The PlayStation 5 has sold in 7.8 million units as of March 31, 2021, according to Sony. 3.3 million were shipped in the past quarter.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/28 06:06 ID: n08bkz
The PlayStation 5 has sold in 7.8 million units as of March 31, 2021, according to Sony. 3.3 million were shipped in the past quarter.
2 : Anonymous2021/04/28 10:31 ID: gw5nq7j

And yet I still can’t find one for sale

ID: gw7c7sg

Dear Sony,

I am willing to let you have $500 right now, even though you don't have a unit to give me.

Just put me on a waiting list and ship it to me when it's built.

That's all I want.

Just knowing I'll get it eventually without having to check websites or call stores or watch assholes online bragging about how they managed to snag one.

I'll be patient, but just throw me a goddamned bone.



ID: gw7lfyg

I wish one could do this

ID: gw7nkoc

This is what I don't understand about pre-orders, and its not just Sony doing this. Pre-orders shouldn't go out of stock.

ID: gw7so4l

Sony: I don't think I will.

ID: gw6wcws

Go to your local store and ask in person, you're more likely to find a console in person rather than just looking online. That's how I was able to get an Xbox series X, just go regularly and eventually you'll find one.

Don't worry about missing out there are barely any games out so you have plenty of time to look for it and enjoy it.

ID: gw7afgr

So funny. You must be from USA, almost all consoles went there to beat xbox. Nobody in EU cares about xbox so they left us waiting.

ID: gw6x0qq

Call first

3 : Anonymous2021/04/28 06:55 ID: gw59tzq

Sony is having a wicked year despite supply not meeting demand.

When the semiconductor shortage is over & they can start mass producing these things at a high rate, they’re going to put up some unreal numbers.

ID: gw5o2vy

They're already mass producing at a high rate. The PS5 has already sold more units than the PS4 did in its first year.

I understand demand is higher now, but Sony is cranking them out as fast as they can. There have been more drops lately as well.

ID: gw5wahv

The difference is insane, I casually walked into my local GameStop when the PS4 launched, like the same month. Bam, purchased, easy.

I have no idea when I'm going to be able to get a PS5 just because I don't want to treat finding one like a full-time job.

ID: gw6o5p4

The PS5 has already sold more units than the PS4 did in its first year.

No it hasn't. The PS4 ended it's first year at 14.4m sales, the PS5 was at 7.8m as of 4 weeks ago.

ID: gw5wqtt

Hard to see the ps5 outselling the ps2, the ps2 has the distinct advantage of being the cheapest DVD player at the time lolol

ID: gw5s7zc

I work in semiconductor. Currently, the company I work for is spending 800m to increase our capacity by 30% towards the end of Q3 or start of Q4. Oh and there's also a plastic shortage so even if we have the silicone and equipment to ramp up production, we can't even start because there's a shortage on the materials used to make the storage for wafers. There are talks of redesigning upcoming devices to make them dumber, needing less chips in them. That's how serious this thing is. If I have to make a prediction, I reckon we can catch up to the current customer orders by the end of Q4 in 2022.

ID: gw5dixl

If retailers would just start selling in store instead of online purchases only this shortage wouldn't be as bad. You'd actually stand a better chance of getting one.

ID: gw5e4dk

Definitely think it's about time they start selling in-store!

4 : Anonymous2021/04/28 08:10 ID: gw5es84

6+ months in order queue in Finland. Feels good man

ID: gw5gycu

Oh damn. I'm Finnish too and I ordered mine in January. Hope you get yours soon. I'm not sure if I'll even get it this summer lol

ID: gw5p9is

How’s that possible? I ordered mine in March from Gigantti and got it in a week.

ID: gw5l4w6

I ordered mine from i think Elisa in December and im also still waiting.. (Also in Finland)

ID: gw5ln6y

I ordered mine from Elisa too in October... Still waiting

5 : Anonymous2021/04/28 07:25 ID: gw5bvrz

The adaptive triggers and the controller overall is what blew me away. Its like they took what works well with Nintendo controllers since the Wii and kicked it up to 11.

ID: gw5jm5m

I’m having a blast with control ultimate edition, I love the dual sense adaptive triggers and holy hell haptic feedback is so nice

I honestly was skeptical but both the features provided by the dual sense really do add to the experience for me, really hope developers will make use of both for the rest of the gen

ID: gw5kihc

In control, there’s this one sniper like weapon and whenever you press R2 you can litteraly hear the trigger fight you it sounds so fucking sick that blew my mind

ID: gw5k5tt

I played these two games on PS4 pro and ps5. Control was really good. Borderlands 3 is knocking it out the park for me. It’s crazy that I have to pull the trigger in it. You can really feel the moment that the firing happened. I cross played Cold War as well and the PS5 update to borderlands crushed it. Although I’m really hoping for more stuff once most people get a ps5.

