Returnal Trophies is now live

1 : Anonymous2021/04/18 23:43 ID: mtofdz
Returnal Trophies is now live
2 : Anonymous2021/04/19 01:01 ID: gv14c0h

Nice. Next week~~~ Finally.

ID: gv1wacw

Isnt it 30th of april?

ID: gv1y9lo

Yeah next week on the Friday!?

3 : Anonymous2021/04/19 00:43 ID: gv12a57

looks like a pretty straightforward platinum. typical upgrade everything, beat the game, and a few combat specific ones but nothing crazy grind heavy

ID: gv1xzaq

"nothing crazy grind heavy" but for most roguelikes, you're gunna grind permanent upgrades until you're strong enough to beat the true final boss, and every time you die you lost EVERYTHING except your permanent upgrades ... i just hope the gameplay loop is fun enough and the game have enough unique maps to not be boring

ID: gv2kxg8

I looked at a few seconds of gameplay and didn't know what was going on. I'm going to go in blind as long as the game is good

ID: gv324jm

I have a ton of hours in Dead Cells, Children of Morta, Curse of the Dead Gods, Risk of Rain... when done right these games are a BLAST. It’s like pinball in a way... just ONE MORE go at it... and a few hours later you are still going.

It is extremely satisfying getting new weapons, perks, attributes, and trying out different builds that suit your play style.

I’m personally extremely excited for this game and can’t wait.

I played Curse of the dead gods for 6 1/2 hours yesterday alone... great times.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/19 02:01 ID: gv1aqly

I know people hate online trophies but personally for me the ones I really hate the most are the ones that depend on an RNG mechanic. I'm super glad i don't see any that look like those here.

ID: gv1m1eo

I’m liking the PS exclusives having pretty straight forward “Beat game, find and upgrade everything” platinum trophy’s. I’m not a trophy hunter but it’s cool getting a platinum by just beating the game and doing most of the fluff.

ID: gv1xcso

TLoU says "hi"

ID: gv22w51

Yeah as much as I love Monster Hunter, getting the platinum(s) on World and Iceborne is a massive RNG fest, such a pain

ID: gv2vnzp

I burnt out of World chasing crowns, and burnt out of Iceborne farming guiding lands. And by burnt out, I mean eveytime I think about playing it for fun I start thinking of everything I need to do and how I might have forgot some monsters attack patterns and I just can't bring myself to start the game anymore.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/19 00:38 ID: gv11rmy


ID: gv14x1u


ID: gv1d503

Yeah what did he say?

ID: gv16muo

What did he say?

6 : Anonymous2021/04/19 01:01 ID: gv14au6

Seems like a pretty plat-able game. I like that there are 31 trophies, but this does make me question how long the game might be. Although, Demon’s Souls has 37 trophies and it’s a pretty long game. Either way, I am stoked for this one.

ID: gv1bzlj

While i don't think demon souls was pretty long if it makes you feel any better The last of us (part 1) had 50 trophies while The last of US part 2 had 28. Part 2 was longer than part 1 by about 8 to 10 hours.

the waifu thing gave me a good kick LOL

ID: gv1pdlo

Platinuming Demon's Souls is a pain in the ass. I had to do 2.5 playthroughs to do so. If you don't cheese it, you'll have to do so as well.

ID: gv1mla2

DeS was actually one of the shorter souls game

ID: gv1pfho

It was my longest plat out of all the souls games + sekiro oof

ID: gv27qo4

Demon's Souls is long if you play for the first time. When you know the game its short af.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/19 00:02 ID: gv0xrf3

Where's the trophy for commenting about the game not being worth $70?

ID: gv19bnn

What’s the reason people are saying that? Is it short or something? I thought it looked pretty cool

ID: gv1i5tx

It's a rogue like, which is traditionally an indie genre. People don't think a rogue like can be worth full price.

