AMD/Intel CPU sales @ Mindfactory for April 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/05/02 16:04 ID: n39hxn
AMD/Intel CPU sales @ Mindfactory for April 2021
2 : Anonymous2021/05/02 16:06 ID: gwod1pp

Rocket Lake does not sell, who would have expected that. Other than that a very slow month, probably due to GPU shortages. Nvidia mostly sold out, Radeons often available but very expansive.

Also 5900X and 5950X most days not available. If they are, they are quickly sold out. But AMD managed to sell almost 1000 units of the 5950X which boosted average sales price nicely.

Enjoy the numbers.

ID: gwp8kge

Yeah rocket Lake is pretty much a waste of Silicon and only worth buying in Budget builds with the 11400f. In all other cases Ryzen is the way to go...

ID: gwpxh91

I'd argue RKL is solid as long as you ignore the 11700K/11900K. Only overshadowed by Comet Lake deals. I mean, AMD literally doesn't have anything $300/350€. Not hard to compete against nothing.

ID: gwp1855

The 10400f and 11400f are fantastic value buys. Every other Intel chip is steaming garbage.

I would personally buy an 11400f over a 5600 just because of the price difference $100 for a few % is not worth it for me.

But anything over the 11400f from Intel is really hot garbage.

ID: gwpb03h

The 10400f and 11400f are fantastic value buys. Every other Intel chip is steaming garbage.

10700k is excellent value as well when it's discounted (it's 298€ right now on geizhals de), finally after years of being little shits about it, the B-series chipset allowing RAM OC makes it a pretty solid option.

ID: gwq13n5

Keep in mind, with Intel 11400f stock CPU cooler you have two options.Buy a better or quieter CPU cooler, or buy earplugs.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:07 ID: gwp62sg

I think the most interesting takeaway is that Intel usually has rather high revenue compared to percentage sales (8700K/9900K era especially). This time however, AMD seems to have higher average SKU sale prices as well. Intels the new budget goto i guess.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:32 ID: gwoque4

I expected Intel to have higher numbers, since AMD's supplies are doing far worse than Intel and that would push otherwise Ryzen-minded customers into buying Core I processors.

ID: gwoxlbv

5800X supply has been 100% stable, and that's one of the best selling SKUs.

Everyone who can get a GPU can also get a Ryzen CPU

ID: gwphojh

That’s also the worst value Ryzen SKU which is why it’s been readily available. Anyone wanting a pure gaming build is trying to get a 5600X and anyone wanting something more work capable has been trying to get a 5900X/5950X.

I’m not saying the 5800X is a bad choice by any means, it’s a great CPU but it’s an awkward duckling that is unnecessary for gaming and possibly not enough for more serious work.

ID: gwp8dul

Hm. Fair enough.

ID: gwp6jl7

That would suggest people are still buying Ryzen, despite the very low supply. Intel's strategy of "Buy Rocket Lake because you can't buy a Ryzen" might not be working as well as hoped.

ID: gwoygbv

most of the time 5900x ad 5950x are not available and if you need that performance Intel sadly doesn't have even a close competitor

ID: gwq0yqf

They have been available for months in the EU. Could buy a 5900x for 650€ since February, the 5950x was still at 950€ and not always in stock but only took a week of waiting time. Now they're even obtainable at MSRP.

ID: gwowhj4

peoples prefer wait than buying that 14nm garbo

ID: gwp3u3y

Fair point.

ID: gwp88rn

From mindfactory's sales prices it seems like they had an unusually good stockpile of AMD processors or just ate the loss to promote their store. Their prices on AMD processors trended down, while here in the states zen 2 processors went back up to MSRP and the 5600x/5800x were getting scalped until recently. No reason to get intel if zen 2-3 aren't overpriced.

ID: gwpb6zu

It's almost certainly a regional thing.

I've noticed that nearly no components are really a trouble to get in the past few weeks in EU except, of course, GPUs.

Not sure if it's the trade war thing still or if there just was more inventory in EU or what the whole reason is but it's definitely noticeable

5 : Anonymous2021/05/02 18:47 ID: gwp35ip

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

I was surprised that the 5900X and 5950X actually sell in reasonable numbers, kind of like would be expected in comparison to lower SKUs.

Also, I was surprised to see that the 1600 is still selling.

ID: gwp3ft4

Most of the time they are not available, but then they are for a few days and sell out quickly. Mindfactory seems to get decent chunks of those CPUs. Also April was much better than March in that regard.


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