My experience with 2 declined orders

1 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:31 ID: mo5s2q

Hey all,

Like many of you I've been trying to get my hands on a GPU (currently on a loaned older one from a friend) and just wanted to share my shitshow experience that I've been having with Digital River. Incompetence would be a compliment to these guys and in my opinion these guys are tarnishing AMDs name, I sincerely hope they get dropped by AMD in the near future.

Now with that out of the way I can explain why all the frustration. I successfully ordered a card on March 11th (via PayPal, verified card, verified address, verified all, charge showed up on cc statement) but I received the famous "Thank you for shopping with us. Unfortunately, your order has been declined." No other hints as to what could be wrong...So what do I know at this point? I've only been at it since January so let's call up Digital River to see what's going on. They constantly refer me to AMD, a very scummy move on their part as AMD is not the one cancelling my orders and the email points me to, not AMD support.

But I still call AMD because what do I know at this point? They claim Digital River declined the order and to talk to them. Ok....Back to Digital River, they ask me to confirm my address & postal code & phone number & all, then they give me some false hope saying that "We will then make some minor changes to the system to increase the likelihood that the new attempt will be accepted." & "We have made a few minor changes in the system regarding your information and you may attempt a new order at any time." Gee thanks, so easy and simple. In the end the reason I was given was their risk department were the ones who decided nah this guy doesn't get his GPU.

Fast forward to April 7th (have tried multiple times since but never got through since the original successful order). I land my 2nd order! Hooray!

Wrong. Order Declined the next day (mind you after the restock so I skipped trying the usual Thursday drop...)

I called AMD once again and tortured the poor soul thinking they have some control over my cancelled orders, they do not. Digital River kept giving me their usual "hey go talk to AMD for customer support we don't handle that here", another lie from their end. So I tried something else this time, I called PayPal and asked if everything is fine with my account, they checked everything on their end and can confirm that both times payments were processed to Digital River without any hiccup, my address is confirmed, my billing address is the same, everything is as it should be.

Digital River has yet to give me a reason for the 2nd declined order and has yet to refund my card as of today April 10th after the numerous calls I had with them.

Whoever has beared with my until now, thanks! Onto my only suggestion at this point which is partly the reason for my post (totally not an avenue just to rant haha), AMD has seen a bunch of these declined orders and they proposed a solution which I'm thankful of them for sharing even though they didn't need to. The solution is to skip PayPal altogether and use the credit card checkout method, they seem to be seeing way less cancellations this way.

TLDR: Fuck Digital River, don't call AMD for declined orders, use your credit card when checking out (not PayPal), Fuck Digital River.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:22 ID: gu1tuvf

Can you please send me a PM with your order number?

ID: gu1vwvs

thanks for offering AMD cards at MSRP. Seriously, I have struggled to secure an order like OP but I understand demand is insane right now.

ID: gu2eiop

Thank you. We really are trying our best to get cards into the hands of gamers world wide.

ID: gu2yktd

My goodness, if you have one to spare please help! I am trying to finish my daughter's build but the prices are outrages. Both attempts in the last week led to my ip being banned for refreshing on my frozen screen trying to process payment. The kick in the nuts was 1 hr later, seeing my 6800xt staring at me .. lol c'est la vie

ID: gu3fmln


3 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:38 ID: gu1ooye

That really sucks man. It's unfortunate AMD still stick to Digital River knowing how bad of a reputation DR has.

I hope you will get your money back soon!

ID: gu1rqhm

Thanks man, even if only a handful of people get to see this thread I'm glad I got all this out in writing!

I do know that in the future I will be avoiding anything by fulfilled by Digital River

4 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:24 ID: gu1u3ov

Digital River is terrible, but from my (limited) experience of ecommerce, you're order is very likely being cancelled as their risk calculations push you over the threshold and therefore auto cancelled.

Risk factors include, having different shipping / billing addresses, being at an address that's had issues before (bad luck if it's an apartment building where someone has been being a bit fraudulent), among other retailer specific things.

ID: gu1uyou

The first time might've been an issue with my postal code (different ways of having it in Canada but even so it was verified by PayPal and it was fine on their end) but I was never explicitly told that that was the problem.

I live in a detached house so not the appt building issue & like I stated I had validated with PayPal that all my info was (and still is) correct.

My next best attempt will be using credit card alone but as you all know it takes more input time to fill the info and reduces the chances of actually being able to hit "place order"

ID: gu1v73j

As I said, it depends on their exact risk settings too. There's clearly something more to it, but you'll never get an exact reason as then anyone would be able to circumvent it.

Best bet in reality is to buy from elsewhere, although it's a long shot at the moment.

ID: gu31qxl

They never tell you the problem because there is some minuscule 1 in 100.000 orders that go to some guy living at "Redwood Road 542 (the Shed behind it)" and it was a scam. For items in high demand, I send it to some locker service (or tell the delivery service that I will pick it up personally), so this kind of "risk" during the order process is mitigated.

ID: gu2n7vb

One hour before you made the post to which I am responding, AMD_Mickey asked you for your order number. Have you provided him with that information? Seems like he's offering to help you.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/10 18:02 ID: gu2d7w6

Stuff like this is why I'm just noping out of the GPU rat-race until the next generation. I'll get an extra 15-18 months use out of my old 1060GTX, and I'll get a replacement that's more advanced in return for the wait.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/10 17:17 ID: gu27w2q

Looks to be some scam going in here.

ID: gu2mrl9

I can gladly post my 2 declined emails but figured "what's the point"

ID: gu2c1zc

Yeah I know Digital River can be scammy sometimes. I know the guy ... he's not trying to scam anyone just get a GPU for his new rig. AMD drops are the only alternative right now since Nvidia are rare.

ID: gu3is7f

right, because digital river has such a good track record

7 : Anonymous2021/04/10 19:17 ID: gu2lza6

I've been booted back to the main product page twice from the credit card page while trying to use Paypal. Each time linked to a different card. The first attempt locked my card and I didn't find out until I was buying groceries later in the day. I finally tried entering the card info direct only to get booted at the captcha screen. Complete joke. Must be using Quickbooks for the inventory order management system. Oracle or SAP would not have these issues.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/10 20:22 ID: gu2tf5g

Did you ever received the "order confirmation" email, or did you directly receive the declined order instead?

ID: gu2vpu9

Same thing that happened to OP happened to me too and I received the order confirmed and order declined emails.

ID: gu2vxbc

Oh, ok, that's really bad 🙁

Don't get me wrong, but are you sure you received the email with the subject: "order confirmed" right? I'm asking because the first email is "order submitted" with the confirmation of your order, but there is a second one confirming the order was placed. Did you receive the password?

9 : Anonymous2021/04/10 23:47 ID: gu3g2cn

so thieves basically, got it

10 : Anonymous2021/04/11 01:17 ID: gu3psdf

They probably sold out when you placed the orders somehow


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