Are you guys buying returnal in digital or disc ?

1 : Anonymous2021/04/25 13:44 ID: my8m69

I am a digital gamer for now. But some games I like to have the disc. But what kills me is having to wait to go to a store and buy a disc version of the game during a pandemic. Never preorder a disc version tho. If I do preorder the disc on Amazon will they deliver it at the release day? BTW digital or disc ? ✌

2 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:16 ID: gvtifxv

Disc. Digital is $140 NZD, disc is $110. Kind of a no brainer

ID: gvtyayn

Why is there such a price difference in your region?

ID: gvulgl9

Same most countries. Uk is the same, physical is always cheaper unless there is a special sale on the store

ID: gvu61pk

Cause they live on small island

ID: gvtqzoh

Or you could buy digital with a US account and it would come out to 100 NZD

ID: gvtrtq1

But then you can’t use a NZ bank card. You’d need to buy US PSN codes offline to be able to put money in your wallet no? Some people don’t want to deal with that. Especially since you can only get PSN$ in certain increments.

I thought this was a common problem with accounts from different countries when people “accidentally” put the wrong one in. Maybe it’s only between certain countries though...

3 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:09 ID: gvthrgl

Get most games on disc since my wife and I each have a ps5, so for single player games like this try and get it on that so that either of us can play it after the other.

ID: gvtqar9

You should switch to digital, set each console as the other's primary console, and you can both play the game at the same time by only buying one copy (you on your account, your wife on her account but with your account set as primary on her console, or vice versa)

ID: gvujzxw

This is the correct answer. You can even play a single copy of a ps4 game on 3 devices simultaneously as you can have both a ps4 and ps5 set to primary

ID: gvtly0c

You can do the same on digital, if you keep your account logged in on her system. Just can’t play the same game at the same time.

ID: gvtn2vi

Ugh this is wrong you can play the game at the same timethats one advantage digital has.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:27 ID: gvtjp71

I generally try buy all AAA games on disc so I plan to do the same here. Only when if there is a digital discount but won’t be the case here so I’ll be paying full price either way.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/25 15:03 ID: gvtnsps

Always disc. I already found the game for 20€ cheaper on disc and later on I can sell it again. Digital is convenient but it's so much more expensive in the long run.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:27 ID: gvtjniq

Digital. I have the digital only PS5 as a result.

ID: gvu15et

Damn, do you regret it ?

ID: gvuxxg1

I've owned every ps since ps1, and starting with 4, I went digital after 5 games I guess. It installs so much to the hard drive, that it's better to just get the digital version as I don't have to bother swapping discs all the time. And I just got the digital only PS5.

ID: gvu1dnv

Nope. I already pretty much only bought digital beforehand anyway.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:38 ID: gvtkwsp

I rarely buy a game on release day... I wait till they drop in price, and buy what version is cheaper...

8 : Anonymous2021/04/25 13:47 ID: gvtfs38

I’ve never had an issue with Amazon games coming late except for Nintendo games.

I buy digital mostly unless there is a really cool collectors edition that I want then I’ll get physical.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:27 ID: gvtjqe9


10 : Anonymous2021/04/25 16:27 ID: gvty1sy

Disc. Cheaper and can be sold.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/25 13:53 ID: gvtg9qv

Disc and my buddy has agreed to buy it off me for 40 when I’m done.

Edit: I game share with my kids, so, I can’t with my buddy.

ID: gvthyy9

What if it's a game like binding of Isaac or hades, which offers an insane amount of replayability to keep you coming back? If it's a simple and short story, yea I'd sell too.

ID: gvtiszg

It varies game to game and my buddy was never interested in either of those so I ended up waiting for both of those to go on sale as I wasn’t that interested either.

Deathloop for example, I plan on buying it it’s first week digital as long as it has good reviews that way I have two copies for me and my kids.

Ratchet and Clank would be a good example of a game we would split if he has the patience to wait. I usually get completely done with a game in one or two months and he’s usually fine with that but RnC may be a game we both buy.

