I’m really enjoying Battlefield V

1 : Anonymous2021/05/05 14:16 ID: n5gy8z

I don't really care for multiplayer shooters anymore (mostly because everyone I used to consistently play with back in high school 9 years ago no longer game). I bought MW last year when I entered my first quarantine and after about a week of playing it, I regretted buying it and lost interest.

Now, obviously BFV is free and I remember the shit storm of complaints when it was revealed/first released, but I really am enjoying it and forgot how much I enjoy the series compared to COD. I fucking love the WW2 setting. I love the maps, I love the general feel of the game. BF4 (after it was fixed) and BF1 were some of my favorite multiplayer games ever, and this one might join them.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:13 ID: gx19909

I wish i wasnt so trash at multiplayer shooters, maybe then i could really have fun without dying because i cant aim for shit lol

ID: gx1bfhg

That's great thing about Battlefield. You can stil lbe useful if your aim is ass. Just play medic and spam smoke grenade launcher, and revive teammates and throw them bandages so they can heal.

ID: gx1mx1n

Yeah I agree. In my years of playing battlefield, I've noticed that the teams that tend to do the best have really good medic play... Especially because those tickets can drop fast. I've been on teams where the other side was clearly better killing wise, but because we had strong medic support, we won the match.

ID: gx1wvm5

Oh it's you with the damn smoke grenades huh.

ID: gx1shxl


ID: gx3hl4j

Yep I’m shit at aiming and my stealth skills are decent at best, yet I’m really good at medic and still shoot well enough to protect myself. That what makes the game more fun than COD as even though I’m kinda a pain of a teammate when it comes to killing, I’m really good at recovering and supplying.

Let this be known, it’s the only BF game I played because it was free. I enjoy it a lot, and seeing that according to the community, it’s kinda poor quality, I can’t imagine a next gen good version of BF looks like. Though to the people who get up in arms about the women/POC stuff, they can stay mad as for me, gameplay is all that matters. I could care less if my team leader is a woman, as long as they pull their weight. I’m looking forward to BF6

ID: gx1wxnt

You eventually will be good

Die 10 times, no? Die 100 times even 500 times

At least you will get used to it

Still didn't install BFV it there is any motion blur and film grain option turn them off also turn off aim acceleration and play on low sensitivities and go higher every time you feel you can play with faster

ID: gx2gbps

This is why I play Plunder on Warzone. I enjoy the reward of finding the boxes and being able to contribute and there's no real penalty for dying beyond losing some cash.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/05 14:24 ID: gx12ejf

Is the story any good? I would check it out just for the campaign.

ID: gx1wk44

Half of the mini campaign stories are pretty mediocre affairs, but of those that do good, The Last Tiger is an excellent and harrowing experience.

ID: gx1xvqf

No. While the actual narratives are pretty well done. The gameplay of the campaign is just so droll.

ID: gx12i4h

If you want a story BF1 is the game to play!

ID: gx14mp2

*included in the PS+ collection

ID: gx1eb4y

I agree BF1 story mode was pretty well done.

ID: gx18bog

There isn’t a traditional campaign, the campaign in BF1/V have mini campaign mission called war stories. And they their quite short as well. Their pretty decent worth checking out.

But if your looking for a full campaign story These BFs aren’t it.

But the MP is great!

ID: gx28hg4

Not worth playing imo

ID: gx186wp

Just try it and decide for youself. A lot of people talk shit for some reason. But there's entire mission where you can ski and I don't understand why anyone would dislike that.

ID: gx19oc7

The war stories ask way too much of your suspension of disbelief, and that really messes up the emotional investment they want you have. All of the "wahhh women in my vidya" stuff aside, you are just a one man army tearing through crowds of soldiers in basically every mission.

The gameplay itself is just bland. Get around slowly (except for the skis), shoot slow-moving enemies that are never a threat. There's alarms you can sound, but apparently enemies just don't hear gunshots that are 100m away. Why does DICE feel the need to have a stealth mission everywhere? Tirailleur breaks the pattern of one man taking on the entire Axis force, yet still has a lone wolf stealth section. The Last Tiger, which is already ridiculous, has you stepping out of the tank on foot and proceeding to take down like 2 US outposts and a couple bombers. By yourself.

I know it's a video game, but if you want your stories to be grounded and the characters to be realistic, you probably shouldn't be giving them Avenger-level capabilities. I can believe a small/mid-size coordinated group effort taking down a Nazi heavy water operation (after all, that happened in real life). I cannot see one 18 year old woman and her mother doing it, with the former slaughtering Nazis left and right. Or a two-man special forces crew annihilating an airfield, a whole other base and an iron column with god knows how many reinforcements.

