Has anyone managed to unlock the standard 6900XT bios yet?

1 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:10 ID: mw3cbf

All the complaints about this card where related to the locked frequency and power limits holding it back. We got rid of the power limits with more power tool, and now debauer seems to be indicating the bios he uploaded can be flashed to other cards. So has anyone managed this yet?

Be interesting to see what these cards can do on water, or even one of the high end massive cooler, 3 power input cards.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/22 14:18 ID: gvg31dr

I have flashed the XTXH VBios on my Toxic 6900XT.

You have to flash it via Linux because current public AMDVBFLASH doesn't have the -F argument which allows you to force flash different ID bios on Windows.

You still cannot go higher than the stock XTX stepping limits (3000 Core and 2150 Memory), doing so will reset the driver back to default. Also, your voltage will be locked at 1018mV which renders this bios completely useless.

If you do not have dual bios do not try this because you will not be able to fix it since the card loses display out until you hit Windows. It doesn't even work on Linux or Bios or whatever.

The way you revert back is to go on Linux with the working bios, switch the flip inside Linux and force flash your proper bios. This, or use a second GPU to get display out and flash the "bricked" card.

ID: gvhwnfl

They removed -f ? Wtf.. Which version did you use? I posted a new one on tpu last week

ID: gvicsk6

how you have the toxic when it only just released?!? also can you share the vbios please?

ID: gvipb1x

He has the old Toxic that came out two months ago

3 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:18 ID: gvfp8eh

I just got the bios from the new unlocked 6900xt from Derbauer so I should know in a couple of days.

ID: gvft5e6

Watch out not that you brick your card.

ID: gvft8e9

Yup. Dual bios card so I’ll be careful .

ID: gvfwhkj

can you pm it please?

4 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:59 ID: gvg0kj7

I'm more interested in the vram frequency being locked. Will it also be unlocked?

5 : Anonymous2021/04/22 14:54 ID: gvg7zui

Is the vram latency being modified with RBE?

6 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:32 ID: gvhshbz

I can't explain why because the NDA but there is the (good) reason the VRAM frequency is locked and its not because of the cooling.

I would not flash the xtxh bios on xtx board. Maybe you get the performance boost, I didn't try, I am not the memory expert, but there are the optimizations tuned for the design. I haven't tried, maybe it is good, but I wouldn't do it.

But, it is your board, do what you want. This is all I am comfortable to say.

ID: gvi9tgb

It's locked clock and voltage that people want to lift. Maybe the voltage is locked because that's the max the output stage can do, but it would be nice to hear this from AMD.

ID: gvid0t8

I think the limit on memclk might be about limiting mining performance.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/22 23:14 ID: gvi5qsi

i dont really understand why they locked this gpu. My devil on water goes 2780 if i can go to 1.2mv++ 3k might be achievable


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