Spider-Man 2018

1 : Anonymous2021/04/19 06:50 ID: mtuygo

Even 3 years later, the game is phenomenal. Was a bit late to join the party as the PS5 was my first ever console ,but the boy oh boy is the game breathtaking even at 30 FPS.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/19 09:40 ID: gv2b1u3

This game had the most smoothest 30fps I've ever experienced. Played it on performance mode,but dang that 4k look good and I didn't mind 30fps here. But play control in 30fps and then switch to 60 that was amazing.

ID: gv3req5

Yup. Reminded me of how smooth TLOU2 was on a base PS4. Beautiful stuff

ID: gv2r667

Spidey’s resolution trickery still looks phenomenal in performance RT mode.

Control 30fps was dogshit, the dynamic resolution takes too much of a hammering, but I thought it looked great in performance mode also.

Before I got my PS5 I was one of those “nah 60 fps isn’t that big a deal, give me 4K and/or RT any day” but these games look so good in performance mode I don’t think the extra lighting details justify the slower frames.

ID: gv2s1bz

That taa and temporal what not is amazing tbh. And thanks to agree on control point . That game in 60fps is vry fun. Now this might be a controversial point but I like good motion blur and games like spiderman and naughty dog games (except uncharted 4) have very good motion blur it's what makes 30fps not bad.

ID: gv2ruez

This is exactly why I take offense with the one size fits all approach people take when they say a game can't be good in 30fps. Motherfucker I dare you to play an insomniac game and say that again. It's entirely dependent on how skilled the developers are

ID: gv2s7o9

I agree. The people at insomniac are doing gods work.

ID: gv3lrmb

30 FPS is still too low for a modern game. The game can be playable with heavy optimization and little graphic tricks but it’s still sometimes not enough things like random FPS drops will occur. To be fair the main limiting factor is power of the consoles which hopefully this new generation pushes us closer to 60 FPS 1080p.

ID: gv4hdlz

Miles Morales looked so good in the fidelity mode, I felt like they designed the animation to look smooth at 30fps. I beat Control on the PS4 so even a steady 30 was an improvement, I switched back and forth a lot between the RTX mode and 60fps. Yakuza Like a Dragon looks great when walking around at 4k 30fps but the 60fps looks too good in combat to turn off.

ID: gv2s3yl

I highly recommend you play in Performance RT mode instead. Locked 60FPS, and it targets 4K, but most of the time is around 1440p. I don’t think you’d even notice the resolution difference. In my opinion, video games benefit more from high framerate than high resolution, especially something fast paced like Spider-Man.

ID: gv2skby

I did definitely noticed resolution difference. And I've played sm 2018 on ps4 and had no issue on hardest difficulty on 30fps. Games like control and borderlands 3 benefited mostly from 60fps imo.

ID: gv51pj4

The thing with resolution (as with all things) is that it has diminishing returns. From 720p to 1080p was a huge jump, but from 1080p to 4k it really isn't that impactful, that's one of the reasons why pc players are strong advocates (me included) of 1440p. It's still a super high resolution but leaves way more leeway to the GPU to render higher frame rates.

30 to 60fps is a massive jump... Beyond that you also experience some diminishing returns.

ID: gv2we1u

Rt performance mode isn’t “locked” at 60 FPS, all though I’ve only played Miles morales as early as last week and beat it already, I’ve already encountered multiple frame drops, even in the non rt performance mode during the last boss fight...

ID: gv4diiq

Yeah Control is up next for me to replay after Spiderman! I can't wait to not have chop and lag!

3 : Anonymous2021/04/19 10:45 ID: gv2fi08

Graphically yes but side quests and main story needs some work for the next game

ID: gv2gn8o

I agree, I think Miles Morales tightened up the 2018 formula quite a bit in the crimes and other side content a fair bit. Hopefully that continues with the next one

ID: gv2ktnh

It's why I think MM is the superior game overall. Yes, it's shorter (Plat took ~20 hours) but at the same time I never felt like I was grinding or doing a bunch of unnecessary tasks that were meant to pad out the world.

ID: gv4fo2u


4 : Anonymous2021/04/19 12:07 ID: gv2m6v3

Playing through Remastered for the PS5 for the first time atm and it’s one helluva great game. Running the Performance RT mode and the frame rate is dead solid and it looks great.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/19 18:49 ID: gv43bw8

Sounds like some people in this thread are roasting you without being helpful.

They have a performance RT mode on both Spider-Man games. Before that came out I would have absolutely said to keep it at 30fps, but now there’s no reason not to play at 60fps+Raytracing. The temporal injection that the game uses takes its sub-4K image (which is still higher than 1080p in the performance mode; I think it’s 1800p at the high end) and makes it look super crisp. Definitely switch to performance RT mode.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/19 20:03 ID: gv4df2y

I'm replaying the original right now before I dive into Miles Morales. It plays so great on the PS5 and really is just such a feel good kinda game.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/19 13:02 ID: gv2rsb6

Top 5 games of all time for me

ID: gv2tkir

you need to play more games

ID: gv3z7b1

Ive been playing games since 1989 on all platforms. Spiderman is def a top game, yeah the story is kinda wack but the swinging mechanic by itself makes the game a top contender.

