Sony is creating a new mobile division within PlayStation Studios

1 : Anonymous2021/04/09 19:21 ID: mnoldv
Sony is creating a new mobile division within PlayStation Studios
2 : Anonymous2021/04/09 19:37 ID: gtyswce

Makes sense financially for Sony, but I have zero interest in it

ID: gtzgpa3

This would’ve caught my attention if “mobile” meant something Vita 2 related, but with how that project flamed out we all know that’ll never happen again.

ID: gu0v5zl

Vita was so ahead of it's time. Seeing the success of the Nintendo Switch now, as a portable current (last) gen console, makes me sad Vita never had the same success back in 2012 as a portable PS3. Ridiculously priced memory cards, devs either half arsing it or abandoning it and reducing it to nothing more than a glorified 3DS despite the power of the machine. Such a shame.

The success of the PSP could still be replicated. Sony just have to not fuck it up along the way. Would love to have both a proper next gen machine alongside a portable device that rivals Nintendo.

ID: gu0zjkx

- 's reaction, probably

ID: gtyzpwv

Bang on! Not a single ps5 owner is gonna be excited to play Uncharted: The adventure of 30second ads

ID: gtz967x

If they actually did adless 4.99 games I would be very interested buy apparently forcing me to stare at a pipe, an anime character and green orc while some window licker can't figure out how to connect the right hose is where the money is at...

ID: gu0h4q9

Uncharted already has a mobile puzzle game and it's pretty fun and have no ads. I don't expect them to do stuff like that.

ID: gu0fufc

30 second ads and a box that says "Wait 16h for your talismans to replenish"

ID: gu0txmc

I mean Sony kind of makes bank with FGO by being the publisher( Aniplex), I just don't know exactly how much they make. so it was only a matter of time that they open their own studio.

ID: gu0dh66

Yeah mobile no bueno

3 : Anonymous2021/04/09 20:10 ID: gtyx4er

Almost as if literally every publisher is doing the same thing. ActivisionBlizzard, EA, Ubisoft, even Ms has mobile games. Mobile is an important part of the future of gaming. Just look at how much a game like Genshin Impact has made in a year just on mobile.

I think this is smart. Mobile games are cheap to make. Unlike their main games which can cost over $100mil, mobile can be made cheaply and bring in billions. All that money can go directly into funding their big AAA games. It just creates more opportunities. Not only that but it helps with brand recognition. Say they’re make a spin-off of God of War. People play the mobile game, get used to the characters, and then want to play their big blockbuster game.

ID: gu0gzs2

doesn't sony own some gatcha games? they're already on the mobile market. I believe they own the fate/stay game.

ID: gtzblfo

Genshin Impact has made in a year just on mobile

I get your point but Genshin is also on PS4, Switch and Windows. I presume the majority of it's earnings are mobile, but they absolutely fucking blitzed the marketing and dropped it on multiple platforms to capitalise.

ID: gtzcxkc

It’s not on switch but yes most of it’s earnings are from mobile. It made over $800mil in five months just in mobile. And that’s not counting how much it made in China. There’s a huge market for quality mobile games.

ID: gu10tux

Plus it’s actually a fantastic game, which helps

ID: gu0uc0k

maybe they also start advertising their Phones for once( can't speak to other parts of the world)

4 : Anonymous2021/04/09 21:17 ID: gtz5lf0

This is mostly for casuals. Mobile market is huge. This makes financial sense.

ID: gu0nuif

Are they buying new studios for the mobile market?

Or are their actual interests moving elsewhere?

5 : Anonymous2021/04/09 20:02 ID: gtyw53v

I’m surprised Sony haven’t tapped into this massive source of profit yet.

ID: gtze8dw

They have to an extent. Fate/Grand Order makes over $1.0 billion a year.

ID: gtzpofg

That’s fucking wild

ID: gtyyd7k

They already are? Sony Music's FGO is fucking huge.

ID: gtz362r

They already started a mobile studio called ForwardWorks in 2016, though it hasn't released any projects worldwide.

ID: gtzhx21

They tried a while back, remember that Sackboy mobile game

6 : Anonymous2021/04/09 19:34 ID: gtysef3

Makes sense, the games are relatively low cost and the revenue is gigantic.


ID: gtyv2tv

Seriously those guys needs to stop. There's no real outrage outside this small bubble.


ID: gtyxvzv

Yeah, one half is acting like they have a stake in the company and the other one like a bunch of damn children who never managed a single task in their life. It is tiring. These guys have no idea how much responsibility and weight is on a position like Jim has (not that I have firsthand, but I acknowledge it is not easy). Sony is stepping up their game, it makes sense, they are out to stretch their IPs further away, by bringing them to the big & small screens alike, if they are at least decent this can be profitable for their consoles business as well.

