Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim, hits PS5 later this year

1 : Anonymous2021/04/07 17:33 ID: mm7d3h
Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim, hits PS5 later this year
2 : Anonymous2021/04/07 18:23 ID: gtpt80y

Interesting that they say it's in early development but plan to release it this year.

ID: gtq27d2

Probably using unreal engine and already have all assets and motion capture done. Unreal engine production pipeline is incredibly efficient.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/07 18:45 ID: gtpw8u2

This is 100% Kojima right??

This devs Twitter is empty

Just look at the devs initials..


Their only game is a mobile game with a Death Stranding hand?

ID: gtqniw9

I can’t help but agree. Something isn’t quite adding up about this Blue Box studios and the PS exclusivity.

ID: gtqqn8q

Yeah usually indie games get announced by Yoshida. The other thing why will Sony go and strike a deal on PS5 exclusivity with a very random studio ? Something really off here

ID: gtqoucm

I wish. That would be a bit genius tbh, to stealth release an AAA game sequel behind the front of a low budget indie game. It could impact initial sales.. but word of mouth is powerful if you know how to get it to go viral, and you could also put it on a service like psplus or gamepass.

Imagine you're playing what you think is a shallow low budget forest walking similar and it just opens up and transitions into a full blown Silent Hill sequel infront of your eyes.

ID: gtr4lzd

They're not saying it's going to release as a shoddy indie game, it's like what Kojima did with the Phantom Pain announcement. They made a fake studio called "Moby Dick Studio" and showed clips from MGSV's prologue as part of a nonexistent horror game.

ID: gtqpx70

The game director never directed a game before. Do you think Sony will go and get exclusivity right for just like that ? Usually indie titles get announced by Yoshida. Something not right here

ID: gtqwcyb

Also very strange that their website doesn’t work. Click on the link on their twitter. If anything, i feel like Sony Would make sure a studio with an exclusive for their platform would have a website that is up and functional. ESPECIALLY if they’re putting their game up on the official playstation blog.

I would be surprised if Sony let such a new, clumsy studio represent them.

ID: gtqvqeo

Yup. Crossposting + adding a bit but..

it looks like scam/shovel/vapourware to me.

Blue Box Game Studio's site was very outdated (2015/2016-ish) and had numerous spelling mistakes. They took it down today tho. It only mentioned some buzzwords. It looked more like some place-holder stuff; far from legit. There is no actual history or portfolio regarding this game studio. Its owner has no online presence at all except a very basic LinkedIn-page; no relevant working history whatsoever. BBGS seems to be registered at a residential appartment. While this isnt 'strange', it does seem a bit strange if they have 10 employees (..Unless they all work remotely..) The 'demo' looks like thrown together Unreal/Unity spectator-cam stuff + speedtree-ish flora and some not too original looking assets. BBGS's has put out a PT-esque inspired android game and a Steam Early access thing; both look more like hobby-projects. Even a 'shovelware' game like Life of Black Tiger seems to have a legit studio behind it. A previous 'version' of this project seems to be a super-massively-failed Kickstarter-project (with a familiar sounding first chapter called 'Abandoned'
ID: gtqdgyc

I think it’s Silent Hill.

In the trailer you see a sign that says “God’s Town”.

In Silent Hill lore the town is built on sacred ground and the there is a “evil God” that is causing everything. “This is God’s town” was a running theme in the game’s lore.

Also; Kill the Trespasser is seen in the trailer written on a wall behind a tree. The Trespasser is the protagonist in Silent Hill. The unwelcome guest of God’s Town. In reality, everyone not involved with Silent Hill’s God is a trespasser, but in the sense of the game your character is the trespasser.

ID: gtqku4i

as a person who has loved silent hill since the ps one and never fully understood the story, i genuinely appreciate your comment.

ID: gtqxw83

The name "abandoned" that's PT right ? It was an abandoned game

ID: gtqrdoq

It's not silent Hill.

Let me clarify, I hope it is. But it's not.

ID: gtqorol


ID: gtqj29a

Damn you might be onto something, the directors’s initials are also HK . I could definitely see Kojima doing smth like this

ID: gtqzvho

When I searched him on Linkedin earlier he had no connections and no profile pic... very strange lol

ID: gtqnsc4

Google image search for the linkedin profile picture led me to this gem:

ID: gtq7pr1

Dude I think you’re right. The game director’s name is Hassan Kahraman. Another coincidence? I doubt it.

ID: gtq7xrk


ID: gtqaj40

I hope you're right!

ID: gtqhy4w

Judging by the seizure level shaky cam in the brief amount of gameplay you are probably right. Nobody likes completely unrealistic and annoying shaky cam like Kojima.

ID: gtq1moc

I mean why hide behind a studio/person from the Netherlands?

We already know Kojima is announcing a new game soon and he knows we know so he'd just come out with the announcement as himself no?

