Jason Schreier: NEW: In 2018, a small team of PlayStation developers tried to build their own studio to remake The Last of Us. Today, the game still exists but the studio doesn’t. As we enter the PS5 era, Sony is avoiding risk and prioritizing its biggest teams. My story:

1 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:09 ID: mneufe
Jason Schreier: NEW: In 2018, a small team of PlayStation developers tried to build their own studio to remake The Last of Us. Today, the game still exists but the studio doesn't. As we enter the PS5 era, Sony is avoiding risk and prioritizing its biggest teams. My story:
2 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:25 ID: gtx2qn9

Remaking a game that came out in 2013 is weird…

ID: gtxagr4

especially when it already had a remaster. Makes no sense

ID: gtzgpg2

Yeah he's making it sound like Sony killed them.... Well if you were doing something as pointless as remaking a game that hasn't aged visually a day, I'd shut that down too.

ID: gtyi4xh

The remaster was largely a bump in frame rate and resolution. Pretty much just the game as it existed on PS3, but boosted to take advantage of more powerful hardware.

TLoU looks nowhere near as good as TLoU II. Don't get me wrong, I'm not disagreeing that a full remaster within a decade of the original release is quick. I expected a proper Uncharted trilogy remaster first. But there's no denying that there's room to make TLoU look far better by bringing it up to par with its successor, if not likely surpass it.

ID: gtx51n0


PlayStation has a fuckton of dormant IPs in dire need of restoration and attention.

Where's Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal, and SOCOM?

TLOU just had a sequel last year and a remaster of the original, meanwhile, Jak and Daxter are still sleeping in Naughty Dog's dusty garage.

ID: gtx725b

Bend Studio need to revive the Syphon Filter series!

The Easter Egg they put into Days Gone made me realise how much I miss it.

But part of me wants them to still be working on a sequel to Days Gone, and we probably can’t have both!

ID: gtxjjj8

LEGEND OF DRAGOON!... Is that a Sony game?

ID: gtxuqsb


ID: gtxclip

Soccom? You mean “bravo move to A! bravo move to A! Bravo move to A god damn it”. Lmao. Miss that game.

ID: gtxmgvf

Also The legend of Dragoon

I really dream about a remake of it

ID: gtxb2la

Give me a Warhawk remake in the time of big scale multiplayer!

ID: gtxd321


ID: gtx72hy

Actually Uncharted 1 was going to be remade but it was later rejected because some of the design was old and had to be completely redone.

ID: gtxqo10

Agh, J&D. I'd love a new game or even a remake of that series.

ID: gtydcsh

It boggles my mind we went through a 5+ year battle royal craze and didn't get a new twisted metal

ID: gtxo3b0

The Last of Us was remastered in 2014 and has aged perfectly well. Give me a Resistance trilogy remake before wasting time on that.

ID: gtxk8nt

I'm still waiting for a legend of the dragoon revival

ID: gtybhpq

I can say I’m extremely spoiled in the sense that Ratchet and Clank has been alive and well since the PS2 generation. Even though Insomniac will probably be pumping out Spider-Man games for the foreseeable future, we still are able to get new R&C games.

I just wish ND could be the same with Jak. Hell I’d take a Jak 2 remake even

ID: gtxwlb0

I’d love another twisted metal and also a max payne

ID: gty00d8

You've unofficially made yourself the person to receive remake wishes.


ID: gtx5zay

Which also got a remaster on PS4 soon after.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:28 ID: gtx2yke

Remaking a game that already has it's own remaster, running 60fps on PS5... What the hell

ID: gtx41k3

That and the fact that it's Naughty Dog, one if not Sony's best and most innovative studio, who is stuck making a remake of a remaster of a game that came less than 10 years ago is a massive waste of incredible talent.

I can't believe that higher ups at ND and Sony think this is a great idea..

ID: gtx4hqy

The entire studio isn’t working on the remakes ND has a lot of teams

4 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:50 ID: gtx50fs

I think people need to understand the article and that this structure has begun before Ryan coming in.

Anyway, I don't think we really need a remake on Last of Us as it's still fresh, anyway I'm keen to hear more about it!

ID: gtx81z5

Michael Mumbauer even gave an interview to David Jaffe in which he said that Shawn Layden was a huge fan of Remakes and that he bascically tailored his pitch for the VASG internal project around that.

The idea that this long rumoured secret studio was doing nothing more than remaking freaking TLOU, so that they could then later move on to remake the original Uncharted is the most boring reveal imaginable.

I at least hope that it isn't a big part of ND still working on that Remake, because having to wait maybe additional years for something new from the studio, just because they are putting a huge amount of people on polishing up a game that's not even 10 years old would be a huge bummer.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/09 12:22 ID: gtx82xf

Jason Schreier also tweeted that he's not sure if the new Uncharted game is still in development.

ID: gtx9393

So Sony is both playing it safe and not safe?

ID: gtya2am

Schrodinger's Uncharted.

ID: gtxsot9

They're playing both sides so they always come out on top.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/09 14:31 ID: gtxnehf

Hell I'd just like a sly cooper collection available for purchase.

