2 VS 4 Ram Sticks.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:16 ID: mycres


Im about to start building a new gaming Rig with a 5800X and a AORUS MASTER X570. I also have the following RAM kits laying around.

4x8GB Corsair Vengance 3000Mhz CL15

2x16GB Corsair Dominators 3466Mhz CL16

Which kit would go better with my CPU/Mobo?


2 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:28 ID: gvu5vid

The 2X16GB 3466 kit is B-die right? It should easily outperform the other kit thanks to higher frequency and better timings.

ID: gvu6036

Both are B-die.

ID: gvu6e17

Are you sure? Corsair sometimes used B-die in their 3000 CL15 kits several years back but it was rare. Make sure the Corsair Version number on the stick labels is Ver 4.31. Thaiphoon Burner can incorrectly read other types as B-die.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:27 ID: gvu5qj2

That CPU doesn't support quad channel, so it makes no difference if it's 2x16 or 4x8, you'll still be running in dual channel.

So then I looked at frequency and latency and it's probably better to use the 4x8 cuz at cl15 you could probably get away with an OC from 3000mhz to 3466mhz quite easily.

ID: gvu65cy

4 are better than 2

ID: gvu6hfe

Both kits are dual rank in this case.

ID: gvuc5mm

Dual channel and dual rank are completely different things.

Wasn't talking about dual rank.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:40 ID: gvu7f3q

I'd go with the kit with two 16 GB sticks due to the higher frequency. Sweet spot for the Ryzen 5000s is 3600 Mhz, so I think you could easily push them to 3600. As for two sticks vs four sticks, look up Ryzen and single rank vs dual rank memory. Basically, there's a small performance uplift from using two sticks with dual rank memory or four single rank sticks. Most 16 GB sticks are dual rank, and I'd suspect the 8 GB sticks you have are single rank.

ID: gvuz2va

3600 was the sweet spot for 3000 series Ryzen. 5000 series benefits more from lower latency/tighter timings by a small amount. So 3200 mhz CL14 is gonna perform better than 3600 CL16 albeit by only a few fps avg but helps with 1% lows and 0.1% lows.

ID: gvv8pef

And what are you basing that claim on?

ID: gvvrojb

the 5000 series and 3000 series literally use the same IO die barring some power tweaks and a more refined infinity fabric to the CCDs. 5000 series runs 3600 just fine and if you can lower the latency it’s even better.

Also there’s almost no latency difference between 3200CL14 and 3600CL16 (although in actuality 3600 is better because of the higher IF clock). Plenty of latency calculators online

5 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:50 ID: gvu8rwc

The 2x16GB set is faster and has lower latency.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:47 ID: gvufyi4

2x16gb - is the way to go for gaming. Most people go with 2x8gb, but I don't suggest it.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/25 22:52 ID: gvva9wc

I'm definitely not the one to give direct advice on this as I am new to pc building. But I saw a Linus Tech video I believe, and they did benchmarks for different ram configurations for gaming. While for gaming he said you don't need 32gb for most games, for some weird reasons with AMD systems they got better benchmarks running 4x8gb I believe. Even better by a small amount than 2x16gb. So for whatever reason it was not the capacity, it was just 4 channels he said.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:28 ID: gvu5wtz

Upgrade your gpu for sure. I run 2x16 @2666 works great. On asus prime b550m a-ac mobo ryzen 3700x 8 core, and Radeon 5700xt 8GB.

ID: gvu9uld

I don't think I'll have problem with the GPU. I have the 6800XT 16GB.

ID: gvudjfz

This dude seems lost. I don't even see a mention in your original post about GPU...

ID: gvvdn63

If you run your ram at such a low clock you are missing quite some performance.

ID: gvvdu3t

Thats what the memory is rated to run at i haven't had any probs.problems. 2x16 crucial balistix @ 2666MHz


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