Returnal survival guide: Housemarque’s gameplay tips for Atropos

1 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:02 ID: n0eatp
Returnal survival guide: Housemarque’s gameplay tips for Atropos
2 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:11 ID: gw628gz

My strategy is to point the gun and push the button. (I’m not very good at these games)

ID: gw62vj7

Your main focus in bullet-hell games should be on avoiding getting hit. Returnal has an Adrenaline system that will build up everytime you kill 3 enemies and goes up to level 5 and it makes you more powerful with each level, but soon as you get hit it resets to zero. That's a huge incentive to focus on dodging.

ID: gw66pj4

So, then we should use the serpentine motion to confuse them. I’ve seen this work really well. @1:50

ID: gw8f60a

Agree with this. Prioritize your visual focus on shooting and you’ll get hit. Prioritize your focus on not getting hit and shoot when you can. This is a bullet hell for sure which means don’t get hit and you’ll live.

ID: gw7jq2v

That's why I'm only buying if they include gyroscope aiming. I suck with the sticks, there's no way I'll be able to aim while moving around without using the gyroscope.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/28 15:19 ID: gw6ivw0

Does anyone know if there are save points within a single run? For instance if I am mid-run and have to stop / shut my system down, can I come back to a checkpoint? Or do I have to start my run over

ID: gw6ju7s

There is a note that shows up when you start the game:

When you die or close Returnal you will always be returned to the crash site, and all non-permanent progression will be lost. You can suspend your cycle by using the console's rest mode functionality.

ID: gw6qyy3

I imagine this also means if I pause and open a different game I'll be returned to the crash site?

ID: gw6vqi0

Hm thanks. This is interesting and I hope some more info is put out regarding how long can I expect a single run to have to be if I plan on beating the story? For instance I typically only get a max of an hour or so to sit down and play, can I complete the story with that limit? I also don’t want my system in rest mode 24/7

ID: gw7vn3u

I really hope they add a one time save option so you can drop out and resume but not be able to just keep the save forever

4 : Anonymous2021/04/28 17:05 ID: gw6y9dw

I was on the fence with this game but everything I am seeing looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to getting it and diving in.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:40 ID: gw65p85

This game is full of surprises it seems.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/28 14:10 ID: gw69g7u

Am I in for a lot of spoilers by reading this?

ID: gw6i4dm

No, it's just talking about game play in more depth.

ID: gw6iion

You’re good. Mostly just talking about tactics and such. If you’re wanting a blind experience you’re not missing anything thrilling in the blog

ID: gw6bl3y

I’m wondering that too, I think I’m just going to avoid seeing or reading anything else until I can play it myself

7 : Anonymous2021/04/28 15:20 ID: gw6j149

Powerpyx has put this at a 70-130 hour platinum depending on skill/luck. And considering they’re mostly all story related trophies... this is gonna be a tough game to beat.

ID: gw74ih5

The trophies are 100% not mostly story related.

ID: gw75nic

“Get 20 headshots with this rare rare rare weapon”

ID: gw75h04

Not doubting you but where did you see that? Can’t seem to find any info on the website or Twitter about length.

ID: gw77fyx

Down in the comments section. They said they’re putting up a guide tomorrow I think. Edit: they actually said 70-150 hrs 8/10 difficulty

ID: gw77fax

PowerPyx made a comment on their Returnal trophy list page

8 : Anonymous2021/04/28 18:14 ID: gw78ak5

I just wish I wasn’t so damn bad at shooters. Especially shooters where there’s a lot of movement and constantly being aware of what’s around you. This game seems hard af and couple that with my lackluster skill level at these kind of games, and idk if I’ll enjoy it a whole lot. Which is a shame bc I really want to play a new PS5 exclusive

ID: gw7kmnm

It's still not certain whether or not this game will support gyroscope controls, but gyro aiming is the only thing that makes console shooters playable for me.

It's weird at first, but once I spent a few hours with it on Switch games I never want to go back to aiming with the sticks again. The only exception is stuff like Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid where getting easy headshots removes tension.

ID: gw7u00v

Yeah I'm not even that bad at aiming with joysticks, but after BoTW I started replaying Horizon, and I immediately started "fine aiming" by tilting DS4, I wss very disappointed it does nothing.

ID: gw81ac3

It doesn't support gyro, at least not at launch. I asked on their Discord a while back and was told that they were a small team and focusing on finishing the game at the time. My hope is that they manage to add the feature after the fact.

(sorry to double reply to you here and elsewhere by the way, gyro aiming is a bit of a hill I'm willing to fight for)

ID: gw7puai

The devs explained that your main focus will be avoiding bullets. You don’t need to be as precise with your aiming because the weapons are all of “point vaguely at enemy and shoot” type.

ID: gw82pns

That’s encouraging. So the shooting would be somewhat like Ratchet and Clank? You didn’t really need to aim very accurately in that game

9 : Anonymous2021/04/28 19:23 ID: gw7i2t2

I’m not watching or reading anything else since the games out tomorrow night.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/28 20:24 ID: gw7qrni

Returnal survival guide: dont die.


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