tomahawk

3 : Anonymous2021/04/12 14:23 ID: gu99l0o

Anyone else still experiencing problem with the USB disconnect even after upgrading to the newest BIOS ? I feel like the problem has only gotten worse, and is happening more frequently, after upgrading to the newest update. Happens more frequently under load.

Im on a ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING, with a Ryzen 3700X and 16gb of 3200mhz ram. Nothing is overclocked.

ID: guabeh8

I have a prime x570 PRO paired with a Ryzen 3700x and I just updated my bios to the 3801 and I'm still having the same issues (usb disconnect sound in windows). I'm also using a corsair commander pro as a USB pass through for my RGB controllers and they are not detected in icue either.

ID: gufdwqr

same issue here. I posted here as well a few days ago. I only get disconnections when I use my Rift S. I bought a powered usb hub and it seems to resolve the problem. I tested it today for 4 hours and no disconnections.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/01 00:51 ID: gwhp8hx

Hello AMD Community,

I have owned a Sapphire 5700XT Pulse since launch. The first few months with the card were pretty solid, no problems at all. About 3 months into owning the card I started getting the occasional game crash on driver failure. Around 6 months ago my system would start black screening. Sometimes the black screen was recovered to desktop with a game crash (needing to restart Discord to get that functioning again), other times I would need to hard reset my system.

Reproduction is inconsistent. Some days I have no problems at all playing the games I was playing previously, other days I can crash once every 15 minutes. This occurs on virtually every game (CS:GO, EFT, R6, FFXIV, Gmod, Minecraft, PUBG, Titanfall 2, Apex Legends etc), and applications (Discord (watching a screenshare), YouTube (watching a video)).

I have tried the following:

Install Driver without Radeon Software Install older driver (more on this below) Route a separate power cable for each power connector on the GPU

Steps I have not taken:

Restore RAM to default clock speed (I would like to note that a BIOS overclock on the RAM set the speeds to 3200 MHz (XMP Profile), however I looked at the listing again on the purchase and it was stated to be a default clock of 3600 MHz) Update on above - motherboard only supports up to 3200Mhz, so this would be an underclock through an XMP profile, as it was default clocked at ~2800MHz

In case you require my specs, they are listed here:

Ryzen 5 2600X (Stock speeds, stock cooler) 5700XT Pulse Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB 3600 MHz (Supposedly clocked to 3200 MHz) ASUS Prime B450 Plus (Latest BIOS) Corsair CX750M PSU 4TB HDD + 512GB M.2 SSD

I initially never updated my graphics card driver from the initial driver that I had on the system, but once I started encountering crashes I decided to update to a later version but this did not help.

The latest AMD Driver incorporated a crash prevention system - I rushed to install this however it has not aided in any way. In fact it has made the matters worse, where the driver will occasionally corrupt when my system hard crashes, requiring a repair install of the driver once I boot to my desktop again.

This problem doesn't just occur on games - It also occurs within any hardware accelerated application: watching videos on discord, watching videos on chrome etc.

Has anyone found any sort of solution to these driver crashes? I can't even play any form of competitive game without risking being out for most the game/banned because I don't reconnect in time.

ID: gwt9znc

did you ever get any reply to this? I have almost the exact same set-up - no issues. Wish you the best!

5 : Anonymous2021/04/15 00:08 ID: gujssj6

Destiny 2 is getting below 40 FPS in the cosmodrome on my 6800 xt. Was just working fine the other day and I don’t think I made any changes since then.

Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: RX 6800 XT (Reference)


Motherboard: Asus B550i Strix

BIOS Version: 2201



Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10 PRO 20H2

GPU Drivers: Adrenalin Driver Version: 21.3.2

Description of Original Problem: GPU utilization and clock speeds seem to be capped at 500ish mhz in some titles. What's strange is these games were playing just fine a few days ago.

