AMD 3nm Zen5 APUs codenamed “Strix Point” rumored to feature big.LITTLE cores

1 : Anonymous2021/04/27 15:03 ID: mzqg19
AMD 3nm Zen5 APUs codenamed “Strix Point” rumored to feature big.LITTLE cores
2 : Anonymous2021/04/27 21:48 ID: gw3o4gv

I really have never seen the point of this in desktop computing. Why would I give up a few of my "big" cores that are already quite efficient at idle for little cores that have no grunt to them.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/27 15:13 ID: gw24eb5

3 nm, that's the future right there.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/27 23:05 ID: gw3xsrh

They don't have any little cores though.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/27 23:30 ID: gw40vqu

They're named after an Asus line?

7 : Anonymous2021/04/27 16:44 ID: gw2he6j

Just bring back the operon a1000 in a working version.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/27 16:41 ID: gw2gxr0

Why the hell would it have 8+4 cores when it has up to 16 cores now. Not to mention if it's really targeted for 3nm. Makes no sense.

Gonna go with fake rumor.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/27 16:44 ID: gw2hdkc

Because laptops are a huge market?

10 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:16 ID: gw2lyqv

The current highest core APU is only 8 cores.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:06 ID: gw2ker5

The CCD currently have 8 cores, some CPU's just use 2 or more of them.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:06 ID: gw2kirt

And intel with their 14nm+++

13 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:05 ID: gw2sx7b

When you think about it, big.LITTLE is kind of crude. There is a whole range of specialized silicon you might or might not put in a core to make it bigger or littler. Deciding what to leave out of little and what to put in big is a balancing act with tradeoffs.

Instead of forcing yourself to choose between big or little, it would be better if you could configure your cores on the fly with fpga's, and put in only the functionality you need. I bet that's what AMD is going to do, rather than copy big.LITTLE, several years after Intel does.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:07 ID: gw2klpf

3nm isn't next to quantum tunneling for electrons?

15 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:13 ID: gw2lis0

Given that transistors aren't near 3nm by any metric, no.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/28 00:49 ID: gw4a7wm

3 nm does not refer to actual size. Anything below 22 nm doesn't

17 : Anonymous2021/04/28 01:39 ID: gw4g9hl

Everyone in this thread is right in some way - 3nm as a measurement is in the range for quantum tunnelling but as has been mentioned, "nanometres" as used as a descriptor for the fabrication process aren't analogous to nanometres in terms of measurements anymore. Bit of misleading marketing really.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:20 ID: gw2mkf9

bring back descendants if k12 and k13

19 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:18 ID: gw2ut5t

Wait, where is Zen4?

20 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:21 ID: gw2v9sm

I ought to be able to afford/find supply of AMD 6K and RTX 3K cards when these are released.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/27 20:06 ID: gw3a8j4

Doesn't quantum tunneling become an issue at that small scale?

22 : Anonymous2021/04/27 20:40 ID: gw3ewgp

And Zen3 derivative is the LITTLE cores.

Serious; its often forgotten how small zen3 chiplet is. 84mm2 or so and only a meager 10mm2 more than zen2. Its lean stuff and engineering miracle.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/27 21:34 ID: gw3m9at

I think big.LITTLE can work decently as long as the little cores really are little, purely for light and background tasks so the big cores don't need to spin up. If the little cores are only say half as performant as the big cores for example then IMO they shouldn't bother, better to make all cores equal and not have to deal with the headache of a non-uniform architecture.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/27 22:23 ID: gw3smvk

Won’t Zen 5 be on a “more mature” 5 nm node like Zen 3 was for Zen 2? (Both used a 7 nm node technically though Zen 3’s is more dense iirc).

I would think Zen 4 would be 5 nm then Zen 5 would “probably” use a refined version of that process node, no?

Seems unlikely to jump from 5 nm node when it’s basically the bleeding edge right now to 3 nm just one gen later — unless that gen is like 2 years out perhaps. Maybe they’ll do an XT style refresh of Zen 4, who knows.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/28 00:27 ID: gw47oak

Uh I'll believe it when I see it considering sometime last year an AMD engineer ruled out even putting resources towards BIG.little

26 : Anonymous2021/04/28 00:28 ID: gw47spc

I read big LTT cores.

27 : Anonymous2021/04/28 01:21 ID: gw4e3vl

AMD chill man chill gawd they’re dead, buried and gone..

28 : Anonymous2021/04/28 02:50 ID: gw4ohnq

got to give Intel more break time to catch up

29 : Anonymous2021/04/28 05:57 ID: gw55jsg


30 : Anonymous2021/04/28 09:24 ID: gw5jecn


31 : Anonymous2021/04/28 09:37 ID: gw5k6zp

Sackboy is malding

32 : Anonymous2021/04/28 14:05 ID: gw68qkb

Ryzen 7 5700x... come on AMD

33 : Anonymous2021/04/28 15:46 ID: gw6moe2

I wonder how are they gonna name the nodes when they reach below 1nm

34 : Anonymous2021/04/28 18:02 ID: gw76i0w

I don't think this is true, I just don't see AMD doing a big. Little. Wouldn't it be more efficient to just figure out better power management to gate off components/cores.

