Resident Evil Village: 5-Hour PS5 Hands-On Preview – IGN First

1 : Anonymous2021/04/19 15:05 ID: mu2l81
Resident Evil Village: 5-Hour PS5 Hands-On Preview – IGN First
2 : Anonymous2021/04/19 15:30 ID: gv3awhz

Personally, I'm not going to play the demo since I don't want the game spoiled, but the gameplay seems to have the same pace of RE7, which is great

ID: gv3brhe

but the gameplay seems to have the same pace of RE7

The latest demo seemed to me more like a modern RE4...

ID: gv3c0eq

Ah awesome. Let's see how the reviews come out

ID: gv450gt

Id say RE7 i can see where you get RE4. But that’s a 3rd person game.

ID: gv3jjt1

Not much to spoil with a 30 min timer on it, I don't get why this is a thing to be honest.

ID: gv40n2v

I can somewhat understand a timer for the gameplay however the timer for having limited access to the demo is stupid

ID: gv3jnjm

Timer based demos are so dumb. But I'm a patient gamer so maybe that's different for people who like to rush games

ID: gv3vjre

Demo was really good, i didn't like the 7 enviroment tbh and i didn't finish it. The village and castle have that spooky and gloomy feel for me and i enjoyed the 8 demo very much, the is no sense of walka coming down on me like in 7.

ID: gv4oqv6

I actually thought the setting in RE7 was brilliant with the whole mad-as-a-box-of-frogs family hunting you down in this rural house in the middle of nowhere.

And then there’s the ship section that I also enjoyed because it reminded me of Revelations, one of my favorite games in the series

3 : Anonymous2021/04/19 17:00 ID: gv3npsq

Freaking 2 weeks of waiting is going to feel much longer than it needs to. The idea of treasure hunting akin to RE4 is already enticing enough as it is.

ID: gv4d9qh

*3 weeks

ID: gv4dd5s

(recounts again) DAAAAAMMMNNN YOOOUUU!

4 : Anonymous2021/04/19 15:47 ID: gv3dc1x

Know this puts me squarely in the minority, but I'm a bit tired of being "chased/hunted" through puzzled areas by unkillable enemies.

I hope it's not for the entire duration of the castle, as I'd like to freely explore a bit..

ID: gv3s0a9

I think RE7 handled that well. Didn’t really stretch those scenes too much.

ID: gv3gy6c

Nope I feel same way. I’m not really going to explore if I’m being chased by some unkillable thing.

ID: gv3sctg

I cannot stand them in some games. After RE8 I might actively avoid games with this stuff

ID: gv48ffy

I agree to an extent, Mr X was really scary at first but once you figure out how slow and exploitable he is he's just kinda annoying. The 7 stalkers were too goofy to be scary in the first place.

In both 7 and 2 remake, you can eventually come back and explore areas without the stalkers though so hopefully it's the same case here.

ID: gv3kg1o

Agreed. I’d appreciate if there was at least a way to down them until the next section or something because I really hate being rushed gorgeous environments.

ID: gv4222n

Prey had my favorite way of handling this

Unkillable monster randomly chases you through facility, his existence tho unlocks a side mission that lets you destroy it, but only if you do the mission

Thought that was clever

ID: gv4epzz

Looks too stressful for me lol

ID: gv4o0on

In RE7 you can freely explore most areas without being chased, after you complete them. It’s a good balance, they can’t just completely remove the oppressive feeling of being hunted down as it’s kind of a trademark of the series

ID: gv56sjz

Yup, I totally disagree. I can't wait for more of the "stalker" concept like Jack Baker and Mr. X. For me it's the most tense and exhilarating component of this horror franchise. It's what makes the games feel tense. If you want to freely explore a castle, this isn't the game for you.

ID: gv5gjhl

I feel the same, i skiped Resident evil 7 because of this and probably will skip 8 as well, i just dont enjoy it.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/19 16:58 ID: gv3ni8v

Really excited about this! Loved 7. I don't want to watch it for spoiler but I want one question answered:

Is it as scary as 7?? Does he say anything about that?

ID: gv49ues

The general consensus is that it's less scary than 7 and more action focused.

Although tbh I didn't think 7 was very scary. 2 was a lot more scary imo.

ID: gv4cc3z

Okay thanks! A agree, but I thought 7 was very scary in the beginning though

6 : Anonymous2021/04/19 15:37 ID: gv3buuq

Would reallllly appreciate an FOV slider for this game on PS5. Bit too low for me by default.

ID: gv3d281

Yes please, I was playing RE7 on PC with a FOV increase mod and when I got a PS5 I decided to replay it but I felt nauseous after 1 hour of playing with the default FOV. That's what bothering me the most for RE8

ID: gv3lkwm

It's not a first person shooter, it has a lower fov so you have a sense of claustrophobia, I repeat it is not fucking call of Duty

ID: gv3p5cm

It's a first person game regardless,no reason not to include fov slider.

ID: gv3roqx

you have a very limited understanding of fov and why many prefer higher fovs. but thanks for reminding me resident evil isn't call of fucking duty, sir.

ID: gv3nmxm

How does that make a difference? Warhammer Vermintide is not a shooter and it has a FOV slider. It’s quite jarring to play at a low FOV

ID: gv3o3uz

So explain why RE7 has a slider on PC?

ID: gv46iiw

I have an ultrawide monitor and I'm sure on PC I'll be able to change my fov. Why not allow it on ps5 as well? It's certainly powerful enough for some fov adjustments.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/19 17:16 ID: gv3pytg

Game looks fucking ace. Im so excited for this one

8 : Anonymous2021/04/19 20:43 ID: gv4iyea

After cyberpunk I'm waiting a few weeks on every game I'm interested in and I can't plan time to play demos, its stupid.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/19 18:41 ID: gv424u7

I was not impressed by the demo, technically is not that incredible. Everything looks awesome yes from quite far, once you get closer textures appear quite low res and geometries are not that great either, it really shows it's a cross gen game.

ID: gv42n87

Yeah, and when I tried to shoot some bottles or apples in the kitchen, nothing happened except a spark and a black circle on them. I know it's not important but it was still surprising.

ID: gv48sq3

The visuals might not be flawless but it's the art direction that's cool, kinda like Bloodborne, games that can get a bit ugly up close but is overall still more visually appealing than the other AAA games cause the environments and enemy designs are actually interesting even it's not that technically advanced.

As a video game though it looks amazing though, seems more fun and compelling than 7 which is already pretty good.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/19 23:50 ID: gv56x0p

Man, maybe I’m just old but this doesn’t seem like RE to me. I grew up playing the first 3 games as a kid and this and 7 just doesn’t feel RE at all. I did not like 7, I just wish they would call it something other than RE.


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