Troubleshooting: Adjusting certain settings in Radeon Software. Changed Minimum Frequency / Reverted to Default. No DDU as this is a new build.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/15 03:07 ID: gukdaut

can we get a sticky post about the USB problem?

7 : Anonymous2021/04/03 10:14 ID: gt8dlsw

WHEA uncorrectable error BSOD

The reason I'm posting this on here is because people seem to have encountered this problem with the 5000 series processors frequently and I'm wondering if this is causing my issue as well.

Built a new system 2 days ago, everything seemed fine at first, ran stress tests (P95, furmark, memtest86) and had no instability issues during, temps seem fine etc.

However, upon playing any game for about 20-30 minutes, I get either a black screen then reboot or (rarely) a BSOD with WHEA uncorrectable error as the reason.

Here's a minidump file

And another one

Windows event viewer shows Error 18 as the ID for these crashes, with

"A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core

Error Source: Machine Check Exception

Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error

Processor APIC ID: 8"

Followed by

"A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core

Error Source: Machine Check Exception

Error Type: Bus/Interconnect Error

Processor APIC ID: 0"

Things I've tried so far:

Reseating the CPU

Reseating the RAM

Updates BIOS

Manually set up ram profile

Tinkered with SoC voltages a bit as someone said that it helped them fix this issue, no result for me.

System specs:

CPU: 5600x

GPU: Palit 3060 dual OC

Motherboard: ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4/ac

RAM: G.skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3200mhz 2x 8gb

PSU: Superflower Leadex II 650w Gold

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

ID: gtbmphf

I had WHEA erros ok my 5800x, turnout I upgraded my mobo and CPU without reinstalling windows, after I did an clean format everything works perfectly.

Btw, I could reproduce the WHEA just be watching Netflix on Edge chromium version, it wouldn't last more than 10secs before my screen froze, then sound and finally my PC restarted without BSOD.

ID: gu7w081

Exact same issue and resolution. Discovered Windows from the previous build (swapped the OS drive, because time saver), was only using half of my (new) CPU cores, as seen under Task Manager > Performance. No apparent issues, other than sporadic, random resets and WHEA errors during gaming. Reinstalled Windows and no issues since.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/03 19:42 ID: gt9y3cl

High voltage and temps

My wife and I have the same PC. Mine was bought in february, and today we have received hers. I have flashed both motherboards to version 2003 (AGESA In the BIOS menu I see my PC at 1.28V and 30ºC and hers 1.44V and 42ºC. I don't know if I overlooked a parameter but as I see everything is in auto mode. Shouldn't the motherboard provide the same voltage for both CPU?


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

ID: gta4qq6

Cpu lottery. Motherboard lottery. Different software running. Differences in cooler / variances of metal tolerances. Take your pick.

ID: gtcer0a

Also look into Undervolting the CPU (if you can) there are plenty of guides available on Google, if done successfully it can help decrease temps.

ID: gtcnted

Running cinebench R23 multicore my temps are (min 29ºC, max 78ºC) and hers (min 39ºC, max 81ºC). I've used Hardware Info 64 to see the values. My wife's PC is stable at -23 PBO so I'll leave it there. Our R23 scores are almost the same.

There's a big difference in idle temps but if that's a silicon lottery issue we are ok.

Thank you for your responses and have a nice day.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/14 19:28 ID: guitkhm

I have been having major USB dropout issues lately, I waited to post this until after the latest bios update was out (it was supposed to fix the issue) however after flashing the bios (7C56v162 beta) the issue still occurs. I did check in HWinfo to make sure the bios update took hold, it did. It does seem like the disconnections (at least mouse disconnections) are shorter however my mouse DPI is not the same as default so it is still VERY noticeable.

