PS1-PS3 on PSN is Most Requested feature according to Gamespot Poll

1 : Anonymous2021/04/24 08:59 ID: mxg5ve

Gamespot Poll

2 : Anonymous2021/04/24 14:16 ID: gvpbw90

If Sony’s looking for something to compete with GamePass, they just need to put PS1-3 games on PS5 and I’d be happy as fuck

ID: gvru2ft

Unless they plan on putting a bunch of these on PS Now and making them available to download instead of stream I don’t see how it competes with GamePass.

ID: gvrixmw

And bigger third parties day and date. Don’t need first parties. We’re good with supporting the devs over here!

ID: gvrxsgk

At least then we'll be able to play Gran Turismo!

3 : Anonymous2021/04/24 09:10 ID: gvnwfp6

most requested when the other options are complete shit, very epic poll

ID: gvq0tz8

Excuse me, folders are not shit

ID: gvsrs99

Folders would make me happy

ID: gvnyaiy

What else to expect from Gamespot? Lol

ID: gvob8wr

Where’s the themes option! I need them (in addition to a better trophy list UI)

ID: gvp3niq

The problem with themes on PS5 is that it seems like the whole UI was made specifically to not need them. The closest thing I could see them doing is customizable buttons on the home menu or something.

ID: gvp9ntx

I’m really sad that they removed themes. I think it’s one of the best features of ps4

ID: gvp3wwe

Quick resume is an absolutely excellent feature, wouldn't call it 'absolute shit'. I've spent so much time on the matchmaking screens of games like For Honor and Dead by Daylight that I'd probably have finished several singleplayer games by now if I was tabbing between the two games whilst waiting to start a match.

ID: gvq1n5o

Yeah seriously I don't have either of the next gen consoles yet but Quick Resume seems ridiculously useful. I won't be playing more than 4-5 games at a time, so effectively never having to see a start menu or bootup sequence again seems wild to me. I really hope 1) one day I get a PS5 (and if it's safe to say here, an XSX) and 2) they shamelessly rip off Xbox in this area.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/24 16:10 ID: gvpzper

So does the PS5 community hate PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and PS Vita or something? Why is everyone acting so negatively towards this?

Of course, native backwards compatibility is essential for Sony and the hardcore PlayStation fans as they’ve amassed a huge collection of great exclusive software over the years that cannot be enjoyed on a modern system. Games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Killzone: Mercenary, Gran Turismo 5, and more still aren’t available on currently supported systems.

ID: gvqge2y

Ps5 owner here, I fully support BC

ID: gvq8w14

This sub is weirdly against BC. I don't get it. BC is an awesome feature to have. Imagine if the PS5 didn't play PS4 games.

ID: gvqmdtw

I wouldn't own a PS5 if it couldn't play PS4 games, I bought it instantly because I wanted to keep playing ps4 games but I also wanted to play the newer titles. My PS4 was on its last legs so I had the option to buy another PS4 when it broke or wait for the PS5, I'm glad I found one

ID: gvqgltt

This is the same sub that seethed over people stating the PS5 is better built for targeting 60FPS ~1440p instead of targeting solely ~4K in future titles (Because apparently most people can't see the difference between 30FPS & 60FPS but can see a huge difference between 1440p vs Reconstructed 4K), anything stated here that potentially belittles Sony & or any of their weaknesses isn't tolerated well it seems.
But suddenly such features & aspects are now amazing & they couldn't deal without them once Sony actually does get around to implementing them in some capacity, give me a frickin' break.

ID: gvqbn61

It’s like gamers buy a PS5 and somehow forget that the PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 exist/existed.

ID: gvqejui

So my post history will show I'm a huge Halo and PC guy, and also a guy that uses alot of emulators. Basically I myself, come from a position of bias....

That said, the first reason PS consumers seem to bring up when discussing PS BC is "profitability" which I always find odd. Think about it, yes there's the initial investment and implementation of the emulator on the PS5. While hard to make, emulators do exist for PS1, 2 and 3 on PC currently and they were all reverse engineered by community members in their free time. Given some funding and internal design documentation could Sony get a PS3 emulator running in a reasonable cost window? Absolutely. And if you can get the PS3 to work you could get any emulator running.

After that point, Sony could sell their entire catalogue and make ALOT of money from it. That's what's so baffling to me about the "profitability" argument. If it wasn't profitable, Microsoft wouldn't be doing it. Suggesting that you don't want the ability to play games you own is just an all round, very confusing, fannism, anti-consumerist stance to take as a consumer, personally.

ID: gvqh3zy

They are against it because microsoft is doing it and doing fantastic job at it. Just like how everyone on the ps4 would shit on 30fps and now they only want 60fps. Just wait for everyone to start hyping up how amazing VRR is after saying it's not needed all this time.

Sony needs a studio responsible for the history of playstation. Just like N.E.R.D. is for Nintendo except able to actually do more.

ID: gvqj5xu

Changing goalposts based on what the competition excells at.

ID: gvqvxa6

It’s just the sad side of the gaming community and fanboyism. They just go straight to denial or making excuses for a feature thats fully beneficial for all owners. It makes no sense to be dismiss BC in today’s world.