ID: gw6bv5f

Can’t wait for bow combat in the new Horizon.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/28 09:40 ID: gw5kcmq

If only I could buy one. It's insane how hard it is to buy a PS5...

ID: gw5vbzn

This makes me sad, as I do room checks on a military base and I see so many people with PS5’s and I just ask... how? There shouldn’t be 100 PS5’s on this base if I can’t get one on any website lol

ID: gw5x27s

They probably had $900 left over after making the payment on their Charger and bought one from a scalper.

ID: gw6ww6s

What pisses me off are those youtubers with fifty PS5's in the back just collecting dust.

Like what are you gonna do with all of them?

Be a grown ass man and give them to people for the retail price

7 : Anonymous2021/04/28 09:51 ID: gw5l32l

What's the best we can hope for when they will become more readily available?

Not bothered about buying it online as opposed to a store, but can't stand endlessly facing being up against thousands of people for a few hundred consoles on Amazon or Game or wherever.

ID: gw610ht

In a few months. And only, if the semiconductor crisis won't get even worse until then, which is also a possibility. So it's totally possible the shortage goes until the end of the year.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/28 06:14 ID: gw56s8q

More info from the thread:

Credit goes to Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, I recommend checking out the links as he always provides nice graphs to look at.

Units Sold:

For reference, the PlayStation 4 had sold in 7.6 million units in the same timeframe. Demand remains higher than supply for the PS5. Link


The Game & Network Services segment reported revenue of $25.03 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021. This was Sony's best year ever for its Game & Network services division. Link

Sony Mobile Games generated $1.3 billion. (This still falls under Sony Music tho). If added we get $26.03 billion gaming revenue. Link

Sony's Game & Network Services segment generated $3.22 billion in operating profit, also a record year. Digital and network services (PSN) helps offset the impact from the costly launch of PS5. Sony breaks the cyclical profit / loss cycle this gen. Link

Game Sales:

A total of 338.9m games were sold in for PS4 and PS5 over the past fiscal year (Ending March 31, 2021). 65% or 220m were sold via digital download, higher than the 53% ratio last year. 17% or 58.4m were first party games. Link


The total number of PlayStation Plus subscribers was 47.6 million as of March 31, 2021. This is up from 41.5 million at the same point last year. The total monthly active users for PlayStation Network is 109 million, this is down from 114 million last year (Pandemic bump) Link

ID: gw5fcv3

17% were in first-party sales? WoW! This shows how huge Sony first-party games became these days. In the PS3 days, I remember only Gran Turismo and Naughty Dog games sold well. What a turnaround from that generation to now!!

9 : Anonymous2021/04/28 09:29 ID: gw5jnzu

If I had a penny for everyone saying they can't find a PS5, I'd be able to buy one from eBay.

ID: gw5nsll

It's cuz people don't wanna pay extra from greedy scalpers and let the practice of scalping stay alive

ID: gw5tngp

Exactly the same thing happens with Rolex watches. You can buy the watches for ~12k at retail but you will never find one. If you want one you'll have to buy it online and the watches sell for 30k - 40k because of the demand

10 : Anonymous2021/04/28 06:08 ID: gw56dkw

Despite the stock and all, this is impressive.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/28 10:47 ID: gw5oudd

For a console that cant be found...that's impressive

12 : Anonymous2021/04/28 10:14 ID: gw5mkfx

Imagine being capable of building that many of anything.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/28 10:08 ID: gw5m747

It's crazy I still can't get one

14 : Anonymous2021/04/28 07:08 ID: gw5aqdl

Day 1 ps5 owner, it was a good day.

ID: gw68vcp

I signed up to be notified for the pre order and Sony never emailed me.

Thanks Sony.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/28 06:22 ID: gw57esa

And only 4000 units reached India

ID: gw582gj

Where did that guy with the patent end up?

ID: gw587zr

Afaik sued in court and Sony won it back again. After that 3900 units came on 2nd Feb, half of which was scalped and no news since then.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/28 07:23 ID: gw5bquc

How many Series X+S?

ID: gw5dgq2

Nothing reported for Xbox, only estimates.

VGC estimates XSX/S did 4 million by March, while Ampere estimates the XSX/S did 2.8 million by March.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/28 12:13 ID: gw5w2xw

Pretty impressive considering not a single person I know personally has been able to get one. Those 7.8 million lucky bastards.

ID: gw69e7a

I couldn't believe it when I actually managed to get mine


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