Days Gone Lead Designer Thanks Fans for Playing the Game No Matter How Much Money They Spent

1 : Anonymous2021/04/21 11:19 ID: mvdhgo
Days Gone Lead Designer Thanks Fans for Playing the Game No Matter How Much Money They Spent
2 : Anonymous2021/04/21 11:21 ID: gvb86r1

This is the right approach,unlike someone else we know...

ID: gvb8sq2

Gavin is way too close to Days Gone and he clearly took it's reception very personally. lol

Apparently the game didn't have a writing team and he wrote EVERYTHING, so it makes sense. It also caused a lot of development issues and he admitted on Jaffe's show that making a AAA game in that manner is not a good idea.

ID: gvbdmlv


Even this?

ID: gvbt7gg

Playing through it currently, it definitely suffers quite a bit when it comes to dialogue. It reminds me of the star wars prequels, where most lines don’t really match the tone of the overall conversation & the wording of lines is a bit dubious

ID: gvb96bp

I can get the disappointed and what you are saying,who wouldn't feel like that?

But blaming the customer is pretty childish(and so publicly),as if he himself buys absolutely everything day 1...

I bet he wouldnt buy a game at full price after hearing about all the technical bugs and seeing Medicore reviews everywhere

ID: gvbid19

That explains why the writing in the game could be a bit repetitive at times.

Christ, how many times did we here "out in the shit" "your old lady" or some other tired biker trope.

ID: gvbm6e0

I totally agree with what he said now. It's his art

ID: gvblhcj

Uhhh what?? A first party Sony studio didn’t have a writing team??? Gonna need a little more than Reddit rumor mill to believe that

ID: gvbizyb

The story now makes sense to me if he was doing the writing

ID: gvbghmt

Apparently the game didn't have a writing team and he wrote EVERYTHING

This explains everything. Despite the fact that the game is still riddled with bugs to this day (I just beat it ~2 weeks ago) the writing/story/dialogue were the things I struggled with the most. I stuck with it for the exploration and gameplay. By the end of the game, I felt that I had endured the characters and the sloppy story for the exploration and the gameplay.

ID: gvbglqf

So the game didnt have a writing team. THAT EXPLAINS A LOT.

ID: gvbkk38

That makes a lot of sense. This guy probably always wanted to be a badass biker growing up and that's why the character was so fucking corny

3 : Anonymous2021/04/21 11:22 ID: gvb8aj4

FYI: The Lead designer is a different person from the Director, who said those now infamous remarks about buying it at "full fucking price"

ID: gvbian9

Days Gone was a buggy mess at launch.

Finish your fucking game and I’ll pay full price.

But don’t ask me to pay to beta test your shit.

ID: gvbr8ni

Finish your game and I still won't pay full price for it. I'll wait for a sale because it's my money and that's how capitalism works

ID: gvby2mg

I bought at launch and don't remember it being buggy... what were the big issues?

ID: gvbwqiv

But don’t ask me to pay to beta test your shit.

As somebody else pointed out in the last couple of days, this is exactly why game demos need to be brought back for single player games.

ID: gvbzecu

Only reason I played it was because it was on PS+ collection. Had it not been, I likely never play it.

ID: gvc48f3

Thanks for clarifying this. Thought this was a walk-back damage control statement

4 : Anonymous2021/04/21 13:48 ID: gvbmxh3

I have a love/hate relationship with days gone

ID: gvcc6rf

Exactly. I feel like it gets lumped in with Horizon and Tsushima because it is an open world game by Sony but the biggest problems with those games were just the generic trappings of the genre. Both of those had open world malaise but the good points about each really felt exceptional. Days Gone seems to have an inadvertently funny and/or annoying feature for each thing it does really well.

ID: gvcsv7d

I honestly really liked this game and I think the hate it gets is strange post patches. I played last year and I was impressed with the story and the gameplay equally. Some parts fell flat but comparing it to other open world games (Ubisoft) it really stands out.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/21 13:36 ID: gvblku6

The fact that one person wrote everything in this game actually answers mostly every question as to why parts of the story didn’t feel like they had the importance they needed or why they just kind of fell flat. Overall though I had fun!

ID: gvc5knr

Playing through it at the moment for the first time and while I’m really enjoying the game in general, I find myself disconnecting from the story sometimes, some of it feels slightly forced or irrelevant, but other parts have me hooked to every word.