Motherboard: MSI B550 Gaming Plus

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x

PSU: EVGA 850bq

System Memory: 16gb Oloy 3600mhz (dual channel)

GPU: Nvidia RTX 3080 FE

OS: Windows 10 x64 latest update 19042.928

Applications: all + desktop

Steps to reproduce: Use PC for a few minutes

10 : Anonymous2021/04/15 22:26 ID: gunpn0l

Has AMD ever put up an official fix for the black screen issues with vega cards? If they havent then im thinking moving to an nvidia GPU because I cant stand how trashy AMD's drivers have been recently.

I dont wanna play for extended sessions with the fear my entire PC will blackscreen lockup randomly and i've tried nearly every single "fix" that's been posted online over the last 2 years.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/19 14:20 ID: gv31a90

Summary of Issue

HDMI or Displayport->HDMI plugged into El Gato HD60S only allows a maximum of 30fps on 6800xt sapphire nitro+. When swapped to Geforce GTX1080 it is able to achieve 60fps, and so does the Playstation 5.

System Configuration

Motherboard: Gigabyte x299 Aorus gaming 7 CPU: intel i7-7820x PSU: evga 850 Display: 2x LG 144hz Gsync, first connected with Displayport second connected from HDMI on output of El Gato. System Memory: 32 GB dual channel 3600mhz GPU: Sapphire nitro+ 6800xt Driver: 21.3.2 Applications: display properties, streamlabs, obs Background Apps: discord, icue, l-connect Radeon software settings: enhance sync on

Steps to reproduce

Plug in AMD card and output HDMI to El Gato HD60S

Edit: Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but it only happens on the 6800XT, I have heard of HDMI Scaling causing issues but it's not the case for this unless its some hidden option that I can't see. Also HDMI to a monitor seems to work fine.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/20 03:10 ID: gv5tw1t

Hello, trying to get 3 screens working with Eyefinity for Iracing. Have a 5600XT. Have all three set at 1920x1080. When I hit eyefinity it makes the screens about a third their size and sets them at around 9k. I'm not sure how I go about fixing this. Any ideas?

13 : Anonymous2021/05/13 02:47 ID: gxxo4kt

Hi, I have just downloaded the latest amd drivers for my gpu and my screen has gone completely black, I can see the cursor, I restarted the computer and the screen comes on then I log in and my screen goes black, I’d appreciate any ideas, cheers

ID: gxytg1h

i think this newest driver is broken; just my opinion

14 : Anonymous2021/05/17 21:44 ID: gyhvkm4

Anyone else experiecing USB3.1 connectivity issues onder heavy CPU load? Is there some tweaks I could do? Maybe more voltage somewhere?

Summary of Issue

External USB hard drives reconnect (disconnect and reconnects with +/- 3 seconds)

System Configuration

Motherboard: Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro V2 - BIOS F13H (latest)
CPU: AMD 5950x. PBO enabled
PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold 850W 80+
System Memory: 64GB 3600mhz - Crucial Ballistix CL16
OS (Version): Windows 10 x64
Applications: CineBench R20
External Drives: Seagate Expansion Desktop 8TB

Steps to Reproduce Connect External Hard Drives on the red USB 3.1 ports. Run CineBench R20 - all core Watch USB Drive disconnect and reconnect, works 75% of the time.
15 : Anonymous2021/05/21 01:56 ID: gywadvn

Fix your shit. Been getting blue screens all day and booting issues after recent updates. I regret I didn't buy a nvidia card man this shit pisses me off!

16 : Anonymous2021/04/03 09:34 ID: gt8bf98

I have a laptop that has a Ryzen 5 3550H and a GTX 1650, but games perform way worse than what youtube videos shown with this same CPU. (8GB dual channel RAM and a 500GB NVMe SSD)

CSGO: 50 fps (Not even 60 haha)

osu!: 240 fps when it should've been 500.

I thought it was optimus who was fucking with me, but further investigation has found that my laptop frequently throttles to 2.8 GHZ at all cores and wasnt performing half as good as what videos shown.

