Is it ok to increase gpu fan speed?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:14 ID: n3b1k5

I have an rx5700 mech oc and im new to pc and i wanna know is there any side effects other than loud noise to this?? Since my card isnt the best Cooled i would be happy with a 0 decrees decrese to it but wanna becareful

2 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:15 ID: gwonrsv

It's totally fine.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:52 ID: gwq3v44

Been doing it for 4-5 years in my r9 fury with no problems, and low temps!

4 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:22 ID: gwoozjj

it'll wear them out faster, but if you're gonna upgrade in the next few years it likely won't matter

ID: gwoq7do

I mean... What do u think if i leave it at stock speed it be like 82 degrees in heavy games but with the tune its around 72 what should i do

ID: gwore0i

your gpu will die faster at 82 degrees than your fans will at max speed

ID: gwoqvpk

Tune it. Or another way is to undervolt your gpu. With that you can get around 30% lower power draw. Also depends on gpu and your luck. (I run 1160mhz@930mV on my mining RX470 and got from stock 100W to around 75W)

5 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:53 ID: gwoui07

Your fan lifetime will probably shorten, but probably will not before you want a new gpu.

ID: gwozjr2

Yea about 2 yrs ill be upgrading for sure

ID: gwp30ys

Than who cares, go ahead.

I have used my gpu from 2011 till 2017, clocked to the max, no probs. Now my 4 year old gpu is mining 24/7. Electronics aren't the soft easily breakable things people tend to think they are.

-t works in RnD with extremely sensetive equipment.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/02 18:43 ID: gwp2nes

If it wouldn't be ok, why would they let you?

7 : Anonymous2021/05/02 18:48 ID: gwp3ax5

Oh man I also had the Mech OC and did so many mods to it just to reduce thermals and noise. I repasted and replaced the thermal pads (two thermal were missing entirely WTF), this alone brought the temps down quite a bit and the card performed as the rest of the AIB and reference model.

Next, I placed 4 thin plastic washers underneath the retention screws to reduce the gap between the heatsink and the GPU Die. This also helped bring down the spot temp further.

Next, I ditched the plastic shroud and stock fans entirely leaving the heatsink bare. I ziptied two P12 Arctic fans. This mod, made all the difference in terms of noise, the card was whisper quite and the temps improved further. Under heavy load, the GPU reached 67-70C, 86-93C hot-spot and Mem Junction was about 74C.

As the madman I am, I also drilled hole onto the plastic backplate where the memory chips are located to create a pathway to let the hot air dissipate.

Long story short, I sold the Mech OC for 900 euros, with the same money I bought a 6700 XT reference design. I suggest you do the same. NO RAGRETS.

ID: gwp7ddd

Deer god what the hell was that.... Man im soo new to tech... Had a laptop with a 1050 ti i tried to replace a thermal paste i screwed it for good... Since then im too scared to do anything but wow u seem to knwo what ur doing

And about that u sold ur card for 900 thats INSANE i bought my 5700 for around 350 bucks and idk now how it is worth but what i know is 6700xt is not even in my country lol i dont think i can find it i live in jordan so cards here are so expensive but man congrats that was a good deal

ID: gwp8t3d

Search on youtube before you commit to any of the tips I gave you. I seems complicated at first but once you do it you'll get the hang of it. And its not a bad card by any means it just that it can be improved if you really wanted to.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:16 ID: gwoo12r

as long as it doesn't reach around 10c. A gpu fan won't be able to get it that low


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