ID: gvqt5yt

Yeah it's weird. I only got into console gaming when the ps4 pro was already out. It'd be amazing to be able to access those older games. My internet isn't great so I'm not too keen on streaming older games through ps now.

ID: gvqz6nc

I would love to play all the old Silent Hill and Dead Space games but Sony's choice to remain allergic to backwards compatibility is pretty infuriating. I've only ever had PlayStation since it first launched in 1994 and, honestly, I'm not sure I'll get a PS5 or if jumping over to XBox might be a better investment given how dedicated to BC Microsoft is.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/24 15:31 ID: gvpsr6k

I'd much rather have ps1-ps3 physical media support.

ID: gvs4n6p

Why not both?

6 : Anonymous2021/04/24 10:27 ID: gvo37xk

Unless Sony are asking it means nothing

ID: gvordgt

Just because a vocal minority asks for it, doesn't mean that it will be wide used or profitable for Sony and this is coming from part of that vocal minority who loves retro games.

I have a bunch of PS1 classics (digital) that I can no longer use and I think that sucks. There are also some PSP and Vita games that I'd love to play.

I wish they took the approach of maintaining, preserving, and enhancing, but it's a big ask.

ID: gvowv2d

I know not everyone will agree, but in your case I think it's totally acceptable to download some roms and an emulator.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/24 11:36 ID: gvoehi1

What would you rather eat?


A shoe

Hand sanitiser

Sugar sprinkled leather laces

Great poll there, GameSpot.

ID: gvp18mp

Or maybe somebody in gamespot really wants backwards compatible ps3 games on the ps5 lol

ID: gvomlyl

I mean quick resume is decent so this makes more sense

-filet mignon


-hand sanitizer

-McDonald's chicken nuggets

8 : Anonymous2021/04/24 09:16 ID: gvnwrjs

I don't want them on PS Now. I want them on my actual console. If I have to stream them I may as well just use my actual PS3.

ID: gvo27cx

I think by PSN it meant PlayStation Network, rather than PlayStation Now...

ID: gvpp2kb

PSN = PlayStation Network. PSNow is PlayStation Now. That's how I always read it as. I haven't seen PlayStation refer to PSNow as PSN

ID: gvpdjzl

Yeah I was confused for a bit. I've never seen or heard a single person call PlayStation Now "PSN". It's PlayStation Network

ID: gvnxmjp

I'd go further and say I don't want to pay for a service to play games I own or have to rebuy them on another platform. I want to play the games I have collected over the years, not just have them on a shelf collecting dust while I am forced to emulate them on a PC.

ID: gvohw9s

Exactly, they released the GTA trilogy, why not do the same for LOTR, Simpsons hit and run etc, I’d happily pay £10 to have them digitally on my console forever

ID: gvnycdx

Yeah, this is exactly what I want. I live in Australia where we have famously terrible internet and PS Now just would not work at all for me here.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/24 14:05 ID: gvp94a4

Just give me MGS4, and I'll be good.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/24 12:05 ID: gvojts7

What a terrible poll. What’s next?

‘Ability to loan games top priority according to poll’

A = console randomly explodes

B = 50% chance of games not working

C = console costs 4x the price

D = ability to loan digital games to friends

11 : Anonymous2021/04/24 17:03 ID: gvq6q9y

I just want a functional copy of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

12 : Anonymous2021/04/24 15:37 ID: gvptqdu

I don't want to be able to buy, i want to be able to use my old cds.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/24 14:20 ID: gvpctnp

For ME, it would definitely be better trophy support, like having trophies on the quick panel would be way better, followed by quick resume second, folders third, PS1-PS3 I feel is almost pointless at this point in time purely because most of the better games from them generations have been remastered on the PS4 anyways. Yes I know not ALL or even some of the niche games, like I would love to be able to Smackdown Here comes the pain or Jet Moto, or even the PS1 drag race game. But they haven't aged well and honestly it's not a huge loss not having them. They could definitely put alot better stuff in before working on them. And I don't understand people wanting theme support, have you not played a PS5 yet? Every time you go over almost ANY tile it comes up with a full screen of that game, cards, trophy percent, DLC, ect. Not trying to be bitter, these are just MY opinions on it.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/24 19:05 ID: gvqlvdy

I want physical BC support so much I don’t want to buy my games that are sat on my shelf again I want to put them in my ps5 and play them.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/24 22:38 ID: gvratt5

I’ll take more hard drive space. Thanks.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/24 10:26 ID: gvo363p

People have been requesting PS1 PS2 games for the whole lifecycle of PS4. After PlayStation being rock solid on the question every time, people still don't get it.

ID: gvozl7m

It does get more plausible each generation, though. PS4 would have done PS1 emulation fine, but it would struggle with a whole bunch of PS2 games, and PS3 emulation would not have been possible at all. The PS5 would be able to handle just about everything on the PS1 and PS2, and a good chunk of PS3 games.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/24 09:55 ID: gvnz8l7

What a shit post by Gamespot.


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