However, I have no idea what causes this massive perf loss. (Maybe its the way this laptop was made)

ID: gt8k93k

If it's throttling then maybe it's Thermal throttling (temps are high so processor downclocks itself) so check temps to make sure they are within spec, factory applied thermal paste are usually quite bad so you may have to re-paste it "if" it's thermally throttling.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/03 21:55 ID: gtacwpc

Hi everyone.

I'd like to have some information about the Ryzen 5950X behaviour in the BIOS.

I've done a new build with an ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero and it shows me a voltage of approximately 1.4 and a 49 to 52°C @3.4 GHz. With stock settings. Previously I had a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master and I don't remember having the same temp or voltage (around 40 degrees of I remember correctly).

Is it normal? Is there a way to optimize it?

When I set the BIOS with ASUS Optimal, it sets the frequency to 4 GHz and both the temp and voltage drops down (40°C and 1.273 v).

In another thread, the one where AMD_Robert talks about 3rd Gen Ryzen behaviour, it seems to be OK but a lot of the cases were within Windows.

Sorry if this has been already asked somewhere else but and didn't found it and I already had a RMA from a previous 5950X (a sudden shutdown while in Firefox, turns out both MB and CPU died...). I don't want to make a mistake and burn the CPU while installing Windows...

Thanks a lot.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/04 09:00 ID: gtbxfmr

Hi, hopefully this is the right place to ask.

Summary of issue:
Game on main display stutters upon visual change on second monitor.

System configuration:
- Mobo: ASUS TUF x570
- CPU: 5900x
- GPU: rx6800
- RAM: 32GB 3600MHz dual channel
- Main display: MSI MAG251rx 240Hz, connected to GPU via DP.
- Second display: BenQ XL2411Z 60Hz, connected to GPU via HDMI.
- OS: Windows 10 pro x64 (version: 19042.867)
- Driver: Radeon software 21.3.2
- Radeon settings: Anti lag ON

Description of issue:
I'm overall very happy with the performance I'm getting while playing games. However games stutter on my main display when I have youtube or twitch open on my second display. This even happens when receiving a steam message that gets displayed on my second monitor. It seems games on my main display will stutter when things visually change on my second display.

After searching a bit, a possible solution could be to turn on hardware acceleration. However, to my knowledge this is currently not possible for AMD GPU's.

Hopefully someone can help me solve this issue, thanks for reading.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/05 14:46 ID: gtgim1p

Summary of Issue

Performing a basic CMOS reset makes my computer completely unusable. I am asking this because I am curious if the latest AMD motherboard updates have fixed this issue or not. Last time this issue happened I could not use my pc for a week as I had tried everything besides updating the GPU BIOS, because I heard that is risky. I don't have all the info, sorry about that, I'd really appreciate it if you could respond with an answer if the newest BIOS (Especially the ones that were fixing the USB and audio issues) I had updated BIOS once before, right after the issue last happened, which was a few months ago. This is also preventing me from enabling DOCP in BIOS because if instability happens and I get a bluescreen I would be unable to do a CMOS reset because it would in the end prevent me from even being able to use my computer until I can either get it into a repair shop or buy a separate graphics card. Thank you for reading.

System Configuration

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B550-E Gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (Stock speeds) PSU: Corsair HX850W Platinum Display(s) (Make, Model and Type): Asus TUF Gaming vg328h1b (1080p 165hz) System Memory: G.skill trident z 16gb 3200mhz (running at 2133Mhz because of this issue I'm having) GPU (VBIOS): ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070S 8gb (Not sure about VBIOS, will update comment when I get home) OS (Version): Windows 10 x64 (Version: Not sure, I believe latest version of 20H2) how do I find this? Driver: NVIDIA Game ready driver 439 (Not sure exactly which driver exactly, again, sorry for that) Applications: CMOS reset issues along with No signal issues Background Apps: Nothing

Steps to Reproduce

Perform a CMOS reset When powering back on the system you will get a white QLED error or a green BOOT QLED error and you will get "No signal" on your monitor The only way to fix it is by putting in another graphics card, booting your system, getting into windows, shutting down the system, and swapping back to your graphics card.

