Would you recommend me putting off playing the following games on my PS4 Slim until I own a PS5: RDR2, HZD, TLOUII, GTAV, Control, Days Gone, and Death Stranding.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:36 ID: n3e2ft

(To state the obvious, firstly, I still haven't been able to get a hold of a PS5 but I'm patiently waiting.)

I'm a reasonably patient gamer and I've yet to even start, or get more than 1-2 hours into the games I listed.

I'm not one to replay games over and over again, nor am I someone that's too bothered about New Game+ play-throughs. My primary concern is to get the absolute best experience I can from my first, and usually only, complete play-through of the game.

Do you think I'm wasting my time saving these games for the PS5 and I should just play them?

Or do you think it's worth waiting to get the better experience on the PS5?

BONUS GAME: No Man's Sky... I have over 100 hours in this but since the recent updates and enhancements I've been holding off a new play though until I get a hold of a PS5.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:45 ID: gwpap9t

Only Days and Control have next gen patches. The others do not and nothing has been announced, besides GTA online, which is getting patched later this year.

ID: gwphm4q

Days Gone just has a performance patch on the PS4 version but Control has a whole separate PS5 version.

And with GTA V, Rockstar aren’t likely to just patch the PS4 version otherwise they would have done it by now- GTA V Online will also be a separate PS5 version, that’s why it is taking so long in development.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:52 ID: gwpblb9

All I can say is absolutely do not play Control on PS4. I played it but compared to PS5 it's seriously shit.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:59 ID: gwpci8q

I would play them now. For me personally 60fps is nice and feels pretty good but it’s not really a big game changer for “me”. I put like 130hrs into days gone. I’ve played 5 or 6 hours on PS5 it’s a much nicer experience so far. Feels next gen but it doesn’t diminish my initial playthrough at all.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:43 ID: gwpail0

RDR2, Last of Us 2, GTA V, and I believe Horizon have not been updated for PS5, so there’s no point in waiting. Just play them now.

Control and Days Gone have been updated for 60fps and 4K. I personally didn’t like either of these games, but between the two I’d pick Days Gone.

ID: gwpfj0y

This is the way. Basically, just check if a game has a FPS boost or something on PS5.

If it does, wait for PS5. If not, have some fun!

ID: gwpj4yp

All games he mentioned obviously have a boost since OP has a ps4 slim. Ps5 is an improvement compared to base ps4, regarding framerate and resolution, even if the game hasn't been updated for ps5.

ID: gwpddtv

They are going to come out with updated versions. RDR2 is a very good game though, I wouldn't want to wait....

ID: gwphisi

We have no idea if they come out with updates, and if they do we have no idea how good the updates will be or when they’ll come out.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:50 ID: gwpben5

Wait on control/gta5 You could also wait on rdr2 there a lot of loading in n out and fast traveling so the ps5 makes it near instant plus they probably will add at least a next gen patch. Gta 5 will be getting a new update in the later half of 2021.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/02 20:22 ID: gwpfag6

E3 is coming in a little over a month and I'd think a few of those titles that aren't patched for PS5 might get announcements there, I'd say Death Strandings good enough to play but there's also rumors of an extended edition, I'm personally waiting on Horizon to get patched to play it. Have you really not played GTAV before because I'd say it's fine on PS4 as I played on 360 and that was good enough at the time.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/02 20:33 ID: gwpgmob

I would say yes.. Because the difference is often night and day.. Especially that you got the og ps4, well yeah the slim but it performs the same

9 : Anonymous2021/05/02 20:56 ID: gwpjejx

Just play them. You are thinking to much about it. A good game is a good game.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/02 21:08 ID: gwpkuvt

Control and Days Gone are 60 FPS on PS5, day and night difference, RDR2 is slightly better because it's a solid 30 FPS, HZD is same, don't know about the others.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/02 21:20 ID: gwpm96g

Considering that you currently game on a PS4 Slim and not a PS4 Pro, there will be quiet a difference in performance and graphics with almost all of the titles you've listed, even if they haven't been optimized for PS5 yet.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/02 21:50 ID: gwppvlk

All of those are games I played at their launch, and as much as I’ve wanted to play them now on next gen - I would wait until each gets their rumored next gen patch (Red Dead/TLOU2) and/or rerelease (GTA).

Control has its next gen patch, but isn’t worth your time in my opinion. The whole game is just set in an office building based on grey and red color tones with all the lore predicated on reading post-it-notes and MFRs.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/02 22:23 ID: gwpts6q

Wait with Control and Days Gone but no need for the others they will still run great on the PS4 and apart from potential 4Kness with the Pro versions and a locked 30fps you won't see any difference. All fantastic games.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:40 ID: gwpa32m

Control and Days Gone, Control has an actual PS5 version and Days Gone has a patch, although I wouldn’t recommend Days Gone to anyone

15 : Anonymous2021/05/02 19:48 ID: gwpb4jt

I was sceptic before buying Ps5 but when i get IT i can Say to all what are u waiting for, there is no time to waste for Old gen becouse the New gen is a new game play style, a haptic systes is brilliant in game that use IT, new level of playing. I can say a Ps5 is a Worth all ur money if u are a player 🙂 Live is to short for waiting:) games played on new console is a new expierierce, even an old titles.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:38 ID: gwq2ct2

RDR2 plays very well and looks awesome even on base PS4, some fps drops of course but the game is extremely optimized and it's really amazing how well it runs on base PS4. GTAV is fine also, though Online lags quite a bit especially in servers with more players. NMS though... I have played it about 400 hours on PS4 and 50-70 on PS5, and the difference is massive, PS4 version is very laggy even when not comparing it to PS5 and the load times are much slower.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:52 ID: gwq3uxz

If you were gonna wait, I’d recommend playing GTA V last, as it actually has a PS5 upgrade announced.

I’d also play LOU2 last in that list of games because people seem to think a PS5 upgrade is coming within the next year, although it hasn’t been confirmed.

DG & Control already have upgrades, so I would start with the games I didn’t mention on PS4

18 : Anonymous2021/05/03 00:13 ID: gwq64ee

Control 100%. It’s amazing on the 5. The graphics are gorgeous and the haptic feedback is phenomenal.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/03 00:13 ID: gwq686m

I got the last of us part 2 story spoiled for me. So I am just after the journey and thee experience. Right now I am playing returnal and waiting to see if they will unlock the frame rate on it so I can play it properly. All other games yes they are really worth it on PS5 too


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