Or else everyone would be sitting here for months thinking where the fuck is the Kojima game announcement and praising this new game from Blue Box without him getting any credit or acknowledgement? I doubt it but interesting thought.

ID: gtq1ss5

He has literally done the exact same thing in the past. He always like to "troll" the audience during marketing his games.

ID: gtq7y9c

> I mean why hide behind a studio/person from the Netherlands?

This phrase alone has me convinced that it's kojima. "why??" is a pretty standard reaction to a lot of things he does

ID: gtqber0

Because it’s something Kojima would do. He’s eccentric and he’s done it before. This small game gets announced, all these “clues”, no one really pays attention, then at some big game show they show a new 2 minute long trailer and at the end is the guy walking out of the woods and into a town, the town sign reads “Welcome to Silent Hill”. Then it’s revealed to be Silent Hills or some twisty shit and Kojima walks out on stage.

You gotta understand: Kojima is the type of person that’d do this.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/07 17:58 ID: gtppp5n

That VO is fucking hilarious. “Away from your LUST ones...” lmao. Game looks kind of cool though, I’ll keep an eye on it.

ID: gtq0tlw

Glad i'm not the only one who thought it was weird. Of course I'm not going to judge the whole game on it but spent the entire trailer thinking "what the hell is that accent?" Especially after she said the word "anything"

ID: gtqhu26

The voice acting was supremely bad.

Y'all critiquing the accent, when in reality, it was done by a first year drama student.

ID: gtqnc47

Yeah gotta say, the VO for this trailer kinda killed it for me. I love the idea of this game and am still excited for it, but even if it was well acted this kind of presentation works against the tone of the game.

You want something foreboding and eerie, highlight the why of "this is a scary situation" through audio and visual methods. I know they're not quite the same game, but I think the trailer for The Forest does a pretty good job of this.

This trailer on the other hand was just shots of the woods at dusk with a VO explaining why I should be scared. It doesn't show any of the things she was talking about.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/07 20:29 ID: gtqawhv

"So is it Silent Hill or a Kojima game?"

ID: gtqtu4l

Probably both

6 : Anonymous2021/04/07 17:40 ID: gtpn6mr

This looks cool. It’s exclusive and gameplay coming soon. Visuals look next gen but that frame rate though. Yeeesh. Hope it gets fixed before launch.

ID: gtpnx10

It says 4k/60fps in the post so I wouldn't worry.

ID: gtpp0sl

It actually makes me worry that they want to hit "nAtIvE 4k". Bruh, just lower the resolution, 95% people wouldn't even notice if it would be 1440p upscaled to 4k.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/07 21:03 ID: gtqfgrg

You all can call me crazy but the studio twitter is literally abandoned lol. The director i can find is an actor

The only mobile game of this studio have a hand from death stranding

And in the trailer, we have god's town, and in silent hill 1 there is a cult try rebirth the god

I mean it could be im think to much, it must be nothing, but i cant even know why sony want to make a game from a studio we never heard before as exclusive tittle, and look at the trailer is nothing really make me want to grab a ps5 lol.

And here is an old failed kickstarter from the studio

ID: gtqizyr

And it was fully funded by a “private investor” per a post on Kickstarter.

I reckon it’s Kojima put in over this idea after it / the studio was bought out by Sony or komjima himself

ID: gtqpdbo

When you scroll down it gives a list of Chapters. Chapter 1 is literally called Abandoned.

So yeah the private investor is either Sony, or a studio with ties to Sony.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/07 23:18 ID: gtqwbjt

Post says its written by a "Hasan Kahraman"...

Hasan Kahraman = H.K. = Hideo Kojima? Or am I just reaching lol

ID: gtqzv55

It is Hideo

9 : Anonymous2021/04/07 18:02 ID: gtpqa5w

Well, that's on my list now. It looks great.

I'm really glad we're getting another winter game. TLoU2 was nice, but I miss the winter of The Division.

ID: gtq8kv5

Let me tell you about that little indie hidden gem called Miles Morales

ID: gtqnz17

Horizon Frozen Wilds has a gorgeous winter landscape too.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/07 21:53 ID: gtqm1b7

After reading the comments and the article, I had to double check it wasn't posted on the 1st of April.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/07 18:08 ID: gtpr55w

The next Ps5 event is going to be mindblowing

12 : Anonymous2021/04/07 20:32 ID: gtqba1g

Not much to go on but I'm intrigued based on the article. I love creeping and stealth based games

13 : Anonymous2021/04/07 23:07 ID: gtqv0tb

„No water“ everything is snow covered. I highly doubts thats a fake Kojima game. Looks way too simple.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/08 00:06 ID: gtr1xm1

Anyone else notice the Narrator instead of saying "your LOVED ones" She says "LOST" either that or she has a weird accent

15 : Anonymous2021/04/07 20:20 ID: gtq9lxi

If this has co-op ala The Forest it's a day one buy for me. But the story doesn't seem to fit with a co-op experience so I'm not holding my breath.


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