Side note: Sometimes certain graphics cards won't work, when I had first built my pc I had used a GT740 to fix this issue and when I had the issue again I used a GTX980 and that did not work, the only change there was--was the change in drivers for my 2070S.

20 : Anonymous2021/04/07 09:26 ID: gto49n3

The usb disconnections issues is still ongoing, really fucked up by amd here

21 : Anonymous2021/04/08 11:48 ID: gtssd2k

I have both AMD for GPU and CPU. I downloaded Adrenalin for my GPU driver. With Adrenalin installed, do I need to download the chipset driver for my CPU?

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core

22 : Anonymous2021/04/09 21:51 ID: gtz9qcd

Summary of Issue

I can't get 64GB DDR3200 16GB x4 memory stable above JBOD spec of 1066 MHz / DDR2133

System Configuration:

Motherboard: ASRock Taichi x399 CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x Memory: Crucial Vengeance Pro DDR3200-C16 64GB 16x4 / or / G.Skill TridentZ DDR3200-C16 64GB 16x4 (F4-3200C-16Q-64GTZR) PSU: SilverStone Tek 1500 Watt ATX Power Supply 80+ Titanium GPUs: 2x - NVIDIA RTX 2080 ti 11GB

I've tried nearly everything, and I'm starting to wonder if the MB or CPU is out of spec and requires an RMA or warranty claim. I wouldn't be so frustrated with it if it was just a memory speed thing, but with Threadripper running the ram at 1066 mhz means the whole system buss runs at 1066 instead of 1600, with is 33% slower than it should be running at.

Is it impossible to run 4x DIMMs at 1600 mhz?

ID: gu4ituf

I had the same issue with a different ryzen board. The problem was that I had the DDR pair in the slot closest to the motherboard but needs to be in a specific if only 2 of the 4 slots were occupied.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/09 22:09 ID: gtzbuqo
Summary of Issue

Random flickers in 2D applications

Recently I've bought Asus Dual Rx 6700 xt and after testing it I experience some flickers that occur while not in game mostly in 2D applications, I tried using card in another PC and same things were happening I also tried card on DP and HDMI cables I don't really know what may be the issue and if i should return the card it seem to happen on low gpu load any suggestions?

System Configuration Motherboard: Rog Strix B550 Gaming-a CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x PSU: SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 Gold 750W Display(s) (Make, Model and Type): AOC 24g2u 144 hz Freesync System Memory: 16GB Dual Channel 3200 MHz OS (Version): Windows 10 x64 (Version: 19042.867) Driver: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.3.2 Applications: Any 2D application Background Apps: Discord, Chrome Radeon Software Settings: Freesync and everything is off Attachments and Links

Here's video showing problem:

24 : Anonymous2021/04/10 17:34 ID: gu29ymi

Is resizable BAR/SAM availible on the RX 480? I have a Ryzen r 3600 and a B450 motherboard already.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/13 07:03 ID: guchc1e

I just got a pulse rx6700xt and have been playing around a bit with trixx and the amd radeon software but I was wondering what would be the best settings to use to get the best performance out of the card and and if there are other things that I could be tweeking to improve performance.

Also, is there a way to check if I have SAM enabled?

for reference I have a ryzen 5 3600 and a b450 tomahawk max with 3600hz 16Gb of ram.

Thanks in advance!

26 : Anonymous2021/04/14 14:01 ID: guhl3jg

Hey guys I just built my PC last night and am having the usb disconnect issue. Iv found that they came out with the bios update but it says change the name of the bios before downloading and I'm not quite sure what it means. And when I downloaded the update it just gave me the bio name changer. If anyone could walk me through it step by step so I dont brick my brand new pc I would be so freakn grateful!

Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B550-A CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x PSU: Cooler Master V750 System Memory: 16GB Dual Channel 3600 MHz G-sKill Trident Z GPU (VBIOS): EVGA RTX 3070 FTW3 OS (Version): Windows 10 x64
27 : Anonymous2021/04/15 12:53 ID: gull3sk

Pls fix Fallout 76 reflections. That`s it. It`s well known problem.

28 : Anonymous2021/04/15 17:35 ID: gumm6r6

I've got a weird one. I bought an MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi and installed my old Ryzen 7 3700x on it. I then reinstalled Windows and have reinstalled all chipset drivers, etc.

No matter what, I can't get a temp reading in Ryzen Master. I even tried resetting the BIOS to default, but it always shows 0 degrees. I can see the temperatures in HW-Info and Core Temp, though.

Anyone have any ideas?

29 : Anonymous2021/04/16 18:29 ID: gur5415

This is an issue I've been having for a very long time I am using a 3700x with the stock cooler. I don't know if it's cooler related but I get a stutte

dip in every game that I play and I'm not sure if it's CPU cooler fan related. Has anyone else experienced this and did it go away when they switched over to a larger aftermarket fan? My temps don't go above 80 degrees.

For example I could be sitting at a smooth 110 to 117 FPS which is FPS limited through rtss and then every 30 or seconds or so randomly at varying times the FPS will freeze and then the very next frame it'll be back to normal.

FPS charts show this and it's not just in my head. It looks similar to this.

30 : Anonymous2021/04/16 21:20 ID: gurrp5f

Motherboard: MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC

CPU: 2700x

What's a normal voltage range for the CPU with PBO enabled? I have a .1 mV offset, and on Ryzen Master, I see the CPU Voltage jump up to 1.51 V at times when not doing anything CPU heavy.

ID: gutx558

That 1.5v spike is just PBO doing it's work it's nothing to worry about.

31 : Anonymous2021/04/16 22:32 ID: gus0hmi

Summary of issue:

first boot from windows after install through USB im directly getting the bsod.

It works in safe mode but as soon as it tries to boot windows normally boom, bsod with a message of “system thread exception not handled”

I have updated the bios, currently in bios version f33h and i tried uninstalling and installing latest gpu driver through safe mode. Still nothing.

I have tried removing sticks and alternating through slots. Also nothing.

In bios it is picking up on ram speed and clock, cpu temp is at 35c. All looks normal to me.

System configuration: * motherboard: C570 Aorus Ultra 1.1 * Cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x * PSU: corsair 550W 80+ bronze * Display: Benq EW3280U * System memory: 124 gb G-skill ripjaws 2666 DDR4 * GPU: Gigabyte Geforce gtx 1660 super OC 6gb

32 : Anonymous2021/04/17 04:06 ID: gut0hgp


A friend of mine who i built a pc for started having a weird issue where the Radeon overlay is flickering whenever he's playing games. As it is not my system i cannot tell u how to reproduce the fault. I know he has all his drivers up to date and is running the latest Radeon software. System specs: B450 mortar R5 3600 stock cooler 16gb 3200mhz c16 Rx580 8gb 650w 80+ gold psu

System is less than 6 months old, he doesn't play any other games but League of legends. He will be testing with Rocket league.

flickering overlay

Thanks in advance!

33 : Anonymous2021/04/18 01:20 ID: gux8lcx

Summary of Issue

Stuttering on COD Warzone. VRAM usage @ 100% (wich i turned out to fix it) unstable clock speed and GPU Usage. With SAM activated the GPU usage goes from 20 to 90% like crazy. After turning off SAM and managing to drop the VRAM usage i got less stuttering but core clocks and the GPU usage are so unstable they make stuttering still a problem. Important: its a visual stutering cause i see no effects on the fps's

System Configuration

Motherboard: Asus X570 Tuf Gaming Plus (most recent bios installed) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X PSU: Gigabyte Aorus 850w gold +

Display(s) Asus VG 248 144hz 1ms

System Memory: 32GB Dual Channel 3600mhz cl16


OS (Version): Windows 10 x64 (most recent version and up to date)