ID: gvcecqv

Yeah it's kinda implied the director had a lot of control over the product, which in this case was not for the better and caused a lot of tension and grief for the team and is what caused to leave (be let go). None of this is outright said but it's offhandedly confirmed by Jason Schreier

ID: gvc5fhh

Never played it, but you’d think one main writer would be a good thing? You’d want to consult with experts, and make sure it’s not accidentally offensive, pass it through an editor, but why is 1 writer necessarily a bad thing?

ID: gvc5ulb

May be an issue of "one man writes a very well connected but small story but he just can't achieve the volume required for a long form story across a game" vs. "This was written by a larger team with coordination meetings to make a really large connected story that maybe suffers in some smaller personal aspects"?

6 : Anonymous2021/04/21 11:46 ID: gvba8qq

I bought this for $20 long time ago but never played it until It was on ps plus for some reason, i am playing it for the first time in my ps5 and loving it

ID: gvblv55

Same here. I downloaded it because it was free, and despite the not-so-great reviews I had seen. I am enjoying it a lot- it's not my favorite game, and I probably won't go back to it or try NG+ when it's complete, but I am invested enough in it to want to see the game through to the end.

I would rank it with games like Mad Max or Shadow of Mordor as solid, middle-tier games that I don't regret spending time playing.

ID: gvbm4k6


ID: gvbmiod

Well said.

ID: gvcd856

But NG+ is so satisfying in this game! Going back fully decked out with the power balance inverted was a blast. I rolled right from NG normal into NG+ Hard and loved it.

This ended up being one of my favorite games. There is a certain charm to the characters and story that just hooked me, and the later game mechanics and items make it a lot of fun to play.

ID: gvbj3i6

I like it so far, but I cant seem to save the game ever. It kicks me back 20 mins in the past when I turn on the game again

ID: gvbjw3j

Are you quicksaving near your bike or bed? That's how the game saves outside of checkpoints/autosaves.

ID: gvbx58d

Yeah same here. And honestly I wasn’t even that into it until I got to some big horde hanging out in a train and had to avoid them while I snuck into a building. I was surprised at how all of a sudden it got tense.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/21 12:59 ID: gvbhecb

The ps+ collection was one if the reasons I could justify a ps5 to myself so the exclusive somewhat did its job.

This game is amazing on ps5 by the way. 60 fps makes it.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/21 20:10 ID: gvd45ii

I adored Days Gone, personally, bought the CE and everything, and was gutted when I saw what the Director said. That’s such a bad way to treat fans. I’m glad to see the Lead Designer feels differently. Whether you pay full price or buy something on sale for 95% off, if you’re a fan you’re a fan.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/21 16:30 ID: gvc8y0l

All these recent news about Days Gone are really pushing me to finally get the game.

ID: gvc9cvb

Do it, its a slow burning game, once you get the upgrades it opens up, clearing hordes is really a fun thing.

ID: gvd47y5

I’ve 100% completed all the assassins creed games going up to Odyssey. I only had fun doing Rogue and Black Flag mainly because of the beauty I saw in those games.

Days gone was genuinely different 100% completing and I had a bunch of fun doing it.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/21 14:10 ID: gvbpq5r

Played at launch on base PS4 and it was a bugfest, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Got it again on PS5 with Ps plus and the 60 fps smoothness makes it so much better...I can understand yea the writing can be somewhat lame, but overall it is a good game in my book. Has to be a good one for me to play anything more than once.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/21 13:47 ID: gvbmw1g

I'm actually playing this game. It's nice.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/21 14:14 ID: gvbq7jy

Here is John clarifying his comments made on david jaffe's show imgur

13 : Anonymous2021/04/21 12:07 ID: gvbc4w8

Smells like damage control after the other guy's comments.

ID: gvblm8c

Well he doesn't even work at the studio anymore. Not sure why he'd try to damage control

ID: gvbksjx

Sure, totally.

But one man's opinion isn't indicative of every person working at the entire studio, as well.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/21 12:43 ID: gvbfp2p

Honestly, sounds like damage control after Gavin's terrible comments.

ID: gvbqxjv

Oh it's definitely in response to the outrage. I imagine the whole team was feeling it.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/21 13:35 ID: gvblfx5

yeah after a long period of decision-making i started this game and played about 3 hours. loved it so far. i believe the reasons of backlash it faced on release are really polished at this point.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/21 12:44 ID: gvbfsni

I loved days gone, one of my favourites. I mean, I did play it on the PS5 with fast loading times and way after it was released escaping all the bugs but I honestly thought it was brilliant.


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