Square Enix not recieved any offers, nor looking to be sold

1 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:09 ID: mrzdbl
Square Enix not recieved any offers, nor looking to be sold
2 : Anonymous2021/04/16 11:06 ID: gupltzd


The more third party studios that remain third party the better. Especially ones that make jrpgs

ID: guq9lfp

I agree, but between FFXVI and the exclusivity for rise of Tomb Raider I wish square would not be doing those things with their most popular IPs.

ID: gurf2n4

SE (square soft at the time) has had a long-standing relationship with Sony ever since their falling out with Nintendo over cartridges vs cds back in the 90s.

They're back on good terms with Nintendo, but they still want to show their favoritism of Sony compared to other companies like Microsoft.

It is what it is, there's more than just money involved in these decisions that many of us have difficulty understanding having grown in western culture.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:15 ID: gupe9t7

I need to resend my email. Probably my offer did not get sent.

ID: guptsvw

Can I chip in with you? What did you offer? I've got 4 brass buttons and this thing I found the other day. I dunno what it is but it looks like a bit of metal from a car wreck. Reckon we'll get any change?

ID: guq5f2g

I’ve got a PS5. Surely i could trade that for what, 30% of shares?

ID: guqp0jr

I sent two offers back in autumn, they must not have got 'em.

ID: gurllgz

Probably was a problem with the post office or something.

ID: gupfzlh

Probably went to their junk folder.

ID: gupgc24

Me right now ----->

4 : Anonymous2021/04/16 12:41 ID: gupunot

Fucking bloomberg with their clickbaity titles. Their business week went to shit and they manipulate markets through tactical press releases and articles. In most of their coverage they are quite smart with the words they use to sway investor opinions for their own good. They’re smart in the way they do it as they still keep in the legal realms according to the SEC. But the subconscious bias and signaling is just a joke.

ID: guq1f6u

Rarely do PR come out and say they are taking offers or looking to be sold.

Because talks like these are long and private.

I wouldn't take thus as confirmation that it is not happening. For example, we did not hear about bethsoft until it happened.

ID: gurezc4

I would say outright denials to investors are much more rarer and riskier, the stock rose from this news and would have fell from the denial, I'd say its far different from a PR response to consumers.

This was directed at their investors not the public. Thats class action lawsuit territory, and I'd argue anyone looking to buy would be put off if square got themselves into a legal shitshow with their investors.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:12 ID: gupe2v9

Probably for the best, Big publishers like SE being bought up isnt good for anyone.

ID: guph26f

What's this? you don't like "INSERT BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION" buying up 3rd party devs with long histories?

ID: guphakx

I mean MS/Sony is shit because of exclusivity but theyd at least focus on games.

what im really worried about is Amazon/Facebook/Google/Tencent getting ahold of one because if these publishers keep selling eventually one will, and these companies track records are not good.

ID: gupt53w

MS is actually a trillion dollar company. They are like x13 times richer than sony. That means they have so much money that sony and nintendo are technically the little guys vs them. While MS hasnt flat out done ultra shady shit, things like being forced to make an outlook account to launch a new windows computer, having to be a bit tech savy to install non-microsoft approved software and all the privacy breach they do they are practically acting a big too "big brother" with their windows. You cannot function in this life in a first world country without giving them money either directly or indirectly,

ID: gupef68

True, they’re doing pretty well as is so let’s keep it that way haha

ID: guptxji

and yet for some reason Microsoft buying Zenimax got this "oh yeah that's totally fine. They had no exclusives! what are they supposed to do? Start their own studios and spend the time building them up? Pfft" response from people.

The Zenimax deal should've been blocked on grounds of antitrust. As in, there's little trust in Microsoft not to abuse their resources to gain market dominance.

ID: gupuicx

I mean none of this is anti-trust.

Obviously the best scenario is that they dont get bought, but if you think MS/Sony getting them is the worst outcome youre not looking at the bigger picture.

their focus is at least making games and give their studios a good degree of creative freedom. The concern is Facebook/Google/Amazon/Tencent who are trying to buy these companies too, because given their track record theyd run these studios/IPs into the ground and likely kill them.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/16 10:20 ID: gupieaw

Good. Exclusives are cool, but not every third party studio needs to be bought out.