Driver: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.3.1

Applications: Call of Duty Warzone

Background Apps: Discord, Chrome

Radeon Software Settings: Radeon Image Sharpening ON, Color tuning ON

Steps to Reproduce
Just playing the game and monitoring with hardware monitor or MSI afterburner (with riva tuner activated) its easy to see the clock and usage ramping arround

34 : Anonymous2021/04/19 03:56 ID: gv1m39b

Summary: still experiencing USB connectivity issues after AGESA update that was intended to fix the problem. Problem occurs for me with internally connected Corsair Commander Pro that controls 4 of my case fans. I get the usb disconnect audio cue and the lighting pattern on the fans resets. I’m able to avoid the issue on external USB devices by only using the USB 2.0 i/o ports on the mobo.

System Specs: Mobo: ASUS Prime X570-Pro BIOS version 3801 CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x Ram: G-Skillz TridentZ Royal 2x16 GB (32 GB total) GPU: MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio PSU: Corsair RM850x 850 watt

ID: gv3fhsd

I have the same issue, I almost think it's a fault by the Commander Pro. There are known issues with the CP and especially the X570 Prime Pro (got the same board). Even though I've already connected the CP to an internal active USB, the issue still occours. Gonna replace the CP tomorrow, see if that finally fixes it.

35 : Anonymous2021/04/19 05:31 ID: gv1u2vh

I feel like my idle on a 3700X is running a bit too high. I have a Dark Rock Pro 4 with default fan control on a Asus TUF X570. Here are the temps from HWInfo, above running Prime 95 for a few minutes and below at idle:

(Columns are current/min/max/avg).

36 : Anonymous2021/04/19 06:30 ID: gv1yjc1
Summary of Issue:

Computer does not POST, when PCIE x16 is in 4.0 mode (Auto).

The VGA LED keeps a constant light and nothing happens anymore.

Changing PCIE x16 from "Auto" to 3.0 mode, does solve the issue.

Everytime I test a new BIOS version and the configuration is reset,

I have to use a spare GPU card, which does not support PCIE rev 4, to even get access to UEFI configuration again, and set the PCIE Slot manually to rev 3.

System Configuration:

Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS

MB BIOS: 2006 (AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI Patch A)

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

PSU: Seasonic Focus PX 750

RAM: G.Skill Trident Z Neo F4-3600C16D-32GTZN (2x32GB)


Display: Acer Predator Z35P (Display Port connected)

OS: Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.928

AMD Chipset Software:

M.2_1 slot: WD Black SN850 NVMe 1TB (PCIE mode 4.0)

M.2_2 slot: WD Black SN750 NVMe 250GB (PCIE mode 3.0)

Steps to Reproduce:

Way One: Reset BIOS to defaults

Way Two: Update BIOS (reset occurs by process)

Way Three: Change PCIE x16 Slot configuration from Version 3.0 to "Auto"


I feel like this issue is somehow related to the USB issue. I found several threads and comments about people having the same issue with PCIE gen 4.0 cards. It does not seem to matter if you have an Nvidia or AMD GPU.

37 : Anonymous2021/04/19 17:24 ID: gv3r6vf

Summary of Issue

I finally got MSI afterburner to recognize my new 6700xt. I posted here before about this, but I honestly hate the Radeon software center, it looks bad and is extremely bloated (It uses 1.5 GB of VRAM! WHY!?). I want to use MSI afterburner to control my fans and underclock, how do I make sure the Radeon software center is no longer part of the equation? I obviously need to keep getting driver updates, so I can't uninstall it unless there is something like the Tiny Nvidia Updater for AMD.

Mobo: MSI B250I GAMING PRO AC Mini ITX LGA1151 CPU: 7600k PSU: Corsair 550 watt GPU: 6700xt ( RAM: 32 GB @ 2133MHz OS: Windows 10 64bit


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