ID: gtz4mis

I’d kill for anything new from Sly Cooper. All those gadgets in 2 and 3 would be gold for the Dualsense haptics

7 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:11 ID: gtx1lyw

It hasn't even been 10 years and they're already remaking it.

Also Bend feared becoming Naughty Dog North.


Nice to see Bend are now working on a game of their own

ID: gtx3aem

That game apparently is not a Days Gone sequel

ID: gtxcazn

The thing is they wanted to make it. So feel kinda sad for the team ngl.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/09 19:20 ID: gtyqo8h

TLOU - even in its original form on the PS3 - still holds up today. A remake is beyond pointless especially with the remaster on the market. Waste of money and talent.

Edit: Unless we don’t have the full story and this “remake” is Sony bringing TLOU over to PC. ND games are Sony’s biggest sellers, it would behoove them to bring over some of those older games to PC at a higher fidelity. Though, I doubt this is the case.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/09 20:29 ID: gtyzmpb

We should not be praising game remasters, despite often wanting them.

I dont want studios to be releasing games every 2 or 3 years and charging $60-$80 for the “Ultra HDR 8k, latest best package.”

You end up with GTA5 for 10 years.

I don’t want every franchise to become GTA5.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:42 ID: gtx492i

A lot of weird nuggets in this one.

ID: gtybp4k

Risk averse, call'em chicken nuggets

11 : Anonymous2021/04/09 19:12 ID: gtypk6m

who decided remaking TLOU was a good idea?! Maybe in 10-15 years time but not now!

12 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:54 ID: gtx5eqh

The point in this article is not the announced or unannounced games to me. It’s the freedom given to first-party studios. That was one of the keys to Sony’s first-party success: the studios had the resources and they could be as creative as they wanted. Now, it seems like Sony is curbing that freedom so that the studios would only focus on big projects that would bring in major profits.

ID: gtxew68

Schreier's article in a nutshell:

Sony's Visual Arts Service Group (SVASG)

SVAGS always had a supporting role.

SVAGS wanted to create something from scratch themselves.

They formed a new internal 'team' and they started working on a TLOU remake. It's not 'clear' if they were commisioned to do that, or if it was their own idea; or whatever reasoning there was for a TLOU remake to be their first project. (altough one can argue that it makes sense given the HBO TV Series).

SVAGS didn't get the necessary budget & support because of reasons not mentioned in the article, so we don't really know what was going on unless Schreier can tell us more.

Hermen Hulst wasnt impressed with the progress and found it to be over-budget for a remake. Project moved back to Naughty Dog (which makes sense)

SVAGS ended up being support. People left the 'new team'. Which makes sense since they are back to where they started.

Bend Studio:

The Days Gone-IP seems to have been put on hold for now because because reception wasnt as expected and it had too lengthy development.

Bend was asked to help out on ND's multiplayer game, and work on 'an Uncharted' game.

Bend disagreed ("we dont want to become a Naughty Dog 'North') and gave back the Uncharted-project so they could also work on a new game of their own, next to supporting the ND multiplayer game.

Japan Studio:

basically got dissolved because Sony doesn't have the faith that they could produce games that were big successes world wide.

Conclusion: Sony is prioritizing their big franchises and is asking other studios to help out. We currently don't know what Sony's strategy is regarding new/smaller IPs, internally or externally.

ID: gtz5p3v

We currently don't know what Sony's strategy is regarding new/smaller IPs, internally or externally.

This is coming out the year they have launched AstroBot, Destruction All Stars, Sackboy Adventures and are about to launch Returnal... They launched Ghost of Tsushima last year. It's like cognitive dissonance reading this stuff.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/09 11:17 ID: gtx22zl

Why would anyone try to remake TLOU 5 years later, that too when it already got a PS4 remaster that holds up well even now. That sounds like a dumb idea that should've never been acted on to begin with. Remake The Legend of Dragoon you cowards.

ID: gtx83eq

The only logical reason I can think of, is Sony wants to release one massive blowout marketing push for The Last of Us overall. TLOU PS5 Remake + TLOU 2 PS5 patch + Factions Part 2 + TLOU HBO. Otherwise, I don’t know what the fuck Sony is thinking.

ID: gtxc2y6

The forming of the now dead San Diego team would have been around the time the idea of PlayStation Productions was in talks, with plans by the big heads to try a TLOU TV show. So, remaking the first game to release alongside it... I can see why they greenlit the remake.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/09 12:46 ID: gtxakrx

Emphasizing big hits can also be counterproductive because sometimes games that start small can turn into massive successes. In 2020, Sony didn’t put much marketing muscle behind the quirky video game creation system Dreams, by the PlayStation-owned Media Molecule in the U.K. As a result, PlayStation may have missed out on its own version of Roblox, a similar video game tool. Parent company Roblox Corp. went public earlier this year and is now valued at $45 billion.

Talk about a stretch..

15 : Anonymous2021/04/09 17:06 ID: gty8my8

I want a Resistance: Fall of Man remake. I don't care at all about a TLOU remake.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/09 21:26 ID: gtz6mzm

Sounds like they want a Last of Us product ready for when the HBO series comes out to capitalize on that hype

17 : Anonymous2021/04/09 23:52 ID: gtzniy2

Remaking a game from 2013 is odd. Sony has been making some weird decisions lately


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