ID: gv1p8hr

It's 80€ in Europe. That's nearly 100$ lol

8 : Anonymous2021/04/19 07:49 ID: gv23zvq

‘Say the line Bart!’


I’m interested in this game but I’m going to wait because I don’t think it’s worth $70

everyone cheers

9 : Anonymous2021/04/19 00:42 ID: gv125df

Somewhat off topic: are there any interviews about developers choosing their trophies for a game? I know it will differ for each dev, but just curious if there have been any insights into their process.

ID: gv1m420

I wish I could find it, but I recall reading a post years ago from the developers of Cosmic Star Heroine talking about choosing their trophies based on research they did on the system.

ID: gv1ile1

If you find, I also would like to see it.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/19 00:30 ID: gv10t5e

Interesting that there are acts

11 : Anonymous2021/04/19 07:43 ID: gv23k1g

How do they actually find this kind of information? Does Sony have a public api to extract trophy list for games ? Especially when the game is not released yet.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/19 01:41 ID: gv18ktf

I'm still really unsure what the metacritic could be for this game. I could see it being as high as 90 but as low at 65. Definitely one of those games you need to wait for reviews on.

ID: gv1b330

When's the review embargo lifting? it could benefit greatly if it get's early reviews.

ID: gv3rm1i

I can't find any information about the embargo. Sony generally does 1 week, but probably will be anywhere between 7 and 2 days before the game comes out

ID: gv2ey18

I love my RogueLites & Housemarque has a pretty good record so far. This is their first AAA title so I have hope but I’ll wait on reviews. If it gets 80 or higher, I’ll buy it in the first week.

ID: gv1pecs

Everything I’ve seen about this game looks quality.

I definitely don’t need reviews to tell me that.

Easy day 1 buy

ID: gv1qzag

Yeah I agree about this entirely. Especially after the whole Days Gone developer talking about buying games at full price, I feel like supporting a project that is AAA and this weird and potentially niche with the games industry where it’s at is one of the best things to do. I’ll spend $70 and get a probably pretty good game and know I at least helped a littttttle bit further the idea that not every game needs to be a semi-open world assassins creed type thing or a shooter

ID: gv2foh9

Cyberpunk looked quality too before launch...

13 : Anonymous2021/04/19 01:11 ID: gv15fi9

As long as it gets good reviews il take the $70 plunge. Its the Ratchet and Clank game im gonna have a harder time with. Those games are pretty much one and dones with no real purpose to keep playing it.

ID: gv1u0sw

I'm perfectly ok paying full price for a game I only enjoy once. Uncharted 4, God of War, Death Stranding. I beat them to death and loved every moment of it. That's worth it for me

ID: gv2tc0k

For sure. And those are perfect examples. Those are the kinds of games where once you know the story, it makes replaying it almost like a chore and not as fun as the first run

ID: gv19do7

I think Ratchet games have replay value, like collecting everything in new game +. That’s if you’re willing to 100% the game and every weapon.

ID: gv1b15e

Nah, as I get older I’ll take quality over quantity most of the time

ID: gv1jsx8

My wallet is not on board with that philosphy lmao.

ID: gv1koou

???? Ratchet and clank games being one and done??? What?

You get new game + for Ratchet and Clank where you can get MEGA versions of the guns and in some of the later games you get bonus upgrades that are unlocked.

Not to mention the bolt multiplier that lets you get everything you couldn’t afford in your first playthrough and the ability to go back and fully explore all the planets once you have certain gadgets unlocked.

Every single ratchet and clank game is supposed to be played twice, at a minimum

ID: gv1iity

Usually Ratchet games have NG+ with new versions of some weapons

14 : Anonymous2021/04/19 10:53 ID: gv2g3em

I’m just worried I won’t be able to finish it. I wish the game had some mechanic to make it easier.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/19 18:02 ID: gv3wkzf

I am tempted to buy this game but I am terrible at rouge-likes and eventually get board/frustrated with it.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/19 03:45 ID: gv1l4e6

This game is $125 in Australia.


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