ID: gtyzesj

I can't believe people are complaining about this shit, I'm at the point where I hope we're being astroturfed or brigaded.


ID: gu13bix


Lmao. Does


Edit: it doesn’t 🙁

7 : Anonymous2021/04/10 02:19 ID: gu03jf0

Please give mobile games trophy support.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/09 20:03 ID: gtyw9sb

Depends how they do it. Some of the Nintendo mobile games are fire and don’t feel predatory with the IAPs.

ID: gtzz7uv

Mario Run is pretty good, but even Nintendo wanted to put Gacha mechanics in their IP. Fire Emblem Heroes make them more money than their other non-Gacha mobile games combined. Beside Apple Arcade model, I might like the Final Fantasy Ever Crisis model. Episodic in nature but has a unifying and standardized gameplay for all the spin off, movie, and comic storylines. A good way to tell a bunch of side stories to expand the lore while you play the AAA main storylines in consoles/PCs.

ID: gtzzjhz

I played FE Heroes for a loooong time. I was able to complete everything without purchasing anything. They were very generous with the ability to get high level heroes for free. The only reason you would purchase is to either speed up progress (which was already pretty fast at base) or to get a specific hero that you want.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/09 20:39 ID: gtz0w00

Will the doomers take a minute to actually think? People keep saying Sony has no chance against Microsoft because they don't have enough when they try to start making more money they get mad. Mobile gaming is extremely lucrative, and it's not like they are going to cancel GOW2 or something so they can make it on mobile.

ID: gu00lll

I agree Sony isn't going to cancel GoW2 to make mobile games but I can see why people are concerned considering this is basically what happened to Konami when they realized mobile games and gambling were way easier money. Sony is different though since they are a platform holder so they make a ton of money off their cut of other games giving them a huge reason to keep making games to sell their platform.

ID: gu02f6g

Why are people concerned?

Sony just globalised so I'm guessing they are just moving all gaming to SIE. Sony already has mobile games over at Sony Music (where Playstation started), for example; F/GO makes Sony ~$1 Billion per year.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/09 23:17 ID: gtzjnoi

If mobile becomes the Vita 2 I'm all in. If the games are the same pay walled garbage I find now on the app store I have zero interest. Port some awesome RPGs from the Vita to start (Demon Gaze, Exist Archive, Tokyo Xanadu) and let me earn trophies and I will give Sony lots of my money.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/09 20:14 ID: gtyxlgy

Silly Sony. They literally have already hit the top of mobile game success since they publish FGO under Aniplex. Whatever they do with this studio is just not gonna hold a candle to it

ID: gtz7499

What’s FGO?

ID: gtzazej

Fate/Grand Order, one of the more successful gacha games.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/09 21:44 ID: gtz8v2e

More money for future games without affecting maingames, sounds good.

ID: gtzkp0f

Until they make so much money off of mobile they stop giving a shit about anything else

ID: gtzn4gz

Fate Grand Order has been their most profitable game for years already.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/09 23:45 ID: gtzmqh7

Its smart business. I dont care even 1% about it but mobile games is easy and smart money

14 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:45 ID: gu1pi8m

I am actually surprised it took them this long. Everybody knows mobile is extremely profitable, and if Sony plays their cards right, this could become a huge success. What worries is if such success shifts their focus to the mobile market. Unlikely but who knows.

I personally play mobile games here and there as long as they are not trying to suck the greens out of my pockets, so maybe I will look forward to what they bring to the table.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/10 06:23 ID: gu0ouru

So we cancel Days Gone 2, Shaft a lot of people from the Japan Studio, focusing on existing franchises instead of creating new ones, creating a mobile division now.

Alrighty then

ID: gu2nj75

This comment is filled reeks of misinformation and bias. You say they are focusing on existing franchises but hello last guardian?dreams?returnal?odd world?destruction allstars? And Days gone 2 wasn't cancelled because it was never being officially developed, the pitch for it was shot down. And a mobile division will help them to get more money for bigger games without affecting console games

ID: gu2ovqg

A) Chill B) This has recently started happening not something that always happened before, it was in the Jason Schrier report, technically days gone 2 has been cancelled, the first games true ending was meant to have a follow up. Now we won't have one.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/09 20:23 ID: gtyytau

This is PlayStation's third (fourth?) attempt at this and it still comes off as a little redundant when Sony Music is already dominant in the mobile game space.

ForwardWorks must be quaking, right about now. A global mobile initiative doesn't bode well for the long term survival of a Japanese mobile initiative.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/10 07:33 ID: gu0tcez

I mean Im sure some people will be very happy about this..but.. How 'bout a backwards compability division where they look more into emulation so the store closure wouldnt be as bad -_- (yeah Im still salty, but can you blame me?)


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