Final Fantasy VII Episode Yuffie officially titled Episode INTERmission (via PR)

1 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:09 ID: mq1x8b
Final Fantasy VII Episode Yuffie officially titled Episode INTERmission (via PR)
2 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:10 ID: gudetwh

Episode Yuffie will be $20.

ID: guds15r

Oh so they're going full-in with these remake episodes instead of just making it the main story.

Interesting. I guess if it gets things faster in the meantime while waiting for the full-game next episode that's fine by me.

ID: gue4uxi

I think they just plan to do a single dlc between 1&2 and 2&3, this doesn’t seem to be related to them tossing around the idea of just giving us small bits all the way through. Just wanted to add a little background to yuffie that they never did in the original

ID: gudwslt

This is best for everyone. Deepground stuff from dirge of cerberus should not be in the main ff7r titles.

Having it as a dlc or whatever you want to call this is the best way to incorporate other titles of the ff7 compilation without making the main ff7r titles feel bloated.

ID: guehf8d

And how long is it?

ID: guf6pf2

SE has already comment on that last month when it was announced. It is about 2 chapters long. Which really isn't much info since some chapters are longer than others in ffviir. So a few hours long is probably the correct answer.

ID: gudfg10

I really hope they’ll let people who got FF7R through PS+ purchase this to play the remaster and new episode, but it probably won’t happen.

ID: gudgccr

It has been said from the start, PS+ version of the game is not upgradeable to PS5 version. You can make the logic step and assume that if it isn't the PS5 version, then you can't buy the DLC as it's limited to the PS5.

Just buy a cheap physical copy on sale or a used game, if you want to play the PS5 version and the DLC.

ID: gudfoyd

I think I’m just going to go the way of getting a used disc copy for cheap.

ID: gudnspt

If you enjoy the free version, just buy a disk copy for $25ish to get eligibility for the PS5 upgrade

3 : Anonymous2021/04/13 15:50 ID: guds8kg

I feel like this apparent tag-team battle system is a preview for how they're going to handle combat in Part 2 with more than three people in the party.

ID: guezcca

I’m leaning towards it’s just a character thing, like yuffie for now, maybe cid when he comes along

4 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:47 ID: gudjmu4

I've been holding off on playing this specifically to wait for the PS5 upgrade, really hyped to give this a shot.

ID: guehqza

It was my first Final Fantasy and i absolutely loved it. So much fun!

ID: guf5yrk

Same here! If TLOU2, Ghost, Miles Morales, and Demon’s Souls weren’t so ridiculously good it would easily be my GOTY. It blends real time action with turn based options so perfectly. Really hoping the combat is adapted for FF16 because it’s just so fun.

ID: gufluj3

It was my first Final Fantasy and i absolutely loved it. So much fun!

try the original ff7, or ff10. the remake was good, but those were much better.

ID: gufs1v0

And now we have the choice between a free (PS+) PS4 version, or a new game priced PS5 version. I will keep waiting for the price to drop yet again.

ID: gufinsf

Its a basterdization of the original and stretches a 3 hour segment into 25 while offering a very poor new game+ by saying "look how difficult hard mode is" by forcing items off and stopping MP regeneration.

Its a very VERY lazy way to force difficulty on the player. Any game can become hard if you avoid basic healing.

Its Nomuras Fan Fiction 100% focused on fanservice to the point in this "ReMaKe" (the only ReMaKe that does NOT follow the original at ALL because its NOT a remake) is a what if tale told in a covoluted and contradicting way.

when you remake a recipe you follow the instrictions.

If you remake a model you follow the design.

If you remake a movie you follow the narrative.

If you remake a game you create what it once was.

A remake is a very clearly defined things until squenix in its infinite mental deficiency decided the word doesnt mean what it does.

If someone is perserving historical architechture they will remake what has decayed.

From baking to historical preservation a remake is a very well understood concept.

FF7 is NOT in anyway, in any definition of the word. in any practice of the word is a god damned remake. Its a what if tale. Its FF7 "if" not "remake"

The people who "loved it" and think its a good final fantasy have no idea what the title "Final Fantasy" means and what that title is supposed to bring. Fake Fantasy 7 symbolizes how cookie cutter and generic the title has become. There is no grand adventure across a world of fantasy telling a journey of individuals.

There were no experiences like final fantasy outside a few titles like dragon quest. There is no shortage of generic hack and slash games lile this became. Its atrocious.

