RX 6800 XT or RX 6900 XT – from an availability point of view

1 : Anonymous2021/04/13 10:29 ID: mpzikm

Goodmorning everyone from Italy!

As the title says, I'm debating on whether buy the RX 6800 XT or the RX 6900 XT.

During last week's drop the RX 6900 XT was in stock for maybe 10 minutes (more or less) while the RX 6800 XT didn't even went in stock or I wasn't fast enough to see it.

Here in Italy the RX 6800 XT is 671,49 € while the RX 6900 XT is 1.033,62 €.

Now, I know that the price difference isn't worth it at all, I'm money conscious and obviously I would like to buy the RX 6800 XT but here comes my thoughts:

Buying RX 6800 XT from other stores would cost more than the RX 6900 XT. Same goes for the scalpers (which I will never cosider as an option). Buying RX 6800 XT AIB model would cost more than the RX 6900 XT (this just in the future since I've never seen any of these AIB models). I think that I would prefer paying 1000 € for the RX 6900 XT instead of paying them for RX 6800 XT AIB. According to the point above, I suppose reference models will be dropped at a certain point which wll make me go with an AIB model and his price increase over the RX 6900 XT.

Now, given my thoughts above, I would like to hear your opinion which maybe would help me decide.

Thanks in advance. I wish you goodday and stay safe!

2 : Anonymous2021/04/13 10:40 ID: gucufjk

If u can take the 6800xt at msrp then go for it, otherwise go for the 6900xt , non ci sono altre scelte caro...

ID: gudd8c9

Ma dove le vedi le 6900xt a msrp? Io tutto quello che trovo è "out of stock" e "prenota per 2000 euro!". Idem per le 6800xt, solo che invece di 2000 sono 1500

ID: gudn1wl

Ogni giovedí alle 5 mettono sia cpu che gpu in stock, solo che devi programmarti con più browser aperti su diversi shop di amd (it fr ed uk ecc) e spammare f5 per trovare qulcosina, io non ci ho mai provato perché verso quell' ora lavoro, però in genere le 6900xt i 5600 ei 5800 si trovano con più probabilità

ID: gucuy8z

Ah, un italiano 🙂 lo so bene purtroppo. Staremo a vedere.

ID: gucv5rm

Buona fortuna caro

ID: gudajt8

ahhh que porca troia...this is the only thing i know in italian

3 : Anonymous2021/04/13 10:54 ID: gucvevf

1) how much you are willing to spend? 2) how desperate are you? 3) where's the point when you feel ripped off?

if you are OK with a stock card and ready to pay 1000€, buy the 6900xt. easy as that. why?

an available 6900xt is definitely faster than a 6800xt that is not available.

at the same price, a 6900xt stock is faster than a custom 6800xt .

if you are not desperate, wait it out. but I wouldn't count on getting a 6800xt at msrp before next year, because that cards price point is just to sweet and there are LOTS of bots at work, sniping those cards in seconds after they drop.

I went for a 6900xt (xfx merc) because it was available and not as much over the msrp as a (custom) 6800xt at that time.

ID: gucweiv

Hi, thanks.

I would say that 1000 € is the maximum I'm going to spend on a GPU. A custom RTX 3080 is close to 1000 € and the upcoming RTX 3080 TI FE would be 999 $ (which is more that 1000 €). Those are the other alternatives, which are close to the price of the RX 6900 XT. I've built my pc from scratch last year, feb 2020 and I've been using my old GTX 970 which is showing his ages more and more (using in 1080p). Don't know yet. I thought I would have known with this post lol.

I think that a custom card maybe it's not worth it over the reference model. I've never had a reference model. How can I know it? What do you say?

Not really desperate but I'm not going to wait for the next generation, or a year, that's for sure. I'm waiting to play new games because of the GPU.

ID: guczo9c

a custom 6800/6900 is not really "worth it". Cooling solution´s a bit better, leading to slightly higher speeds.. but since the boost / power draw is hard capped by amd anyways, all OC HYPER MEGA cards will only reach approximately the same speed as a stock card, give or take just a few % because of better cooling.

BUT - the point is - IF a stock model is the same price or just ~5% difference from a custom one, i probably would get the custom.

a) because it may be a bit more silent

b) their msrp is even higher, so the scalper / shop has a smaller margin on that one - and i feel less ripped off.

Personally, I´d go for the card that is the least % over its´ msrp. That´s why I went for the "merc", because, again, it made me feel less ripped off. I could have saved 50€ by buying the stock card for 1250€, but that would have been 250€ over that cards msrp, so i took the merc, which was almost at it´s msrp then.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/13 11:24 ID: gucxpli

When do the drops even happen?

ID: gudve84


5 : Anonymous2021/04/13 12:37 ID: gud48xr

Io faccio il tifo per te, sono stato un mese a cercare di ordinare una 6800 XT, e non è mai andata bene.
Purtroppo io non posso spendere 1000€, altrimenti andrei ad occhi chiusi su quella, costa di più, è vero, ma hai una scheda che è ovviamente più potente, ma che soprattutto ti durerà per più anni, quindi alla fine quello che hai speso in più ti "ritorna".