TL;DR: The plots are about the humanity of the characters and their bravery, but then in superhuman fashion they drop hundreds of Axis soldiers on their own or with like one other person. Asking for real squad play and plausible scenarios is not much. Also, DICE has a stealth obsession that busts up the pacing.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:34 ID: gx1l745

Was playing BF1 for a month up until this game went free. Deleted BF1 and went straight into this. Biggest thing, i never got annoyed dying BF1, it was always an "oh man" or that was epic. This game was frustrating. Someone tell me how to transition from 1 to V

ID: gx26lhk

Forget everything you know about BF1.the gameplaye is completely different.it will take time to get use to it.

ID: gx28htu

Damn, can you give me the gist. I had a feel for all the classes in 1 and knew how to use my role, to fit the problem my team is facing. I only played conquest too.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:05 ID: gx185gg

This game is good, not as good as BF4 tho but still worth playing.

Because of the marketing disaster and some monitizing + game problems, it get too much hate

ID: gx19z1q

I mean 85% of the game's lifecycle was a shitshow. It definitely failed to meet a lot of expectations (and stated objectives by devs) and failed to fire on any of its cylinders. Its only at the end of the game's life, where there will be no more support, that people are suddenly saying "wow this doesn't seem so bad".

Typical for Battlefield honestly. Never buy it at launch.

Quick example, RE: monetization, the devs kept on delaying the introduction of monetization to support the live service because they couldn't get in game currency and progression systems working. It finally showed up something like 6 months post launch in a pretty crappy state. By then player counts had slumped, the Deluxe Edition shitshow had settled in fully, and the sticker price of the game had been halved due to lackluster reception. In short, they released a rough live service game and couldn't get the means of keeping it "live" set up in time.

ID: gx2tz0n

this is it. I'm glad that everyone experiencing the game now didn't have to go through the sadness of being dragged through the mud holding on to hope that the devs would realize "hey, wait a sec, we're fuckin' DICE, we make the best goddamn shooters around!!!"

Between the agonizingly slow drip feed of new content, the massive blunders surrounding TTK, the bafflingly out-of-touch decisions surrounding the Battle Royale mode, and the simple fact the game was half broken throughout about 80% of it's life, this games life-cycle was the toughest time ever to be a Battlefield fan.

I'm still salty (could ya tell?) about how DICE handled this game but I can honestly say that anyone coming to the game this month with have a very good time now that it plays well and all the content is out.

ID: gx1ac6b

It was there first attempt at a live service game and they just couldn’t keep up. I think it was smart of them to halt any further dev on BF5 once the pandemic started. I’m optimistic about BF 2021 knowing the devs are putting all their resources into it.

ID: gx2jfu6

It's actually kind of wild the amount of outrage that generated when the end of BFV support was announced. Its lifespan of post-launch support was just as long as BF1 and BF4, but the community had gotten so toxic at that point that they managed to kick up quite a storm about that too.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:03 ID: gx1gofj

I much prefer BF1, BFV is by no means a bad game. I purchased at a few weeks ago and gave it a chance, went back to BF1.

ID: gx1wims

All of BF1 except replace the gunplay with BF5's gunplay. The ideal world war Battlefield.

ID: gx1nczq

I’ve had BFV for a while, got in on sale about a year ago. Played for a bit and it just didn’t hit the same for me, which is odd because I’m a huge fan of battlefield.

I got back into BF1 earlier this year, had it physical on my PS4 but then decided to download it on my PS5 since it was on the collection. But now I’m getting a few of my friends to download BFV so we can play together. Would rather play BF1 but hey anything is fun with friends and BFV is still a fine game.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:51 ID: gx1np56

Bf5s main issue was the base maps were awful

Marita, operation underground, the pacific maps were all added like a year later.

Battlefield 1 in contrast has some of the best maps in the series even before dlc. Suez and argonne had crazy good infantry grind fests both with different feels. Ball room blitz gave you the vehicle map with the awesome infantry only area. And amiens was a really good city map.

People were begging for maps when bf5 released. And aside the 1 we got a month after release it took them about 5 more months to release the 2nd map.

The sad thing is. People blame games as a service for it. But aside the map issue the game had good content come frequently. We had new weapons almost every week and usually a new vehicle. Sometimes even a new vehicle class. But the maps were so bad that no one cared.

If they would have ignored the fluff they gave out for free and got maps out sooner bf5 wouldn't have had the reaction it did. We got a crap load of co op content no one wanted because it was bad, a campaign no one wanted because the campaign was bad. And a battle royale mode that no one asked for. All before the 2nd multiplayer map released.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/05 17:14 ID: gx1r472

For some reason, the game won’t install to my external drive despite being a PS4 game. It keeps attempting (and failing) to install to the internal SSD. Has anyone been able to install it to an external?

ID: gx22xxe

yeah, i had to restart my ps5.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:49 ID: gx2luao

I was actually jacked to played it all day yesterday since I almost bought it many times on sale. Then I booted the game up and I had to play through the intro which seemed pretentious and off for a BF game, I didn't get it. Was it a tutorial so you know how to pilot a plane, a tank and shoot a gun?

