Up to Date List of PS4 Games updated for PS5?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/01 21:40 ID: n2s707

Could anyone help me out with this? Any article I find is from months ago.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/01 22:05 ID: gwld7ug

I have been following this one

/comments/me452n/updated_list_of_60_fps_games/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/me452n/updated_list_of_60_fps_games/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

ID: gwleqjj

Odd that both lists are missing GTA V.

It’s been confirmed to be getting an upgrade but not given even a rough idea of a date.

ID: gwlfzlu

Thats probably why it isn't included. No details on the specs and no release date. I mean, we can all assume it is 60fps, but I guess they don't want to include any speculation. That's a pure guess though.

ID: gwnhih5

Will GTA 5 on PS5 require another payment or will it be a free update if you have the ps4 version?

3 : Anonymous2021/05/01 22:16 ID: gwletb9

best website for this kind of information.

ID: gwllcxg

This is awesome, thanks. What does "unpatch" mean?

ID: gwlnr66

Means that you can get the benefits on the unpatched game. So if you have a physical disc you can cancel downloading the patch and play with 60FPS on some games.

I remember before GoW was officially patched with 4K/60FPS you could play 60fps if you had the physical disc and didn’t update.

You can also play The Witcher 3 at 60fps unpatched!

ID: gwlevw2

Thank you!

ID: gwnsy4f

Great website. What does 1800c mean?

ID: gwoouc3

Checkerboard rendering.

ID: gwofykm

The image has a width of 1800 pixels (I think).

4 : Anonymous2021/05/02 00:07 ID: gwlrauf

Games I'm personally waiting for an update for: - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Bloodborne - Divinity Original Sin 2

I don't even need updates to the lighting / textures / 3D models, or ray tracing or anything like that. Just keep all that the same and give me 4k / 60fps please!

ID: gwmx2co

I'm waiting for horizon yo, I really wanna play the complete edition but it needs to be at 60 FPS now, can't handle the choppy 30 FPS anymore

ID: gwlsgtm

Ooooh Bloodborne will be great! Hope we get a Demon Souls 2/ Bloodborne 2 Exclusives this console generation!

ID: gwmnoam

Bloodborne with ray tracing would be INSANE though. Probably not practical, maybe not even possible (idk anything about game development) but just imagine the reflections on all the liquids everywhere...

ID: gwmo7ue

That'd be hella dope! I'm sure it would take some pretty effort to upgrade the game like that.

ID: gwn3ixj

Some dude made an unofficial 60fps patch for bloodborne and it looks amazing. You need a jailbroken console to install it.

ID: gwo0zus

Whaaaat? That's so cool. I remember when Dark Souls came to PC and there was a limit to the screen resolution I think, and it took all of 17 seconds for modders to fix it. Just goes to show that something like unlocking frame rate should be a pretty simple patch.

ID: gwmsw43

Honestly that's all that a lot of those big blockbusters from last gen really need. Is just 60fps.

ID: gwpwvyj

I would love to play through RDR2 again but I’m waiting for on a patch that will probably never come.

ID: gwq0un7

Yeah I never actually played it but a friend got it for me. I loaded it up and it's stuck at 30fps, and since I'm a PC guy usually it feels choppy and sluggish to me. So now I'm waiting until they update it so I feel like I get the full experience.

Knowing rockstar they won't update it, they'll re-release it and make you pay full price for it.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/01 21:44 ID: gwla4dz

This list gets regularly updated

Last updated yesterday 🙂

Edit: Looks like this only shows PS4 games that have separate free PS5 upgrades and not PS4 games that have the “backwards compatible performance patches”

ID: gwlavz5

Thank you very much!

ID: gwlcbc9

It also says ESO has a ps5 upgrade which isn't out till June.

ID: gwlcuum

Yep, annoying that it doesn’t have any rough ideas of dates on that list.

It has the Jedi: Fallen Order upgrade listed, which got announced the other day - slated for sometime in the summer.

ID: gwm60vu

This list is so out of date that God of War is not there.

ID: gwmxalk

As I said in my comment the list only has full PS5 upgrades and doesn’t include games that just received “backwards compatible performance patches” like God of War

ID: gwlbavo

I noticed Final Fantasy VII Remake on there, does that count the one thats already out? Or the second part coming out in the future?

ID: gwlbx1w

It’s a PS5 upgrade of the one that is already out - also has a PS5 exclusive bonus episode too, but you have to pay extra for that.

Oh, and one major caveat is that if you got it when it was a PS+ game back in March you aren’t eligible for the free PS5 upgrade!

6 : Anonymous2021/05/02 08:34 ID: gwmz5bt
7 : Anonymous2021/05/02 03:17 ID: gwmb4l8

No idea if they are still updating this site, but it has been very useful -

8 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:05 ID: gwn4og8

Backwards Compatible has a list of the vast majority of PS4 games, and on each game's page it shows the resolution and framerate(and possible enhancements) on each platform. That's the best way to check if a game you're interested in is updated for the PS5.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:17 ID: gwoo6ul

Thanks, everyone for the awesome reply's, Days Gone is looking and running amazing at 60 fps! Going to try God Of War next! Cant wait for R.E 8 this Friday! Ive never played Ratchet or clank but expect lots of fun in the new one coming! I haven't bought Returnal , cant justify paying $90 Canadian for it without trying a Demo, heard it gets repetitive and samey quickly.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/02 07:42 ID: gwmvw91

I’m waiting for a We happy Few because holy shit does it run like garbage

11 : Anonymous2021/05/02 08:10 ID: gwmxmwb

I would mostly enjoy a video game that is accurately marketed, and just one that works in general.


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