ID: guqjo2z

Why do I feel like people would flip out at Sony for this but had no problem when Microsoft bought Zenimax

ID: guru6hl

The same people who are against exclusivity are always fine with it when its exclusive to PC and Xbox but are always mad when its only on PlayStation. Its rare to see someone advocate for how a game should come to all platforms. As its typically they always say X game should come to PC, but no mention of other platforms.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:32 ID: gupfa32

I am shocked. I wonder why executives that run a company with some of the biggest franchises in gaming, some of which that go beyond the 10 instalments and still sell in the 10s of million games per installment, won't settle for a big payday? It's almost like they know math.

Besides, they don't need to be bought, they are already working closely with Playstation as the "exclusivity" on titles like FFVIIR, FFXVI and Forspoken probably results in a steady income of "development support fees".

ID: gupgfzq

You say that, but it wasn't that long ago they signaled they weren't making money on games that were selling in the millions.

Hopefully things have changed it's been a few years, but it's not unheard of for an outwardly successful company to be struggling internally due to inefficiencies and wasteful spending.

One could make the counter argument that their close association with Sony on those titles is evidence they DO want to be bought. Exclusive deals are a double edged sword in which they may know they are getting a raw deal from but also know they cannot afford to make the game themselves to bet a better multiplatform return.

To be clear I'm not saying that this is the case, just pointing out there is more than one way to look at a situation.

ID: guph2gr

It's refreshing when I'm not the one playing devil's advocate! But you also know your points are less likely considering we are talking about a giant of gaming. And that if SE ever got bought, it would be a tremendous loss to gamers everywhere.

To touch on your exclusivity point, I would argue back that they know the money they would be doing on certain systems would be below what they would make for getting exclusive timed deals and that the hype building up around a timed exclusive game is by itself a type of free marketing, resulting in increased profits when they do make it available on all systems.

ID: gupkf0c

All of your arguments are wrong because you clearly didn't open any financial release from SE in the last years to see their revenue and profit. SE literally was profitable on the last FY and last financial release, with mobile and MMORPG.

/financial.html" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.hd.square-enix.com/eng/i/financial.html

ID: gupj2ok

Tbf Bethesda have been doing well for a while and have had some pretty big releases yet they still sold.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/16 11:26 ID: gupnhj5

With any successful company with a decent market will have people approaching to buy you out. This is regular everyday business and not news unless it’s final and on paper. lol

9 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:37 ID: gupflwb

I'll offer them a dollar and a packet of crisps. There you go Square there's your offer

ID: gupm7zh

Oh yeah? I’ll see your bid and raise by another dollar!

ID: gupo4s3

Would they be square crisps perchance

10 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:05 ID: gupx8xw

TBH I found it kind of weird how much the internet has been celebrating the Zenimax acquisition by MS.

Sony & Nintendo have their exclusives & first party studios but all the long standing IPs are franchises that were built from the ground up.

Uncharted, TLOU, Infamous, God of War, R&C, etc. - Spider-Man might be an exception but I argue that since it is a fresh series of games that Sony Corp. already had somewhat ownership on the IP in, it’s a fair play.

When you get to Xbox, games like Halo, Fable, Gears of War... it’s understandable that these games would remain exclusive on Xbox. I love Fable, it’s my favorite RPG, & I don’t (currently) own an Xbox but I’m not upset about it - it’s an Xbox IP, thru & thru.

But the Zenimax studios, & even some of the other recently purchase studios - MS bought them specifically for the IP, no doubt about it. They’re buying studios to restrict IP that has otherwise been long-standing, multi-platform franchises... idk, just kind of rubs me the wrong way. It’s like buying exclusivity from a 3rd party company (which Sony does do), but taking it a good 5 extra steps to ensure those games never end up at the competition (Microsoft probably has PTSD from all the exclusivity deals they made during the 360 era that never held thru - I have so many games with the “Only on Xbox” label that in retrospect, is no longer true).

And it’s overall fine that it happened - ironically, I’m more interested in some of the new IPs that are coming out of these Xbox studios than that the next Elder Scrolls or Doom game.