In più dato il prezzo quasi proibitivo, in pochi cercheranno di comprarla -> significa più possibilità di averla.

ID: gud4j8t

Esattamente il mio pensiero. Il costo maggiore ed il fatto che non conviene la rende più disponibile.

Il problema, come detto sopra, è che costa di più si ma non va tanto di più, non tanto da giustificare i 300 € in più.

Grazie comunque di aver risposto 🙂

6 : Anonymous2021/04/13 10:55 ID: gucvilg

You wont be getting any 6800XT, those were, with the exception of the "midnight edition", not in stock for weeks or months now.

The drops usually consist of 300-400 pieces of the 6800 and 6900XT. Most people then go for the 6800, so the chances to get a 6900XT are higher.

The problem with this is that the shop sucks so much dick that it consists of like 99% dick now. The incompetent children from "Digital River" cant make shops, yet they get to attempt to do so - for unknown reasons (shady handshake contracts to the cheapest offers). And this ends in miserable failure, because as soon as the cards become available in the shop, the whole backend is unreachable 99.99% of the time for the next 1-2 hours (tho the cards are gone after 5 minutes at best).

ID: gucy8bp

That’s just not true.

I along with others snagged the regular reference 6800xt two weeks ago on Thursday and I had another one in my cart last week and was half way through checkout before being 503’d.

It’s hard to get one yes but they are in stock

ID: gucwp6h

Hi, thanks.

I saw that partalert on twitter said RX 6800 XT was in stock from amd.com last week. Am I wrong?

I know and I was close to buy the midnight version. That's why I'm thinking of buying the RX 6900 XT instead for its availability.

ID: gucya4z

You’re not wrong. The 6800xt non midnight has been in stock each drop.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/13 12:51 ID: gud5mk9

In terms of pricing, I'm sure all of us knows that the order of preference should be something like this: MSRP 6800 XT -> MSRP 6900 XT -> Scalped 6800 XT -> Scalped 6900 XT. If you can get any card at MSRP, it will be a good deal regardless, so just get whatever you can get at MSRP. Both cards can be available on AMD.com every Thursday, but the 6900 XT appears more frequently, so I suspect you will have a better chance getting the 6900 XT at MSRP.

ID: gud6p1c


That's exactlty my thought. Last week drop I saw the RX 6900 XT in stock for a good 10 minutes maybe.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:30 ID: gud9xuz

I've seen them available pretty often at microcenter but only with a pretty sizeable jump in price. Nvidia cards are sold out immediately all the time.

ID: gudaevy

Unfortunately no microcenter in Italy 🙁

Thanks anyway!

ID: gudal1c

It's unfortunate that the store has a small chain. But I guess that is why they are profitable; they stay modest and manageable.

ID: guesbbx

Must be nice to live in flyover country. Stock definitely does not seem that available in the three DMV microcenters

9 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:19 ID: gudfy9j

Last GPU I managed to snag near MSRP was the RX 480. MSRP is a lie if you can't buy from AMD.

ID: gudh8u1

Thanks. That's sucks.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:52 ID: gudkdo3

Your thought on the matter are exactly as my thoughts. That is why last Thursday I bought 6900XT on AMD webstore.

The alternatives to $1000 6900XT are $900-plus AIB 6800s and $1100-plus AIB 6800XTs. Not only pricey, the AIBs are rare as unicorns.

This is a no-brainer, really.

ID: gudmcip

Thanks. So I'm not the only one thinking/doing that 🙂 That makes me somehow decide what to do. Thanks again!

Also, reference models will be discontinued after some time right?

11 : Anonymous2021/04/13 22:49 ID: gufazqx

Get the 6900 XT and sleep better knowing you have the flagship. Enjoy the FPS and premium silicon.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:09 ID: gudeoxg

A 6900XT for 1k!? I'd like to know where. I had to go to a german website for my 5900X for 700eur. When stocked, their 6900XTs are sold at 1600 EUR minimum.and 6800XTs are sold at 1250eur minimum. 6700XTs are mostly in stock for approximately 800

ID: gudl5i4

$1k (US $) on the AMD website.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:58 ID: gudl541

Can you send me one of those? I can only find 6900XTs for 2000€ and 6800 XTs for 1800€.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/13 15:18 ID: gudntso

Io ho trovato una msi 6900xt gaming x trio proprio ieri... ma l'ho pagata ben 1.7k....

ID: gudofy7

Non male (ovviamente scherzo sono un botto di soldi) 🙂

ID: gudotcu

Spero spesi bene... tra pochi minuti inizio a montarla. Spero di non fare minchiate.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/13 22:29 ID: guf8nva

Buona fortuna a comprare dal sito AMD, questa settimana ci provo pure io ma con la 6800 liscia dato che è l'unica che mi sta nel case!

Fossi in te non spenderei tutti quei soldi per una 6900, data la scarsa differenza di prestazioni, ma capisco il ragionamento. E se te lo puoi permettere, dopotutto è meglio che restare senza scheda video.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/14 00:23 ID: guflx4a

The 6800xt is 1000+ € in germany atm

So it kinda sucks for me...

Bought a 240hz 1440p G7 ... cant even use properly since my gpu doesnt have Displayport 1.2DSC


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