Dont sleep on Generation Zero

1 : Anonymous2021/04/04 17:29 ID: mk0pnc

I had never heard of this game before I got it on sale during the Games Under $20 promo last week - incredible game. Very fun solo, even better with friends. The game is also getting a big update this month that will bring base building. Kind of mash up of Horizon Zero Dawn, modern FPS (weapons, weapons systems), and with a light dusting of RPG.

Check it out!!

2 : Anonymous2021/04/04 17:56 ID: gtd9rip

Yeah me and 2 friends just got the platinum for this.

Not sure what the stroy was, and there were a few instances of crash-causing errors. But it was good fun!

ID: gtdc4fs

It's kind of like Control in that if you dont read/listen to all the documents, the story kinda falls by the wayside. But even the devs encourage leaving the story for a bit to free roam, fight roberts, etc. Im about a week in and loving it.

ID: gtdsblk

Poor Robert.... always singled out.

ID: gtdumzw

How's the Platinum? Is it long?

ID: gtdvb85

Nah, it's perfectly attainable, if you've got a friend for the 1 or 2 co-op trophies. Get a guide for the collectables because its a huge map and would take forever to scour every busted car and kitchen table looking for cassette tapes and garden gnomes!

3 : Anonymous2021/04/04 17:58 ID: gtd9w7i

Basebuilding eh? Is it just an open world map or something?

ID: gtdcdfd

Really, really big map. You can fast travel between safehouses currently, but I would imagine this would be applied to base building too.

Check this page out, it helps to explain it somewhat:

Generation Zero

4 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:34 ID: gtdl0ua

I got this at launch, but it sucked. What have they added in since?

ID: gtedk73

I believe a lot more enemy variety and set pieces to make the world feel more lived in. I'm only a week deep but enjoying it. Really beautiful art direction as well.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/04 20:40 ID: gtdslqh

There are bones to a good game here, but its just dull as shit honestly. Barren countryside, not enough loot variety and its clunky as hell. I beat the main campaign out of morbid curiousity and wow that ending was not worth the journey at all. The concept is interesting, its just not well executed, imo.

ID: gtedoj3

To each their own! It's a nice change of pace for me, and I love playing with friends and using group tactics.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:40 ID: gtdls94

Please sleep on Generation Zero.

ID: gtedtp7

When's the last time you played?

ID: gtej8lb

It doesn't matter. I highly doubt they can turn the game around. No matter what features they add, it's still the nothingness of a game it was at launch.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/04 21:36 ID: gtdz0m5

I can’t wait to see games like this built around this generations hardware.

ID: gted82j

Same! It's already pretty gorgeous - would love a 60fps+ version.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/04 22:12 ID: gte332l

All I heard about this was it was so repetitive and boring

ID: gted5m6

I'm really enjoying it

9 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:22 ID: gtdjnzy

I sleep

ID: gtedfwi

Buenos noches

ID: gtes4h6


10 : Anonymous2021/04/04 18:06 ID: gtdauhy

30fps. If they uncap it I'm going back in.

ID: gtdbwg7

It feels a bit snappier than 30 on PS5. Some MP games do stutter a bit but it's very fun as is. Unlocked would be amazing.

ID: gtdcnum

I tried it. It's a firm 30 now as opposed to dips on ps4 pro. The devs are pretty active on social media. They would respond to requests I reckon. Great game and time era too. It has a lot of potential if they update it for next gen

11 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:52 ID: gtdn6jn

The biggest thing keeping me from getting into it is actually the movement, it feels too floaty. I know it's a small thing, but it really ruins the feel of the game for me.

ID: gtedqcd

That's fair. I would love a bit more sensitivity on the sticks.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/04 23:11 ID: gte9l1d

Dude this game is a joke and I wouldn't even play it if someone payed me for it. LOL. It's so fucking depressing and I just have to laugh at how bad this game is. There are so many bugs and I don't understand how people haven't raged about it. Everyone who reads this do not buy this shit.

ID: gted0qh

You've got a lot of bad energy inside of you. Let it go before it kills you.

ID: gtemyfe

Dude I have played this game and the developer decided to release it with bugs! There is no excuse for an unfinished product and people like you are defending this. You try to defend this because you like it but dude if other developers see this they will keep giving us unfinished games. It's just not the right way and you should stop threatening people that tell the truth!


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