But by & large, I don’t think it’s really something people should be celebrating or encouraging MS or Sony to do more of. It’s good if they continue to support & / or buy independent studios to produce fresh IP for each respective brand. But this race for who can acquire more valuable IP is nothing but a bad thing for the gaming industry.

ID: guqja0h

I'm mostly with you on this. I've always been ok with individual studios being acquired, but a whole ass publisher being bought feels super problematic to me. That's a monopolistic move and could be very troublesome if it continued. Imagine if someone like Amazon bought Square to bolster the launch of Luna and set off a buying spree among the mega corps. No thanks.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/16 12:31 ID: guptn08

Thank god. The last thing I want is their entire catalog going exclusive to one console.

Especially their JRPGs have a long tradition on Nintendo and Playstation consoles. Having all those go to just one plattform (probably Playstation or Xbox) would have sucked.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:00 ID: gupwpe2

Thank god.

Keep SQ third party so we all can enjoy there games.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/16 11:25 ID: gupndyz

This is why you should never trust bloomberg especially for gaming news.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:29 ID: guq06i9

I hope they remain independent. Exclusives are anti-consumer. The more independent studios we have, the better.

With that said, if Square was to become available for purchase, I would much prefer Sony pick them up over Microsoft. The Bethesda acquisition was a huge blow to any gamer not on Xbox or PC; the last thing any of us should want is them acquiring another huge studio like Square.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/16 15:05 ID: guqcv36

As much as people want to see Playstation Doing something in response to Xbox acquiring Bethesda etc, I still feel like the more the people can enjoy the games they want to play on the platform they want to play on, the better.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:10 ID: gupdz27

Bloomberg is liar?

ID: gupe0zx

I think they said that companies were interested in buying, not that SE was looking to sell.

ID: gupe5py

Oh my bad

ID: gupedev

No they said companies are approaching SE to buy them and that's why they are liars

17 : Anonymous2021/04/16 11:13 ID: gupmd5u

I can't wait until games are coming out more frequently I'm real tired of these acquisition rumors that hold no weight. Bethesda as a whole was bleeding out they weren't doing so hot as a publisher but that doesn't give credence that every single publishe

is available

ID: gupulcu

Bethesda was doing fine as a publisher which is why they looked attractive to buy (well, Zenimax, but yeah).

Doom Eternal released last year and I gather is was particularly huge for Id/Bethesda.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/16 12:54 ID: gupw1kt

Jeez Bloomberg, more bullshit from the same “sources” that have brought us countless articles about the yet-to-be-revealed Switch Pro? LOL

19 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:49 ID: guq2k67

I would actually prefer Square Enix be acquired by Sony.

ID: guq2otw

I'd prefer they don't be acquired and stick with what they're doing

ID: guq33yp

An acquisition would likely mean:

A more organized company. SE puts out great games, but they lack business/organizational vision. There have been multiple fuck ups in recent years that I’d assume could be avoided. PlayStation exclusivity (at least to start) would mean much greater usage of the console. Since it would be on one device, the development team could focus on making it run very well on that device and take full advantage of the system.

I think exclusives have their place, even through acquisition.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/16 12:34 ID: guptvtt

Thought the rumor was that MS was eyeing SEGA?

22 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:16 ID: gupyl0m

I would believe companies looking to buy CD project red because of how vulnerable they are right now thanks to cyberpunk but not squareexix which just came off a good year with the success of FFVI remake and now having success with outriders

23 : Anonymous2021/04/16 16:11 ID: guqm1y1

I don’t understand this. Even with companies like Microsoft or Tencent that have the cash flow to buy SE, why would SE even want to sell?

Even though game like Avengers flopped recently, they are still swimming in money. FFXIV alone is enough to get a good cash flow. I don’t understand why they would want to sell when they can have all that money while still being independent. The only thing I can see is they would want to sell their smaller division/studio like they did with IO Interactive.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/16 16:58 ID: guqsn4x

Very thankful this isn't' happening, and don't think it had a shot really.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/16 20:05 ID: gurhw53

What’s with Bloomberg and seemingly inaccurate reporting?

26 : Anonymous2021/04/16 21:47 ID: guruztc

Why does it matter if the report is based on “any announcement by Square Enix?” That has no bearing on the truth of the report. Not receiving a legal offer isn’t the same thing as not receiving interest. Would their consideration change if they were given a sufficient offer? If the price is right, of course it would.