Then I played 3 games online and I kinda wanted just to play something else, I couldn't find a single Rush game, the gunplay felt really off and the maps I played for the most part didn't really grab me. I'll give it another shot sometime but honestly I think I might uninstall it as 100 GB is way too much space for a game like this to take up on my PS5. And this is the first BF game I haven't bought since BF2.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/06 01:54 ID: gx3oxt9

BFV is free??

11 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:05 ID: gx26w98

It's not a BAD game but it definitely doesn't feel like a WW2 game

12 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:35 ID: gx1ciri

The last tiger is the only good war story campaign to play. Honestly one of the best stories I have played in a shooter for awhile, wish more games had you play from the enemy side

13 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:02 ID: gx26haj

I have never played a battlefield game, but I saved this one to my library with psplus because- I remember all the bitches whining about it not being historically accurate and having a female lead and a man with a bionic arm and whatever- and honestly, that sounds rad to me! I'll give this one a try for free, why not! Fuck those whining bitches! I'll only play the campaign tho because multiplayer is so fucking boring.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:35 ID: gx2scv8

I am not a fan of FPS or Multiplayer so Battlefield and CoD is painful for me. I just started playing Battlefield 1 (PS+ Collection) in anticipation for Battlefield V (PS+) it’s been an okay experience so far.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/05 18:23 ID: gx20xnm

I am excited for the new battlefield game. 64v64 in a destructible playfield.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:06 ID: gx1h06o

I mean it’s still one of the worst battlefield games I’ve played but I still have like over 30 hours in it lol it’s fun with friends for sure. It’s still a battlefield game at the core. Big massive maps with lots of actions and players running around .

17 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:13 ID: gx19aj3

Honestly Battlefield V was amazing especially Iwo Jima Breakthrough specifically the last sector.

I would recommend this game to everyone I know if they have something to play on

Just ignore the Incels that beg for Accuracy and realistic gameplay. and dont look at r slash battlefieldV that sub is basically the word "Karen" for gamers they literally complain about everything.

I was hoping that PS PLUS attracts more users ti battlefield V so battlefield 6 gets more players

for me its Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield V Battlefield 1 Battlefield Hardline

regardless what rank they are they were all amazing

ID: gx2klqx

Fully agree with the ranking there. Really hoping 6 plays like 3; that game was an absolute dream. Hardline though...... why'd you have to remind us that game existed?

ID: gx2velj

meh, this game had very serious issues throughout the majority of it's live-service period, like they really fucked up bad right up until the Pacific update at which point the ended the live-service aspect just as they finally gained a smidge of trust back from their players. They touted this as the best support Battlefield ever and then proceeded to end support after less than a year and a half which is beyond pathetic. DICE really fucked up big time with this one.

All that said, I love the Battlefield franchise, and this game is finally able to stand on it's own two feet. Anyone playing for the first time will have an absolute blast and is in for potentially hundreds of hours of great gameplay. But you can't pretend the hate was unwarranted (beyond all the dumbass's complaining about women and historical accuracy.)

ID: gx22vrc

I’ve played since launch, the game was a disaster up until the Pacific update and they were constantly tweaking the TTK (which is arguably the most important part of a shooter) so the Battlefield V sub is jaded because it’s full of people who had to deal with the BS. Couple that with no Eastern Front maps/weapons and slowest possible drip you could achieve for content, people are still salty about it. The game is in a decent place now, but they completely fumbled the launch and treated the players like crap.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:22 ID: gx2hunb

Man, I don't really play multiplayer games but let me tell you. Last year I was bored (like everyone else) and randomly decided to try BFV. And I fucking fell in love. I put over 100 hours into it in like 3 months. It's all I played. I haven't done something like that since MW2 in high school. I understand the BF community doesn't really like it, but I absolutely adore that game. I got REALLY good at it too. I have a dolby atmos system and the audio in that game really makes it feel like you're in a war with shit exploding all around you. It's great and I absolutely cannot wait until BF6. Here's hoping the Gamepass rumors are true!

19 : Anonymous2021/05/05 14:44 ID: gx154pl

BF V's war stories are simply awful. Explode something -> walk a lot, doing nothing in between -> kill someone -> walk a lot -> watch cringy cutscene -> repeat. At this point, it should be clear that Battlefield's campaigns are just a frostbite graphics showcase.

P.S.: people at replies thinking I hate BF. I love the game, and played a lot of MP along all recent titles of the franchise. But story-wise, BF was never that great after Bad Company.

ID: gx2n7cj

I have to agree the cutscenes are wack! It seems like it's trying REALLY hard to be emotional about war but it's like "dudes, you know we're playing the game to shoot people online" so it comes off really hypocritical and pretentious.

ID: gx18krd

Mario is just jump > run a lot > jump again

ID: gx1blw4

Tetris is just rotate block until it fits in other block > repeat

ID: gx17u2t

Lets replicate that in another game. Titanfall 2 stories are simply awful. Shoot something -> walk a lot -> watch cringy cutscene -> repeat


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