Maybe you should appriciate good games

8 : Anonymous2021/04/19 14:56 ID: gv364kj

it’s fun but i feel like end of the day the game is just good/alright and that’s it.

the story was good but anything involving mj was just so boring. i couldn’t give a damn about mj which makes me sad bc prior to the release insomniac really hyped her up as her own character, but she felt about as useful as raimi’s mj.

the game had weak boss fights, straight up outdated design decisions (you cannot stealth the enemy camps no matter how hard you try) , boring side quests, and i hated how the game only had a specific amount of crime before that crime would completely disappear from the game. let me fight li’s men after the story in the open world, let Fisk’s men randomly aim a gun at me while I’m walking on the streets of nyc.

and i can’t believe the game got remastered 2 years later and it’s stuck behind a 70 dollar paywall. why not just put it on sale independently from miles? pretty sure they’re just buttering us up for the idea of 70 dollar games.

miles fixes some issues with the main game but miles’ price tag soured the game for me once my hype wore off. 50 bucks for a game that short was a robbery. in my eyes it’s a dlc/ expansion.

the game is a lot of fun though but only for so long. i hope for the sequel they decide to let the web slinging be less automated.

ID: gv47m8h

Yeah this is how I feel. The swinging was amazing at first and then you realize there is no moves to do and the swinging is actually too slow (although that’s a console limitation I’m sure). This game felt like a decent foundation to really take it to the next level for the sequel.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/19 13:23 ID: gv2u834

I am conflicted on the graphic modes of this game. Spider Man tries to be a playable movie, so 30 fps feels quite natural and in fact "cinematic". But swinging through the city is such an eye sore at 30. 60 fps is just so much better for all the panning shots and overall gameplay.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/19 11:54 ID: gv2l1n0

I recently played it again. It's still more impressive than most newer games. The gameplay is just spectacular. I constantly combined different moves in fights just for fun.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/19 13:02 ID: gv2rrwc


ID: gv34h8i

I agree that 2018 is a little better, but your reasoning behind that opinion isn’t thought through at all.

How is the story of Morales any different than 2018 in terms of the amount of characters who are actually superheroes? 2018 does the exact same thing, arguably more. Peter happens to work at a lab under the man who becomes Doc Oc. Peter’s best friends with a kid who is heavily being set up to become Venom, likely in game 2. That kid’s father, who Peter also is friends with, is famously the Green Goblin, probably also game 2. And Peter coincidentally volunteers at a shelter that Mr Negative is in charge of. In the DLC, Peter’s ex girlfriend is a superhero, AND the cop he’s been interacting with for the entire game is being set up with her own superhero/villain origin story, also likely for game 2. Oh and then the kid Peter happens to take in and help after his dad dies coincidentally gets bitten by a spider and becomes a second Spider-Man lol.

Literally the only major characters who don’t eventually become “super” in 2018 are May and Mary Jane lol. Maybe you should look into this weird, blind hatred you have for Miles Morales.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/19 06:52 ID: gv203uj

30fps is too slow. 60fps or it's not next gen. Congrats and welcome though.

ID: gv21s7c

Nothing wrong with 30fps when you’ve got native 4K, a high level of detail, ray tracing and better texture and shadow quality. There’s more to gaming than just bigger numbers

ID: gv28idv

There is a low enough number that you would find doesnt meet a minimum requirement for you to find acceptable, maybe for you its 20-25fps or lower but for many its below 60.

I can play at 30 with most games but I completely understand why a lot of people find it below their bear minimum, frame rate is important.

ID: gv22pdw

I just don't agree. 60fps is a standard. But feel free to down doot like a baby because you can't accept varying opinions. Its reddit after all.

ID: gv41ku0

The OG Spider-Man doesn't have any of those though since Sony got greedy and released a "remaster" instead of patching the old game.

Personally I'd take 60fps over 30fps + visual flair any day. The smooth motion and responsiveness just make a much bigger difference than a resolution bump or improved visuals.

ID: gv20crk

Thanks a lot. I did play Miles Morales at 60 FPS though. Have to say that it was incredibly fun to play at a higher frame rate.

ID: gv22w2d

You know you can change Spiderman to 60 right?

ID: gv21xg8

I preferred the 30fps mode in Spider-Man, even coming from PC and being used to 60FPS.

Just looked better in fidelity mode and I found a bit of a soap opera effect when swinging at 60 which was odd.

ID: gv27xty

Soap opera effect in videogame even after the fact that youve adapted to playing at 60fps in the vast majority of games you play? That is extremely odd.

ID: gv2p9ny

That’s certainly an unusual sentiment but you do you king

ID: gv2558i

Agree i really can't play 30 anymore. After I played Ghost of Thushima and Valhalla i bought Odyssey and Origins. Unfortunately it was only on 30fps so it stays not used until they patch it, if they patch it.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/19 12:29 ID: gv2oby8

I bought it, but didn't play more than 2 hours.

I can't stand the 30fps, gonna have to buy the game again, shit. I need a 60fps patch

ID: gv2tce6

It is 60fps on PS5 if you set it on performance or RT performance.

ID: gv2zw4k

I’m assuming he owns the PS4 version

ID: gv32uax

I'm talking about the Spider-man 2018

14 : Anonymous2021/04/19 15:20 ID: gv39d7c

Does this game get any PS5 enhancements? It’s my number 1 game to buy when I finally get my hands on a PS5.

ID: gv3e2b5

Only if you get the remastered version which you get if you buy Spider Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition

ID: gv3fpuw

Oh that’s a weird way to do it but cool, glad you pointed this out. Thank you.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/19 20:43 ID: gv4izr3

Any chance it's become free for play at home

17 : Anonymous2021/04/20 00:58 ID: gv5evg7

Did NOT need a remaster! Game was gorgeous

18 : Anonymous2021/04/19 14:38 ID: gv33muz

Graphics and movement were excellent. Storyline was mediocre at best and side quests were legit bad. It felt like a kids game (which I guess it technically is).

19 : Anonymous2021/04/19 22:31 ID: gv4xdqv

Ah yes the only game where 30 FPS was never an issue. Props to Insomniac for their mad optimisation skills.


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