27 : Anonymous2021/04/16 23:09 ID: gus4mjg

I don't think Microsoft is gonna stop acquiring big publishers. So Sony might consider trying to secure some ips if they don't want to be outpowered big microsoft

28 : Anonymous2021/04/16 23:20 ID: gus5v9y

No fucking way.

Square is raking in money hand over fist with FFXIV subs, they fucking HAVE to be.

29 : Anonymous2021/04/17 00:27 ID: gusdhnx

Thought that Microsoft is buying SquareEnix is frightening on so many levels. Everyone who thinks logically knows that real goal behind such aquisition is total monopoly of the market. Microsoft knows that they can't compete in different way than buying studios till they have majority dominance on the market. Such future is terrifying because their long term goal is turning whole industry into one big subscription based service with digital games only. Anyone with common sense can imagine how bad such future would be. The worst part is that Microsoft has obsession about entering and then dominating Japanese market which will never happen. Buying SquareEnix (but also Sega and other Japanese companies) would be such a waste because soon they will end like Rare because Japanese will not accept Microsoft as console leader. It's pitiful that Microsoft can only act by brute force (money) and it makes me sick when I think about game distribution model that they want so establish. Not to mention that trying to buy studios and people like Kojima Productions who are strongly connected to Sony brand in order to undermine their opponents is rather disgusting. I never heard about Sony or Nintendo trying to buy eachother studios or Microsoft brand studios. But I guess for Microsoft the ends justify the means (everyone who knows history of MS knows that is the truth).

SquareEnix, Sega and other third party developers should stay independent but if they had to be bought it would be better if they be part of Sony. At least they would have freedom and in this moment Sony don't have a plans to change how game industry works.

30 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:29 ID: gupf3l4

Too bad for Sony, I wish they would have acquired something to counter the Bethesda acquisition. But I guess it is for the best like this.

31 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:49 ID: gupgc5o

They don’t have to. Bethesda can’t put out games at the level of Sony’s own studios.

32 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:52 ID: gupgips

Idk man, it is more about the franchises: doom, fallout, elder scrolls

It would have been cool to have Tomb Raider and FF on the team blue, imagine a cross-over between Uncharted and TR

33 : Anonymous2021/04/16 12:02 ID: gupqqen

If Microsoft bought Sony this sub would be filled with people saying they don't care, Sony doesn't make good games anyway.

34 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:38 ID: gupfnef

Pump and dump scheme: SE pays Bloomberg to release an article saying that it was "receiving " offers from major companies, execs ride the stock bump, sell, then release a presser saying that the "rumors" were fake all along.

35 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:52 ID: gupgkmh

That isn't how pump and dump works in ANY way. No company wants a pump and dump scheme run on their stock ever. It's bad optics and nets them no investment, or worse will lose them investments via the "dump" part.

Pump and dumps are run by investment firms and hedge funds to manipulate the market in their favor.

36 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:20 ID: gupejc1

Microsoft: How many billions will it take?

37 : Anonymous2021/04/16 09:38 ID: gupfnfa

It is SE decision. MS can still maybe do a hostile takeover but that will just make it look really bad SE people won't like and you will see a lengthy court battle and people departing 😉

38 : Anonymous2021/04/16 12:33 ID: guptucb

Japanese companies are protected from hostile takeovers by foreign companies.

39 : Anonymous2021/04/16 10:33 ID: gupjclt

Japan government would fuck Microsoft hard, no way they would let a hostile foreign takeover in.

40 : Anonymous2021/04/16 11:14 ID: gupmg6g

That could change in an instant if the right offer was put on the table. They always say crap like this, but I am sure they would consider a fair offer.

41 : Anonymous2021/04/16 14:30 ID: guq7zh3

They have absolutely gotten offers. They just did this because of the stock thing.

Doesnt mean they will actually sell or are even interested in selling. But you can bet your ass that Microsoft,Tencent,etc have come knocking on their door a few times.

42 : Anonymous2021/04/16 21:38 ID: gurtzl9

Without third party devs digital foundry will go under :-/

43 : Anonymous2021/04/16 22:25 ID: gurzo1f

I hope Sony manages to buy Square one day.


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