Our deals usually only apply to single player games or those games like It Takes Two.

When the new God of War releases, I know that is a game we won’t split. We’ll both buy it it’s first week and then later I’ll put mine on EBay.

I’ve sold many games I bought for 59.99 for around 45 on EBay.

ID: gvtgfow

I feel so sorry selling my games lol I like keeping them I only feel like selling if I platinum it. Im not a platinum hunter I always go bacl to some old games after months or even years.

ID: gvth2w8

I rarely platinum games as I don’t care about trophies anymore. The last two I got was for Rocket League and GoW.

My buddy and I don’t feel that the game is worth 70 and splitting it works well for us. He doesn’t mind waiting to play it either.

ID: gvtlazi

You could get it digital and game share digital purchases between him and yourself 🙂

ID: gvtkznh

40 what? Bananas?

12 : Anonymous2021/04/25 13:54 ID: gvtgbs6

Disk, I found a deal in the UK for a £54 pre-order so I snapped it up. I would have bought disk anyway as I like having a physical collection.

And if I buy a game I don't like I can just sell it on.

Edit: I'll be at work until at least 4:30pm so I have no stress about having to wait for it to arrive.

ID: gvtwvee

Is that deal still on offer still?

ID: gvu3b2q

Where abouts did you find that? That’s a massive saving. I have no problem paying for new releases but £70 is just too much

ID: gvtgnm4

I agree I bought hitman 3 and I did not like. Got it In digital.... I was expect new gen game and it is the same as hitman 2 witch I finished and playing the 3 got me bored. Played it for 5 hours only. Although I'm sure I'm gonna love returnal. I'm co sidering getting disc for this game. Thx ✌

13 : Anonymous2021/04/25 13:56 ID: gvtgiev


ID: gvtsn7u

Tell me more

14 : Anonymous2021/04/25 16:14 ID: gvtwi0d

I get physical copies far cheaper than digital typically, so I go physical almost every time. Plus, if you want to sell it later, you can.

No brainer for me.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:58 ID: gvu9pyh

I have been mainly digital in the past. Was only able to get my hands on a disc version PS5. Going to pick up all disc versions of bigger games to increase the resale value when I eventually sell it.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/25 22:11 ID: gvv5gdz

Physical until physical ceases to exist in my life time.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:59 ID: gvtndhq

Digital as I'm a sucker for cosmetics.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/25 15:19 ID: gvtppet


19 : Anonymous2021/04/25 16:26 ID: gvty10b

Digital, cause this is a game I will be playing for a time and between other games so I want to be able to start it at anytime without swapping discs. I know, lazy, but worth the 10€ difference for me.

20 : Anonymous2021/04/25 13:46 ID: gvtfml1

I order discs more than anything so they can't later strip content or music. Amazon delivers in release day.

ID: gvtft0t

I have 80 games and 2 In disc. But this game is a ps5 4xclusive and feel its worth to have the disc this time. And after reading alot in this page I've seen people getting account hacked. So I'm wondering if I'll start buying disc instead. Thx bro ✌

ID: gvthplz

Yeah definitely make sure you have 2 step verification for your psn account

21 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:29 ID: gvtjvtr


22 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:39 ID: gvtl00e


23 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:50 ID: gvtm89t


24 : Anonymous2021/04/25 22:33 ID: gvv8413

Disc needs to die for good

25 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:29 ID: gvtjy2e

I have the disk version PS5 but the only game I have on disk so far is Demon's Souls because it came before my PS5 came on the 19th of Nov (UK). I'm the kinda person that like to play at midnight on launch day so I always preorde

games I'm excited for but wanted the disk version for years down the line when I want to buy a preowned game I wasn't hyped for and ended up being good.

26 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:36 ID: gvtkorj

Amazon does do release day delivery, yes. I generally always go physical unless it's a heavy discount to buy the digital vs. the physical. Like I've bought a couple games recently from the PS Spring sale because they were over 50% cheaper than the physical would have been. When it comes to a new release though, always physical.


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