35 : Anonymous2021/04/28 18:21 ID: gw79a5z

It says Phoenix(7000series) is due in 2022? But what about the 6000 series APU Rembrandt? Wouldn’t that make sense to come out first since 5000 Cezenne will be out this year 2021

36 : Anonymous2021/04/29 00:04 ID: gw8jmm0

So it'll be Arm? big.LITTLE is literally the name for the architecture from ARM. What's the name for this in the AMD64 space?

37 : Anonymous2021/04/27 16:09 ID: gw2caj5

Why don't the AMD marketing people just give their chips a bigger number than the intel chip and get it over. Instead of Ryzen 6000 they can just call it the Ryzen 12000 - in a massive marketing win over the intel 11000 series.

38 : Anonymous2021/04/27 16:35 ID: gw2g3te

Because no one actually likes how many numbers Intel is jamming into the names for their different SKUs

39 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:23 ID: gw342d7

Ryzen 3 just got released. Jesus christ guys why can't you give it a rest with rumors and looking for products while current one has barely even been released.
Go talk about ryzen 3 and sky lake and some crap. I just get depressed every time product gets released it's like as soon as it is released "OH THE NEXT ONE DESTROYS EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE WITH 80% MORE GAINZ BRO!" like srsly. Where's the enjoyment of the released products?

I remember when 3xxx RTX was released and rumor mill was already spewing out 4xxx and people just talked how much it will bring on the table as well as with RDNA 2. Like give it a rest.

40 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:40 ID: gw36kd8

Pretty sure Ryzen 3 released in 2017, but Zen 3 did infact release half a year ago.

On a serious side, rumors will always be there, it’s the way it is. Technology is constantly advancing.

41 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:42 ID: gw36w1t

I meant zen3 yea. Im aware its constantly advancing but the problem is we nevee enjoy the present anymore. We just talk about what will happen in the future and almost never anymore how awesome released products are. Makes it all worthless imo.

42 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:31 ID: gw2wmbj

Yea, good luck with that implementation. It took how many years for OS and games to learn to use more than 1 core.

43 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:45 ID: gw37bjj

big little has been a thing in phones for a good few years, so there's no reason why it wouldn't work in higher power scenarios. Even more so that from program standpoint this isn't that much different from SMT core.

What is more, the program doesn't even need to be aware of big little. The only thing that does is the system scheduler.

44 : Anonymous2021/04/27 20:06 ID: gw3aa61

I didn't say it wouldn't work. I said it would take awhile for OS to implement it.
Windows 10 didn't optimize their scheduler for Ryzen until 1903 came out so you are freaking delusional if you think this will work well out of the gate.

45 : Anonymous2021/04/27 19:06 ID: gw31nmi

and about AMD's 1nm Zen6 APU codenamed "little big shit"...

46 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:55 ID: gw2rl59

No. Nobody making components for PCs would be this stupid as to use a widely known trademarked term directed to computing such as ”STRIX” for an internal project name. The IP lawyer would shut it down immediately.

Hell, most would shut down the use of marks for projects that aren’t in the same market!

47 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:02 ID: gw2sk8a

It’s a code name / internal name. You’ve clearly never worked at a big corp because having an internal name and external name is very common.

48 : Anonymous2021/04/27 18:16 ID: gw2uhtn

It’s a code name / internal name. You’ve clearly never worked at a big corp because having an internal name and external name is very common.

I acknowledged it's an internal name. Please refer again to my comment. As for the dig, well...I think I'm the perfect amount of informed!

I've stopped clients from using trademarked internal names for codenames both when I practiced at a law firm and also now working as a lawyer for a corporation. Particularly when my clients approached me to use a trademark from (what I still think was) a overly litigious broadcasting entity for their internal name. Internal codenames that are valid marks, in the same market, are troublesome from a number of perspectives. Especially the human ones. I've seen business people get weirdly attached to them or let them cloud their own thoughts as to what the eventual marks should be. This, in turn, can open up liability and pulling a product from market just to avoid a later lawsuit.

Ultimately I think we all can agree that external names should go through the normal due diligence before use. Internal names are no different though, admittedly, the balancing is different as the risk of liability is greatly reduced. But it is never zero.

49 : Anonymous2021/04/28 06:01 ID: gw55tvt

Stop calling it big.LITTLE, that term is specific to ARM. This would be like calling raytracing "RTX", or resizeable BAR "SAM".

50 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:51 ID: gw2qzn0

the real question: little cores like ''MODULES'' in FX-fail Series or rightful truly cores?

PLZ AMD don't go full retard again, it's Intel turn now with worse 11th gen than 10th.

51 : Anonymous2021/04/27 17:52 ID: gw2r5lw

ARM is the future!


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