Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Trailer Trends on YouTube with 1.1 Million Views

1 : Anonymous2021/04/27 16:30 ID: mzsejj
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Trailer Trends on YouTube with 1.1 Million Views
2 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:16 ID: gw2uk6r

Yeah you get the feeling this will end up being the best selling entry so far.

ID: gw34k3w

Yeah I haven’t doubted that since it was announced.

The first new full R&C game since like 2009, one of the very few next (current?) gen only games and in a time where the number of people playing games is probably on all time highs.

The fact that it looks so good makes it even more likely to be the best selling entry, but all the other reasons alone were probably enough for that to happen even if it only looked kinda cool

ID: gw46zkp

There's really only 3 games that looks like "next gen" demon's souls, returnal, and ratchet and clank

ID: gw3g15q

Depends on the amount of consoles sold.

ID: gw3hqzy

It's coming out a really great time when the system is white hot yet PS5 players are hungrier than ever for new exclusive games. I reckon even people who haven't been into the series prior to this will buy in for that factor alone, not to mention how amazing it looks visually.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:24 ID: gw2n1qf

It deserves to. This is a timeless franchise. I grew up with the first on ps2 and loved every game since. Can't wait to play this.

ID: gw2v029

Remember the old awesome TV advertisements for the first one? Especially the one where the guy uses the decoy on that lawnmower and gets hit by a car lol

ID: gw30j7q

I just 100 perverted the first game a few days ago after owning it for 19 years. One of the unlocks was these commercials so I saw them for the first time through the game.

ID: gw2xaog

That awoken a deep memory.

ID: gw2wxuf

You don’t see commercials like that anymore

ID: gw3m2b4

I wish we could have the same treatment for Jak and Daxter.

ID: gw3mput

I agree. Jak 2 was like GTA for me when I was a kid lol still such a crazy transition from the first game.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:46 ID: gw2qauz

I've always thought the Ratchet and Clank games looked good graphically, I played the shit out of them as a kid and was amazed even when the PS3 ones came out. There's something about the art style that really appeals to me, I was expecting something similar to the PS4 reboot with this one but man. The graphics even on a compressed YouTube video looked incredible. Insomniac are just top tier. I can't stop watching the trailer and thinking how much like a pre rendered video it looks, insane.

ID: gw2rpgz

I wish there were more games with graphics like that. Photorealistic games are great but I miss having more of the cartoony/stylized games.

ID: gw37gz2

Crash Bandicoot 4

ID: gw30ot1

Couldn't agree more. For me, 2021 is going to be all about Rift Apart & Kena Bridge of Spirits

ID: gw2w3ro

Agreed. I loved KH3's graphics, felt like being in the movies. Especially Toy Story

ID: gw39lh3

I know what you mean. I admire realistic graphics in more of a technically impressive way, and I'm the same with photorealistic art in general. It's absolutely amazing what they're able to do these days, I just like it when developers take a different approach so they don't all end up looking like the same sort of game. Games like Journey and Hollow Knight always stick with me way more than others for their art style alone, on top of them just being great games in general.

ID: gw3sdyp

Yea i watched this on a shitty small iphone 7 screen and it still looked incredible. Cant imagine it on a huge 4k screen

5 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:45 ID: gw377cs

I really wish Sly cooper got the same kind of love these games get.

ID: gw4zwhs

Man, if we got both a new Ratchet game and a new Sly game for ps5, that would be insane. Like I wouldn't even care of they didn't improve the Sly graphics

6 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:09 ID: gw2kx4l

What a deal Sony got for Insomniac. just insane.

ID: gw2lcz7

It was really good for Sony. We have Rift Apart to look forward but I can't help myself but think of how their next Spiderman sequel will look like. Miles Morales was pretty much an extension of the PS4 one. A Spiderman game built exclusively for PS5 must look and feel insane based on what they have shown they can do so far.