There is no theme, no message, no grand adventure, nothing. Its a hollow husk of the name it carries in every facet while spitting on the creation this remake was wrongfully cloned from. Fan Fiction 7 is a perfect example of how far, how incompetent and how creatively bankrupt squenix has become. It has no value and will only age poorly.

There is no way anything you do in this game carries over either. Making any progress in this game absolutely useless. They have already said "each game is its own individuals exeperience" because its NOT ff7. Its a mans ego and hubris given form.

TLOU2 and FF7 are glorious narrative failures that both spit on what came before. one more literally than the other.

Demons souls, Medievil, mass effect etc etc etc.

These titles are remakes that dont try and piss over their histroy like this aborted farce of a remake does to its original. Its not a remake. Its not a remaster. Its a glorified basterdization and it will age poorly as ever design choice in that game becomes a relic. Such as holding triangle for 3 seconds to flip a switch. All the slow walking and wall sliding.

FF7 will offer nothing in the future in terms of nosalgia or enjoyment. Every aspect is a lazy forced handicap. Not a single setup in that game has narrative coherence or value. Its all a hollow set up told by the man who is absolutely shit at telling a story. See kongdom hearts for details.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:39 ID: gudb1ox

Hyped!! It matters less now due to being able to cold store PS5 games soon but I wonder how big the game is. Seems most PS5 games are roughly half the size of PS4 games (Control, FFXIV). If they shrink this bad boy from 100 GB to something like 60 GB despite the improvements, that would be crazy.

ID: gue3a1u

wait they have released the drive list for ssds?

ID: gue47qs

Nope, not yet, but an external drive (SSD or HDD) can now be used to store PS5-only games. Can’t play it off of the external, but helps for folks like me who do not have the fastest Internet. I already have a 5 TB HDD so this will tide me over until they release actual compatible SSDs.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:33 ID: gudabxd

I'm not looking forward to reliving Dirge of Cerberus when I meet Weiss here lol

7 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:07 ID: gudeg1x

I'm looking forward most to INTERcourse.

ID: guds373

Lmao!!! Tifa is bae

ID: gufta46

Na, Jay is the ff7r bae

8 : Anonymous2021/04/13 22:19 ID: guf7i9m

I'm still miffed that Yuffie is playable in FF7R before Red XIII.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:26 ID: gud9h4n

Anyone know if your saves and trophies from the PS4 version will transfer over to Intergrade?

ID: gudat58

Saves transfer but trophies aren't known yet.

ID: gudblro

They better, I am NOT doing that pull up mini game again.

ID: gudslgp

Thing I read said yes - but you're SOL if you got the disc version on PS4 and got a Digital PS5

ID: gue2lb2

Sony has made it known from the start before the console even launched if you go digital system you will lose all of your physical content access. No clue how people keep getting surprised by this lol

10 : Anonymous2021/04/13 15:06 ID: gudm92c

Of course it’s called that lmao

11 : Anonymous2021/04/13 16:06 ID: gududoi

I still just want to know how many more games they’re planning on.

Surely by now they’ve figured out their road map at least at that high level.

ID: gudxj5s

Probably not. More than 2 that's for sure.

ID: guehqvs

Yeah, I think they’re banking on this as another long-term franchise all it’s own at this point.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:26 ID: gudgw7w

Sucks that I can't just buy the digital version of the game now for the ps4 since I got it through PS Plus.

ID: gudqphq

You can buy games you already have on plus.

ID: gudhtus

Contact PS Support and tell them you want to buy the game so they remove the license from the Ps Plus of that game.

ID: gudnib9

The DLC is only available for the ps5 version of the game.

ID: gudoixy

But people who own the PS4 version will get the PS5 upgrade for free

ID: guevd25

Pretty sure there's nothing stopping you from buying the game.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:16 ID: gud8eaf

Phew. Intermission is a MUCH better name for this than Intergrade. Maybe it was just a translation error all along.

ID: gud8lk5

Intermission is the DLC name, intergrade is the PS4 upgrade name. Two different things.

ID: gudak56

Ahh well there goes my hope. Not sure why they need to label it so closely together. PS5 version of FF7 Remake and Intermission are a better combo.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:42 ID: gue7gqx

Frieza as Weiss is going to be super weird to adjust to.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/14 00:04 ID: gufjop3

INTERmission: You will (not) Upgrade

16 : Anonymous2021/04/14 00:19 ID: guflgs8

has a price point been confirmed or are we still taking random guesses as to what square is going to charge for this? (for those who already own the game and will be doing the free upgrade rather than buying the ps5 edition)


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