ID: gw2m4e6

It's going to be beautiful

ID: gw3i1ph

Rift Apart looks like a bloody pixar movie. Can't even imagine what they're gonna do with Spiderman 2 with the power of the PS5. Jesus!

ID: gw3ds2k

I’m convinced Insomniac are actually the best active development studio right now. Maybe Santa Monica is up there, too. Looking at their track record, they’ve really been putting out quality work for pretty much as long as they’ve been around. The only other dev that has had me consistently like their games since I was a kid is Nintendo.

ID: gw3jsbo

Insomniac has released like 5 AAA games in the same timeframe as Santa Monica released one. This isn’t to hate on SM by any means, they’re an amazing studio as well - Insomniac is just absolutely insane in their output of quality & id probably put them neck & neck w/ Naughty Dog as the most important first-party studio for Sony.

ID: gw2p379

Maybe Housemarque will be the next good buy for Sony after Returnal gets in everyone's hands.

ID: gw2pa5v

it really does seem inevitable, doesn't it? we'll have to see how well the game sells but i feel like it's gonna happen either way at some point.

ID: gw2r0qi

Maybe. Sony doesn't really have a habit of just buying game studios for the sake of buying game studios. They tend to work with them for years and cultivate a working relationship before buying a studio. Look at Insomniac as an example... them and Sony worked together for years to the point that people thought that Insomniac had been bought by Sony and yet they hadn't. It was only in the last few years that the acquisition happened.

ID: gw2uruh

It was really good for Insomniac. They get to make more Ratchet & Clank and have creative freedom with Spider-man. Can't wait to see Venom and Carnage.

ID: gw37e0h

Man, ever since Spiderman on the PS1 I've been waiting for a proper Venom game. I'm insanely hyped lol

7 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:15 ID: gw2lpw1

Looks like a lot of people will be buying this one; interest is high!

ID: gw2z5g9

Which means more high budget ratchet and clank games are very likely gonna happen. Yay! I just hope the wait between games won't be too long, especially with Insomniac carrying two massive franchises at once now

ID: gw36xot

pretty much the only reason I'm buying a ps5

8 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:23 ID: gw2n07k

The trailer was beautiful it looks like a whole ass movie

9 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:27 ID: gw2njir

So good!!! Can't even imagine when the big fellas (Ragnarok, forbidden west, GT7) roll out.

ID: gw2zjcn

Not calling R&C a big fella at this point makes me unreasonably angry as a fanboy

ID: gw2om4j

The GOW update for the PS5 is insane. I’m having trouble grasping what a ground up ps5 title for GOW will look like

ID: gw3380c

I hope Ragnarok is actually built from the ground up for the PS5, but there’s a possibility it’ll be a cross gen game

10 : Anonymous2021/04/27 20:37 ID: gw3ekvq

YouTube compression hates this game. Most gameplay videos look crunched as heck. I want to see this on real hardware.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:35 ID: gw35vx5

Naughty Dog needs to remake Jak and Daxter. Imagine it having Uncharted’s level design/loose gunplay and exploration with TLoU 2s graphics and gaming mechanics.

ID: gw3bgi1

Nobody cares about JaD and its my favorite franchise ever

ID: gw3gb2e

right, i enjoy Uncharted and TLoU but we need a new Jak and Daxter ASAP

12 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:58 ID: gw30jf1

I love DEVO, so I may account for half of those

13 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:26 ID: gw34mhh

Insomniac Museum was the coolest Easter egg.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/27 23:08 ID: gw3y5yb

Watched this 4K trailer on my LG CX last night. It honestly looks like one of the best looking games, in terms of image, I've ever seen. Just looks like a pre-rendered Pixar movie. I really enjoyed the PS4 reboot, so I'll be grabbing this.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:18 ID: gw33gl0

I know there are a lot of Ratchet and Clank games but I don't think I ever knew how popular they were until this game. I just started the ps3 collection last week to see what I'm missing out on

16 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:58 ID: gw392i0

Finally a true next-gen game.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/27 22:02 ID: gw3q0s8

This game will truly feel and look next gen


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